Thursday, January 22, 2015

Not Much New

But I feel like I want to post anyway.  After hearing about everyone's troubles getting back to Alberta, flight delays, overnights in Calgary, avalanche control, I feel very fortunate that I was able to get home without too much drama.  Apart from Tim and Grady being on a different flight than I was, and delays because of weather, the younger Ferreys did not have to wait too long for me at the airport.  Courtney came to pick us all up, and since I had no bags to pick up, we were able to leave not too long after my flight landed.  The Calgary Red Deer part of the trip was not too bad, but Red Deer to Rocky was not that pleasant, blowing snow, fog, but Tim got us safely home.  I was happy to be back in my own bed.

I had a note from cousin Nancy, asking if I wanted to house/cat sit for her while she is away in California for a week.  Seemed like a good chance to get away and experience some real spring, as it is at the end of April.  I booked my tickets today so I am all set.  I will be back for about a week then off to California with the MH Robins.  May is shaping up to be a good month.

Tim and Courtney went to Edmonton last weekend, to use their Christmas gift from Sam and Grace, hotel stay and Indian Jones exhibit, so Kane and Grady came to stay.  We had lots of fun, Geoff set up a little hill going down the deck, and Kane had a blast sliding down it.  Grady had a little toboggan fun too.  Kane and I built an Olaf (snowman from Frozen).  It does feel like it is non stop when the boys are awake, lots of playing to be done.

A couple of pictures of snow fun.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

back to normal

Things have settled down after all the festivities.
Including our usual January weather inversion with cloud and temperature around freezing. Yuck, it does get tiresome.
Though there is a certain stability in getting back to normal. Richard and I decided to use our stay at the resort at end of February to spread things out. We have Stuart MacLean at beginning of February to cheer us up.

Went to hockey game last night and out for supper and are going skating this afternoon, even though would rather stay inside, but staying inside not good for physical and emotional well-being.

Nick seems to be better still! He ate cat food 3 days! Supplemented by roast beef and chicken, but still!

Have one final interview coming up this week and am then onto data analysis! I started a very little bit this weekend.

Work has been quieter than usual, which is nice. But suspect by end of month we'll be back to usual chaos. Have to appreciate quietness while it's happening.

Henry's wife Jenny's dad died this week. I think it would have been expected, but will be hard regardless.

Hmm not too much else going on.

We sure did appreciate everyone coming to celebrate mom's birthday, we had a great time and got bonus visiting time because of weather! We are lucky to have such a wonderful family. Because everyone traveled, we're picking up mom's supper bill. Don't argue.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom

Here is the link to your Birthday Video.  Happy 85 Mom