Monday, August 30, 2010

New recipe wiki!

Back from the houseboat! Great week as always, and so nice to see everyone. It has been a while.

So... I have started a recipe wiki where we can collect our recipes and have them handy. A wiki is just a collection of webpages anyone can add to. You will have to sign up for PBworks (free) and then you can add to the pages by clicking the "edit" tab on any pages. The pages are all linked together so it is like a virtual recipe book.

The address is:

Please add your recipes!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Woo hoo

One more sleep till Alberta!

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The Houseboat is On

I called the OH&S nurse at IBM to tell her about wanting to go to BC to convalesce yesterday. She asked if I had spoken to the insurance company and I said yes, and also provided them my cell phone number for contact. She said would have to get back to me as to whether it was approved or not. she called to day and said it was approved!!!! Hurray.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

End of co-op/start of school

In May I finally moved out of Lister, the dorm-style residences I've lived in for the past three years, and into East Campus Village, an apartment-style residence. It's a pretty decent place, nothing to write home about really, but I have my own room which is a change from Lister. All the time I was living there I had a roommate, sharing the same white cinder-blocked cube, sharing a bathroom with 10 other people and a TV with 35. I don't mind it but I feel like I'm actually living "on my own" now.

That means I have to cook. Luckily mom supplied me with a lot of her recipes, and I've been cooking out of some cookbooks from AJ. I cook the full amount, which normally is good for 3 meals (that's the target zone, +/- one day) - so I only cook about twice a week. I'm always surprised when I throw together a bunch of random crap and at the end of the day it actually tastes approximately correct.

I'm winding down my co-op job at PricewaterhouseCoopers for the year - last couple weeks were surprisingly busy. This week everybody realized I was leaving so they're madly reviewing a bunch of work I did in case there are changes (which there almost always are) and so I'll probably be working OT all this week to tie up the loose ends.

The firm offered me a second co-op term (May-August 2011) and a full-time job after graduation. Nothing to get too worked up about however, this is SOP if you're half-decent at the job. It's one of their primary sources of associates to work 60-hour weeks in audit. Haven't decided if I'll take it yet. Accounting is okay but not great; on the other hand the prospect of a guaranteed job after walking through the door with my degree is really attractive.

For fall I'm signed up for the usual slate of classes. I'm also an RA (resident assistant) for the apartment residences I'm in now, along with another small residence role. As well, I'm a TA (teaching assistant) for the intro operations management course, and am sitting on the Operations Management Club again. Should be a busy year. Hopefully I can handle it all.

Next week I start training for the RA job (got first-aid certified on the weekend), and once that's done then back to school!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

My Outing for Today

When I told Grace that I tried to plan one outing a day during my recovery, she laughed at me, and told me it sounded like an old lady thing to say. Anyway today I walked over to Uncle George's bench and visited with him for awhile. His bench friend Terry showed up too, so I got to meet him as well. After I left there, I walked over to Aunty Kay's store, and had a nice visit with her and Evelyn. Evelyn used to work for Alberta Health, and after she retired she went to work at Del's. A very nice lady.

After that I walked downtown, and did a little shopping, so I must be feeling better. I was going to go to Chez Allison and Todd's, they were having someone come in to hang doors, and were not sure if it would be done before Al had to go to work. But I called Allison and she said the work was almost done, so no need to come over. After some lunch, I hopped on the train to come home and have my nap.

Grace and Leanna were here this weekend looking for a house for the coming school year, and were successful, so I am sure a very big load off of their minds. It is on the train line, so that makes it pretty convenient. Very easy guests to have, they were not here very much, and we had a nice visit with each other when they were here.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A happy couple and a priest in training.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


OK, we preboard Monday evening.
Leave dock Tuesday and return Monday August 30th.
Monday we can't preboard until 8 pm'ish, so suggest going out for supper, yes? Either Sicamous or Salmon Arm
This leaves us with 6 days of cooking.
I heard from Rhonda-they are with Twin Anchors and leave Sunday and want to hook up. She will find a spot.
Tentative cooking/dishwashing schedule. (If you are cooking, then you do the dishes too) I also suggest everyone pick a day to drive the boat. Or your duo have a day to drive boat, but think day you are cooking will not work, so can figure it out as we go along. Just because having to drive all the time gets wearing. 1 day is good, more than that gets tiresome.
Please let me know if you want any changes to schedule. Judith gets the week off. Except that I think she can drive boat 1 day yes?
Tuesday Breakfast: Mom and Jim
Tuesday Supper: Grace and Jovita
Wednesday Breakfast: Lisa and Richard
Wednesday Supper: Theresa and Geoff
Thursday Breakfast: Laura and Allison
Thursday Supper: Will and Anne
Friday Breakfast: Mom and Jim (because Mom can't drive the boat, so she does another breakfast, plus she is breakfast queen, but we will do dishes, Jim is along for ride)
Friday Supper: Lisa and Richard
Saturday Breakfast: Will and Anne
Saturday Supper: Mom and Jim
Sunday Breakfast: Grace and Jovita
Sunday Supper: Laura and Allison
Monday Breakfast: Theresa and Geoff

Anything that anyone hates to eat or can't eat? I know zucchini and green peppers are on the list.

Does this seem fair?
Sleeping-Judith should be somewhere level, so main floor? Mom too.
Richard and I are happy below deck or up top.
Earplugs, from past experience = good idea for better sleeping.
Bug spray, suntan lotion, bring baking sheet if needed, bedding, pillows, bath towels, beach towel, matches, deck chairs, flashlight need to be brought.

Plus bring coffee for your breakfast cooking day. It seems that we go through about a pound/breakfast. Mom or I will bring coffee grinder, so whole beans are OK.

Meeting up Monday-how Dutchman dairy again? What time do those from Alberta figure they will get in?
this week weather is hot, let us hope for more of same. Beginning of July it was rainy and cooler, so good we didn't go then!

Cost per person thus far is: $428, but gas will be added to this total.

Please answer questions in comment section.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Saw My Dr Yesterday

I don't know why I kept thinking that the appointment was for the 13th. Anyway thyroid is under control and she looked at my incision and said it seems to be doing nicely as well. I asked her about the houseboat and she also said it would be fine to go as long as I am not too far to get to the shore and help just in case (I did tell her I would have a couple of nurses close at hand, one nurse wanna be and a Dr wanna be, and if that all fails a Priest wanna be, so thought I would be covered). Yea!!!

Last night was the last patio for Latitude for the season, so I decided to shuffle along and attend. Kirsten was there, and it is always great to see her. Allison of course was there, and after she had a couple of beers, she has agreed to be my Sherpa on Saturday so I can go to the market and pick up some Fruit and Veg. Who is a good sister, who, who, who? Todd was also there and gave me a big hug.

I think today will be pretty low key, I need to spend time getting my strength up after the outing yesterday and in anticipation of the outing tomorrow.

Aunty Kay called yesterday and said she had a shot in her eye on Wednesday, I guess that would be for the macular degeneration, anyway she said that everything was fine, although Uncle George could not get out, since the weather has turned to rain. I have not met him on the bench yet, if the sun shines next week, I will. Will Aunty Kay wanted to know if the Sri Lanken refugees had followed you back to Canada?

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Monday, August 09, 2010

Home and on the Road to Recovery

It is very nice to be back at home, in my own bed, and eating my own food. Theresa and Geoff picked me up from the hospital on Saturday morning. Once I got home I was not up for very long, I could here my bed calling my name. Laura and Henry came for a visit on Saturday afternoon. It was so nice to catch up with them. after a couple of hours though I kicked them out and went back to bed. In between my first nap and second nap, Geoff had picked up my pain meds, poor guy, because I did not have previous experience with them, he had to sit through the pharmacist going through in detail how to use the suppository, now that is going above and beyond the norm.

Uncle George did not get to the hospital to see me, because of all the long hallways, so he and Aunty Kay stopped by on Sunday afternoon, to visit. Always good to see them, some of the Folk Fest Attendees also came back and got in a visit as well. Geoff was around most of the day on Sunday just to make sure I did not need anything, and everything went well again. Said goodbye to Geoff around 11:00 pm, when he left to pick up Theresa and Will.

I called the surgeon this morning and have my follow up appointment on the 16th of September. I should also hear from her on the results of the third biopsy in around 10 days. I asked her on Friday if she thought I could go on the houseboat, and she said yes, as long as I don't do too much. I had a call from the Insurance Company this morning as well, and she told me I am approved to be off until September 20, so that works out perfectly. I also see my regular Dr. (Dr. Evans) on Friday, just to make sure the meds for the thyroid are working. I will get her to look at my incision, at that time to make sure that everything is looking ok. Too bad Dad is not around we could compare scars!!

Everyone at the hospital (nurses, residents) who looked at my incision were very impressed with it. Having nothing to compare it to. I guess I will just have to take their word for it. I am not sure how I expecting to feel after everything was over, but I know I did not think I would be feeling this good. An unexpected and happy surprise for me.

I think I will keep it fairly low key for this week, make sure I have lots of rest, and eat up some of the food in my fridge.

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Friday, August 06, 2010

If you have to go to hospital the Lois Hole is the one. So nice and new and calming and quiet. Sorry guys, you don't get your own hospitals.
Jude is doing pretty well, or was last night. She has been up and around but didn't seem too energetic. When Lisa and I went to see her A. Kay and Deanna were there so that was nice. Jude didn't get much of a chance to get a word in, but no nurses came to shush us. Geoff is going to get her on Saturday to take her home if all goes well. Van Morrison and Ben Harper twere great at Folkfest. Looking forward to the rest of the weekend, although right now it is hailing here in Rocky. Perhaps it will miss Edmonton.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Schedule Change

I had a call from the hospital to day, and my surgery time has been moved up to 11:00 am. I think that is kind of good, there will be less time sitting around and waiting for it to happen. Allison took me to get some groceries on Monday, she has Kirsten's car. I have not bought that many groceries in a long long time, it is usually what ever will fit in my two bags. My fridge and freezer are now full and I feel as though I can get through the next few weeks without buying more food.

last night I went to see Despicable Me, with Vicky. What a funny movie, I really enjoyed it. Vicky also brought me some Sweetpeas from her yard. Whenever I see or smell Sweetpeas, I am always reminded of Baba and Grandpa.

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