Saturday, June 25, 2016

pin up couture

Just got  back from Kelowna, I had a great visit with all there.  Mom seemed to look better everyday. She took it easy and we had some good visits.

Lisa and Richard and I went for lunch at Summerhill, it was very good, sat on the patio and enjoyed the view and company. I always have interesting conversations with them.  We were going to go to the show and shine downtown, however as we got closer there seemed to be a lot of people so we  passed and carried on home.  Mom had decided that $20.00 for a bowl of soup was too steep so stayed home.

I got some weeding done and mom's grass mowed.  It was kind of rainy the first few days but got warmer after that.

Lisa had Monday off because she was at a confrence on Saturday, we went to value village shopping, I found a very nice skirt and sweater, Lisa found  some sweaters, skirt and shorts. It is better than our value village by far. I felt pretty happy with my purchases, particularly when Richard declared I got the best buy.

I also went to Mosaic books, I found Stalin's Daughter, a book I have been wanting to read and some birthday cards, they really have a good selection.

The trip home was uneventful,  except, I was almost late, the security screeners seemed to be very slow, both lines had about 30 people in them and there was no rush to move us along. It was all good in the end, plane was delayed so not much wait in the Calgary airport.

Lisa, the dress was Mary Blair and the company Pinup Couture.

thanks too all in Kelowna for a restfull vacation.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Many Celebrations

June. so far, has been a very good month for me. I spent the beginning of the month in Kelowna, even though I was sick for the whole time, it was enjoyable. Once I finished my antibiotics, I still was not feeling 100%, so I thought maybe there was also a viral component to illness.  Today I still have a little cough, but no sore throat and not too much of a stuffy nose. Mom was not feeling 100% either, so we made a fine pair.

In Edmonton for Allison's convocation was next. On the Wednesday we went to a restaurant called RgeRd for a celebration dinner. Because we were a large group, we were served family style. A choice of 3 appetizers, we could all share.  Then the main, a choice from the menu, and last but not least 4 different desserts, again served family style, so we each got a taste of each dessert. For the convocation the day, T&G picked us up and we took the train to the Jube. Allison was in the first group of people to receive their degrees, then as she walked across the stage, there was a whole bunch of librarians from various campus libraries at the side of the stage to hug her and say congrats, very touching and a total surprise to Allison. After convocation we went downtown to the Macdonald Hotel for drinks and appies. Then T&G left to go home, and Allison and I had naps at her place.

I left the next day for the Hat, on the Red Arrow. Had a nice visit with the cousins and F&C. On Saturday morning we went over to the park by the river and planted some trees, to help replace ones that were lost with the last flood. Fred, Hannah, Ramona and the girls. That was fun, but a bit mucky, as it rained. In the afternoon we went to see A&E in their dance recital they were pretty cute. On Sunday, we mostly hung around home, the MacNeil's, and F&C came over for supper, and we had birthday cake for me, watched the final hockey game for the season and the Tony awards. Monday morning Christine and I went to see Ramona in action at court, then for lunch with Raeann at the hotel she works at. Monday night I helped cook supper, and afterwards, Raeann, Hannah Leila and Sam came over for a short visit.

I left on Tuesday, and T&G picked me up in Red Deer. On Thursday night T&G took me out for supper to Cucina, a newer restaurant in town. It has an eclectic mix of food, combination of Korean, Italian and of course steaks. It was yummy.  Friday night we went to Tim and Court's for Thai food. Theresa made me a cake, I had fun playing with the boys and catching up with the younger Ferrey's. Grace and Dallyn came out this weekend to stay in the cabin so on Saturday T&G, Kane and Grady (they stayed here overnight Sat, as T&C went to a golf tournament) and I went out to the lake for supper.  Today Grace and Dallyn took T&G and me out for lunch. All in all a pretty satisfying few weeks.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy birthday, Judith!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

So, we had good time in Ontario, Gerry and Dorothy's 60th was well attended, and they really had a great time.
It was in the common room of their building, first was a catered lunch for family and extended family, then they had a open house afterwards. An all day affair really, and they were able to visit lots!
There was much food, as Wensinks don't want to worry about anyone going hungry, so we ate leftovers quite a bit after.
Otherwise trip pretty uneventful, visited, went to Ryan's rugby game (I still don't understand the rules) and Shelby's soccer game. Went to Diane and franco's trailer  at the lake. Richard got some sort of weird illness while we were there, cough, not hungry, quite tired, but it cleared up in a few days.

We came home Wednesday, then had my grad Thursday, then off to Victoria for a little trip-which was also nice. We didn't do too much there, walked around a lot and people watched, went to Miniature World (I have always wanted to go back), Butchart Gardens, to the beach, and out for several good meals. We stayed at a place close to where Allison used to live, our own little suite, with a loft-it was quite nice and great location.

Got back to work, all went well while I was gone, but I thought coming back from vacation is like camping, it seems like, 'is it really worth it when there is so much catching up?'
Yes, it is, but I don't like all the catching up.

Had a conversation today with difficult co-worker that I have been dreading for several weeks. I said all I needed to say, in a good way, I think. We'll see if things change-during conversation itself, she said 'I'm sorry you feel that way', which makes me think that change may not be forthcoming, but then I will just escalate it. I don't want to work feeling like I have to tip toe around someone's cold anger (despite her saying she wasn't).  I felt at moments like I'd cry, but didn't, and afterwards was able to reflect on it as being a good thing for me to have done. truly, I probably have a conversation a day at least where I am trying to guide etc people/have challenging convo, but this was one I was truly dreading, so feel pretty victorious for having done it!

Laura come tomorrow and we are looking forward to seeing her!

Cat has recovered quite well, on medication, and back to himself. At the vet's they love him because he is so affectionate, even there! They said, 'he is such a great cat! And looks great for his age!' All true.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Busy times

We had a few days of recovery when Tim and Courtney got back from their trip then to Edmonton for Lori's wedding. That was a lot of fun. It seemed to be organized around making a good time for the guests, not so much focussed on the bride and groom. A benefit of a mature wedding perhaps. It was nice to see cousins without it having to be a funeral. We sat with Uncle Al Wolf and his wife Wilma who turned out to be very congenial tablemates. I'm sure glad we went.
Dropped Jude off at the airport n Sunday and spent the week getting ready for John's interment.
Dick and Jo arrived Thursday night. Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and it went well. We gathered at the gate of the cemetery until we heard a bagpiper playing at the gravesite. Chris, the minister, and the piper were waiting for us as we walked in there. The beautiful words of the Anglican service were moving. We took turns shovelling dirt in the grave, then the piper played us out, except no one left just then, they were all looking at the family graves. John was buried by his mom and dad, right beside Daphne, Aubrey and Jack, and not too far from the old Strongs. It was comforting seeing all their names there.
There were probably about 25 people there and I think they all came over after for a visit. I was relieved that we could be outside.
Got lots of compliments on our yard.
Dick and Jo stayed until yesterday, and we had a good time touring around every day. We spent hours in the cemetery on Friday because Dick had a story about almost every person buried there. We went out west on Monday and it was the same for every road we passed.
The weather has been very hot. There were huge thunderclouds in the north sky last night but we didn't get a drop of rain although I think it hailed around Leslieville. It has cooled off, though, and is supposed to rain for the next few days. We can sure use it.
Just getting ready to set off for Edmonton for Allison's convocation, it will GE good to see everyone there.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Happy Birthday Allison

Prince George 1976

Friday, June 03, 2016

Calgary airport

We are here for 4 hours until we catch our connecting flight
We got up early this am to catch flight @ 630. But when we got to airport turns out our flight was earlier, so we missed it.
So called Jude again and she picked us up and we came back 5 hours later for the next flight that connected
However, it didn't cost anymore, and when we went o drop off bags, the woman said we had been so pleasant that we got an upgrade to Plus. Which is pretty nice considering it was our fault! She said she deals with people who are very rude, so I guess being pleasant works out. Plus being a jerk just makes one upset
We will get into Hamilton at 1240 am.
The anniversary lunch is tomorrow, and we will be there until Wednesday , come back to Kelowna, convocate, then head to Victoria until the following Monday
Sebastian seems back to himself on his meds for hyperthyroid,. Though we also suspect he might have gotten into a cold pack, and wonder if that made him sick too.
Even sick, Jude was a model house guest.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Just a Cold

At least that was what I thought. I caught it when the boys were staying. But I went to the Dr. here in Kelowna yesterday, since it did not seem to be getting any better, and I did not want to give Mom or the Wensinks anything. She said I have sinusitis, laryngitis and some other kind of itis, prescribed antibiotics, which I hope kick in soon. I am not being much of a house guest, all I want to do is sleep.

Lori and Ford's wedding was great, so nice to see the Robins cousins, and all their offspring. The venue was perfect, the ceremony outside in a gazebo and the meal and dance inside the convention center. We sat at a table with Al Wolf, his new wife and his daughter Linda and a friend of hers. Very nice people. Ramona and the twins came to the ceremony and Uncle Fred performed the marriage ceremony. I can see why he is booked up to 2018 with weddings. Deb was the matron of honour and Jessica the bridesmaid, Cam walked his Mom down the aisle and Ford's brother Dave was the best man, Cam's kids were ring bearers and flowergirl, with Ford's daughter Steph manning the guest signing.  Very much a family affair. At the tables, each person who was sitting at the table was given a little biography, and you had to guess who it was. It was so much fun. Cal's wife Anita has had a re-occurrence of her breast cancer, and they were not sure she was going to make it to the wedding, but she did. Cal said she has 4 more bouts of chemo, then a mastectomy and then radiation to get through. Sure hope everything goes OK for her.