Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I made over the last stretch of mountains, and am now back in Vancouver. I had a really nice time at home and in Kelowna- people had lots of stuff to keep me busy, and it was a nice change of pace from school. Yesterday Richard and I planted cedars for Grandma, so she doesn't have to see her neighbour's ugly, leaning, falling apart fence. The fence kept falling on us as we were working, so now it is in a little worse shape than when we started. Oops.

I was driving Mom and Dad's old Ford, and it ran really well the whole way. It's a long drive from Rocky to the coast. This weekend I'm off to Victoria, then on Tuesday up to Barkerville!

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Poor sick Todd

Todd is in the hospital right now -- he had what we thought was a very bad flu, but he has some swelling in his ankle. This might be related to his diabetes but I don't know much. But have gone to see him over the past couple of days and his high fever is down, he's slept more, and looks better. Poor bird.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

not all alone any more

We have had people coming and going for the past week. Will was here all week and helped Geoff get some things done around here, especially installing toilets. He went to Edmonton Friday night and brought Sam and Grace home on Sunday. Then he left for BC on Monday, driving the old truck which he and Geoff tuned up during the week too. Mom called last night and we were glad that Will and the truck made it safely that far.
Sam has got a job as a supervisor at the historic site for the summer; he starts on Thursday, although he was hoping he would have a bit more time between school and job. Grace is pt at the theatre, she'll have to find something additional I guess.
I have noticed that complaining about the weather hasn't helped us to move forward with spring. It is still cold and has snowed at least a little every day for a week. The crocuses and daffodils are trying to be brave but I wonder how much more they can take.
We go to Grande Prairie on Friday, Linda will drive here and then we will travel together. Looking forward to seeing the Longs and their house, plus all the changes in GP. Joanne is organizing a bit of a get together on Saturday night, so I hope a few of the old bunch are able to make it. May as well be travelling, doesn't look like there will be much garden planting until it warms up and dries out.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Photo for Mom

And a Great Weekend

I was walking down Whyte Ave on saturday morning, and who did I run into? Linda Cassidy, that was kind of a surprise. We had a nice chat, talked a bit about the trip to GP. It was kind of funny, running into someone I know, I never see anyone I know, especially someone who does not even live in Edmonton.

Grace treated me to see the movie 17 Again, on Saturday night. It was a nice feel good movie, I had a good time. On the way back home, we thought we would take the train and see the two new stations. So we stayed on the train, got to the Health Sciences station, and the train driver walked down to the other end of the train, and we went back to University station, later on Grace read in the paper that regular service did not start until Sunday, the trains on Sat, were only until 6:00 pm. Grace stayed over night on Sat.

On Sunday it was S&B at my place. Norine and Donna, could not make it so it was a small group, but we had fun anyway. Will came over to pick up Grace on Sunday so both of them got to meet the S&Bers. It worked out really well, I made spagetti for supper, and I started it early so I could give lunch to Grace and Will before they left, Lois made a gigantic salad, and she was happy that Will and Grace ate some salad as well, but she still had a half a bowl left to take home with her.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Pretty Good Week

Hard to believe this is the last full week of April, once again the year is flying by. Work continues to be busy, but not overwhelming. With Sam and Grace leaving to go back to Rocky for the summer, we decided to go out for an Exam's are Done celebration dinner on Wednesday evening. I thought the Hardware Grill would be a good choice, and it was. Grace was very adventurous and ordered the Elk, Allison had the pork, and Sam and I both chose the beef. And was it ever yummy. The desserts were also awesome, molten chocolate cake, apple pie and profiteroles. I love going out for dinner.

I am going to miss Grace over the summer, it was really nice to have her over to visit on Sundays, and I will have to watch the Amazing Race all by myself. Oh well, what can you do.

Theresa and I are going to see John Fogarty in June. I am quite excited, for one thing I think all the people at the concert will be around our age. Sometimes I go to concerts and feel kind of weird, cause everyone is so much younger.

I am just looking out the window, and I can see snow gently falling, when will it ever stop!!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Earth Day. We can't see the earth because IT IS COVERED IN SNOW. Explain that, Al Gore.
Will got home on Monday, it is good to see him. Unfortunately, Geoff is doing a turnaround at work so has been working late.
The same model of toilet that we bought is on sale so we have bought two more and Geoff and Will installed one in the basement. The one upstairs works quite well. I am interested to see how much difference it makes in our water bill.
The toilets are for Earth Day. Hear that, earth, now can we get some sun?

Monday, April 20, 2009


I am booked off from Nov 7th-24th (I got all this time off by taking 3 nightshifts off-thank you schedule) So, book away Jude.
It is supposed to get up to 23 degrees today, but I don't think it looks like that out there. Mom and Richard are busy stealing plants from a vacant lot, while I should get some sleep as I work nights the next 2 nights, after 2 day shifts on the weeekend. They went really well-despite the fact I was in PICU. The guy I worked with is great, and nurses how I like to nurse, so all went well.
Richard and I went to Bouchons for my birthday-a good restaurant! Yum. We also went to homeshow and talked to furnace people there, as we will need a new one. To get a heat pump or not, that is the question.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yummy cabbage

Here is a cabbage recipe for W.J. the cabbage-eater, from here:

Raise the lowly cabbage to something extraordinary! This technique of sautéing brings out a wonderful sweetness you never knew existed in cabbage. You can add different spices to this recipe: curry, caraway seeds, or hot pepper sauce are just suggestions. But try it plain first! Adapted from The Low-Carb Cookbook by Fran McCullough

SERVES 2 (change servings and units)


* 1/4 medium green cabbage
* 2 tablespoons butter (or more if you are feeling decadent)
* salt and pepper


1. Core and very thinly slice the cabbage.
2. Melt the butter in a large skillet (I use non-stick) over medium heat.

3. When it is bubbling, add the cabbage.

4. Salt and pepper the cabbage.

5. Stir occasionally and cook until mostly wilted, about 10 minutes.

6. Turn the heat down to medium-low and let cook, stirring frequently, until cabbage is starting to caramelize (brown), about 10 minutes.
7. Do not let burn.

8. Taste, adjust seasoning, and serve immediately.

I tried this to use up left-over cabbage roll cabbage, and it is YUMMY. I used sea salt and freshly-ground pepper!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yet again


We are along this weekend. Henry took his van to Slave Lake for Kristie's 18th birthday. He got there no worries. Boh is still working thinks he might be back in 3 weeks.
We raked the front yard today and there are plants coming through, some tulips and the peonies in the back are coming up also. I called Lisa yesterday and had a good talk with her and Richard. We are all good here. There was a hugh wind and rain storm yesterday complete with thunder and lightening, quite a show we enjoyed it a lot. I am very busy downloading songs on my ipod. You were right Theresa, Judith and Allison an ipod is the best thing. I have 100 songs and keeping thinking of more to add. I am still not 100% cured but a lot closer, it seems like I have a good day and then a bad day, I can hardly wait until the good out weigh the bad. Wilf was talking to Martin Pardell the other day and Rose is home now and feeling better. The doctor told Ed he needs to stay home to look after her, but Marty felt that would never happen. I will go visit once this sickness goes away. Take care love to all.
Jim left on Thurs @ 8:30 and got home at 11:30 - decided to go right thru - a long drive! So my cat came out of hiding - she and the dog Tess did not get along - Tess barked & Clem hid - she found a hidy-hole in my br that I didn't know existed. But now she's back to normal except kind of naggy. My 1st tu;ipd are out - they are from the new ones - white w/pointy petals - very nice
also the first hyacinths and some daffs - how exciting! Fri was a beautiful day, hung out laundry and it dried, but then it rained (complete with thunder & lightning most of yesterday (I mean Thur was nice) today is sort of half way between - not raining but cool and the ground is too wet to work in.
Easter was nice - it was great to see Jude, but her visit was pretty short - thats life. That sounds like a good price for Scotland Jude - Lisa is working today & tomorrow days , then Mon and Teus nites, but will tell her about it.
Your dentist sounds as nice as mine - did the whole family go to him?
I'm off for a walk now


new in kelowna

A Relief to Me

I went to visit Dr. Pag yesterday for my annual check up, and we were talking about retirement, I told him my plan for retirement was to leave my current job, and look for something in the non profit sector. And then I said to him, but you can't retire, because I can't get used to a new dentist. He told me he had no plans to retire, and then told me about the new guy in his office, that retired after 42 years, and now works 2 or 3 days a week. I said that sounded like a great plan and he agreed. My worries are over. He better not let me down now. We were talking about his kids, one is taking her masters in pschology at the U of A, and his son is a furniture designer downtown, he had been living in Europe, but came back. He also remembered Theresa and asked how Anne is doing. I love Dr Pag.

The week went by pretty quickly, lots of stuff to do. There are a lot of people at work who are wearing sandals or barelegs to work. I think it is still a bit early for that, when I can still see snow on parts of the leg grounds. On Wednesday it is supposed to be 19 degrees here, then on Thursday 3.

I was just looking at the Air Canada website, and they have flights from around 750 return to Edinburgh, they are direct from Edmonton to London, then London Edinburgh and vice versa. I could not remember the dates that were good for you Lisa, so I picked leaving on November 7 and returning on November 21. I think I would like to book, so let me know when you have holidays again Lisa.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

You have to watch this. It is amazing. Britain's got talent.

And again

Am reposting as Mom tried to post for previous picture and Blogger lost it, so is juat a small reminder that it is still here...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A nice Weekend in Kelowna

Well the weather was not that great, but really good to see Mom, Jim, Lisa and Richard. It was a pretty quiet weekend. As Lisa said, Mom did a all the cooking and we gratefully ate. On Saturday night, we had steak and cake to celebrate Lisa and Jim's birthdays. The Wensink's new house is really lovely, their furniture fits in so well, and there seems as though there is a lot more space, then there was at Jones street. Back to work today, in the snow. I am really tired of it, I was hoping this would be the last day of snow, but the forecast calls for more at the end of the week. argh.

Birthday Presents

Mom and Dad bought me clergy shirts for my birthday!! I'll need these for Barkerville, (and the rest of my career, I guess). The line down the middle of the collar is to show that I'm not ordained yet, but merely a student. Getting these shirts made me excieted to go to Barkerville!

I had a good Easter weekend- a mix of school and church. I'll let you guess which one I enjoyed. I went down to the Cathedral on Thursday for the Maunday Thursday service- and it was one of the most beautiful services I have ever been to. It was just like a movie. At the end of the service they stripped the altar of all the cloths and candles and decorations (to get ready for Good Friday). As they did it, the choir sang a hymn and the lights slowly went down until there were just two spotlights on the altar, and you could just make out the two priests standing in front of the altar. Just amazing.

I also went to the 7 am service in the park by my church. It was pouring rain, but nice nonetheless. Very West Coast.
Only one paper and one exam left! I'm flying back to Rocky next week, then driving back out here (with a stop in Kelowna on the way).

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We have a few tulips blooming at Jones. I picked a couple, as well as some hyacinths, grape and otherwise.
We have several peonies in our new yard, including some that are growing in the grass?
It was nice to see Jude, albeit in between shifts. I felt like a bad host, Gone when she got up, met her at Mom's who cooked meals all weekend, went home when unable to talk coherently anymore (shortly after supper finished), got home, went to bed shortly thereafter. Plus, after spending time with people talking all day, I have little left after work. And I slept poorly on Fri night ?because I was charge nurse on Sat? This meant I was even more tired than usual. I kept waking up in middle of night and having to practice deep breathing because my pulse was racing. Not pleasant. However, day went swimmingly despite lack of sleep, so could have been very much worse. We did Easter eggs on the unit!
I am considering starting my own blog-what would I say though?
In other news, Bill and Kathy are going to come and visit in July, will be nice as they haven't been here since 1995. Or was the 1996? Regardless, it's been a good 10 years.
Jim has been busy at Mom's-put railings up, doing yard work etc. etc. Sandi is still not feeling great, which is not so good, but I have to say, Jim is a new man since they got together (is this OK to say Jim and Sandi?) It is nice to see him so happy, she is a good woman!
Is cooler again, but is expected to get up to 19 C again. Happy Day!



Steph's Gram has made a batch of her typically eccentric quilts and Steph is giving 'em up for a minimum $20 donation to a women's shelter or homelessness charity. Here's the terms:

My Gram made these quilts and I will happily turn them loose on the world for a $20 minimum donation to a women's shelter or homelessness charity. (Not sure how to make one? Check out Quilts must be picked up in Edmonton or the recipient is responsible for shipping.

Not sure if I can link to a Facebook album, but here's a try if you'd like to see them...

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Monday, April 13, 2009

How I spent my Easter vacation

Tim made us an excellent Easter dinner and we realized it was a milestone - the first time an offspring has cooked us a holiday meal at their place. We had ham, potatoes, veggies, salad and strawberry shortcake. He had the table all set (c/w candle) but we ended up eating in the living room so we could watch the end of curling. Tim has a beer fridge in the living room so that was convenient for him and Geoff.
We had a close encounter with a car salesman on Saturday in Edmonton, but the guy blew his chance to sell us something. We are usually suckers for salesmen, but he rubbed Geoff the wrong way and that was the end of that.
We went for a walk on Saturday night and saw the Easter bunny hopping across the park opposite Jude's. Went to the cathedral for church on Sunday, there were many very nice hats there. As for the service, I prefer to participate more. The minister talks, the choir sings, there just wasn't much for us to do. Grace came to church and we went for brunch after, but we didn't see or hear from Sam all weekend.
Thanks for the run of your place, Jude. It was a really relaxing weekend, as Al said, like staying in a hotel but better because there's more room and it's more comfortable. Plus the price was right.

Friday, April 10, 2009

What kind of long weekend is this?

Well, this is going to be the weirdest long weekend ever. Nobody coming home. We're going to Edmonton but Jude won't be there. We have nothing planned.* I feel like I have been sent to another dimension.
Technically, Grace is here but we are taking her back to the city today. She took the bus to Red Deer yesterday and I ran in and picked her up because she had a summer job interview at the museum. But she wants to get back because of exam studying, and Sam is staying at uni for the same reason.
Tim has invited us for Easter dinner at his place. So we will come back Sunday after church I guess. Tim was over last night and he and Geoff spent the evening drinking Geoff's home brew. Geoff is not appearing too chipper this morning.
The snow is leaving! There is still a lot in the back yard, but it is receding and I am starting to remember what my flower beds look like. Lots of daffodils up by the back door, some should be blooming soon. Spring is my least favourite season, but I do love looking each day to see what else has started to poke through. I always think of The Secret Garden. One of my favourite books.
My favourite season is fall. Then summer and winter. Spring is last.
Hey, Will, Tim and Dad went on Google Earth last night and had a look at Barkerville. Looks like you will have a nice church.
*One thing planned, breakfast with Allison tomorrow.

I've always been fascinated by these guys...

Watch this. You won't recognize them until they open their months. This is one the funniest things I've seen in a long time.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Jackie's Grave


Monday, April 06, 2009


I asked Mom if I put a picture in here if she'd tell a story about it, so here it is:

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Saturday, April 04, 2009


Mom and I went to buy composters as there was a big sale by the city. Big line ups, full of idling cars. Mom made me some eggs on toast, then I came home and slept for 2 1/2 hours. Now I'm groggy and out of sorts. It may have been a waste of a beautiful day, but the nap couldn't be helped. Richard and I are going to walk to Vietnamese Village for supper, then walk over to 2nd Cup for coffee tonight.
There is a mandatory conflict resolution/communication seminar this week at work. I think it is a good thing, my manager asked me to give him feedback on how I feel that it goes. There has already been one this week. Luckily, there will a couple people there who I can have wrap me in a towel if needed. My new one should fit into my bag. I specifically didn't ask who was going to which one as I didn't want to play into that whole, "I need to be with my friends" thing that has resulted in a lot of what ails the place to begin with.
As it turns out, there is a little patch of croci here in our new place, though no tulips etc. It looks like there used to be, then they landscape fabric'ed all the flower beds-with rocks over top. Personally, it looks a bit barren to me, but that will change.
Mom talked to Jim and he will be here on Monday! And Jude later in the week! Highs are supposed to reach 19 degrees by Wednesday, but Mom doesn't trust them.
Richard told me about this old guy who walks in our neighbourhood. He and his old dog walk every morning early. I finally saw him today. He shuffles along pretty quick and the dog tries to keep up-the dog is kind of a border collie'ish mutt-grey and old. Richard and I like to watch them walk by. Like Mr. Lahm at our old place who walks to the busstop-goes to the mall everyday for lunch and coffee.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

spring, where art thou?

Geoff went back to work today. I was worried about him all day but I guess it wasn't necessary because he had a good day. People were glad to see him back and there a few good changes out there. He is feeling positive. Plus his foreman told him that he can drive to work now since his truck chip showed that he was travelling well under the speed limit when the deer ran into him in December.
We got a new toilet! Exciting. It is dual flush but the best thing about it is the seat. When you close it there is no slam, it just slowly and gently closes all by itself. Also, Geoff ordered the windows. We are replacing all the ones from the original house, upstairs and down.
Tim is getting close to finishing his downstairs bathroom. He also bought new outside doors. One is installed and looks really good. It really changes the look of the house.
We had an April Fool's joke played on us - we had a big storm last night and woke up to inches of snow. Ha ha Mother Nature, that's enough. We need some spring.