Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ginger beer, cat, summer time

It's been busy since we got home. We went plant shopping (Mom, RW, me) for summer, and got everything planted. We came back to grass which was awfully long- moms in that one patch was up to my knee in places. I don't know what body is underneath that spot, but it grows like crazy
Next weekend, we went to Medicine Hat of course, which really was a lot of fun. Lots of dancing and some rum and cokes.
I found out that problematic member of team quit (doctor) which really, I am sorry to say, took a load off my mind. It'll  create its own set of issues, but those I can handle, erratic angry and hostile outbursts I cannot. Unless they are clients, but not other professionals. And not highly paid ones who should know better.
Richard and I caught up at Jones, though he would say, it's not done yet. It looks good at the moment, the spring weeds are done. Irises are blooming and look fabulous.
Sebastian is in kidney failure, which is common in older cats. So now he's on 3 medications and an IV bolus of fluids which we give him every few days. It goes on the scruff of his neck and he doesn't care at all about getting it! It perks him right up. It'll only work for so long though. I had a few cries about it, as Mom says, he is part of our family.
Am presenting at brain injury conference tomorrow with 2 other people on homelessness and marginalized people. Doing presentation with others can be difficult as I can have specific ideas on what to do , what makes good presenting, and am really pretty comfortable in front of crowds. Am presenting with nice people though. This conference is 200 people, and I don't think I e ever done to that big of audience, I thought, what if I get up there and freeze?
I am sitting outside drinking an alcoholic ginger beer, listening to cricket living in our yard, and a little shower on the deck roof, with Sebastian on my lap. RW will be home soon and we will eat hotdogs for supper. Pretty good life.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Newfoundland and the other Sivaks

My time in St John's was very good, if a little cool. The apartment I rented was very central, close to a big grocery store and downtown. The view from the living room was fantastic, looking out to the harbor and Signal Hill. I took a boat tour in search of iceberg's and whales, saw icebergs but no whales. One of the icebergs was grounded, but the other one was floating, and I could see it rise and fall with the water. Then a few days later I saw one float just past the Narrows from my living room window. As we went past the narrows I could still see some of the structures put up during WW II, watching for German boats. I also saw a couple of good museums, The Rooms which is the provincial museum and art gallery. A really good exhibit there about soldiers in WW I, and lots about NL history. I also went to the Coastal Railway Museum, which told the story about the Newfoundland railway, it was also very interesting. I saw a little park with a statue of Terry Fox, where he started his marathon of hope. People were also very friendly, and some stuff not open because the season has not really started. Flew back to Halifax on Friday night and then back to Edmonton on Saturday. I booked a plus seat with Westjet for the trip, and it was well worth the money for a flight that long.

It was Theresa's birthday yesterday, and we went over to Tim and Court's for supper.

I talked to Aunt Kay this morning. Nancy is planning an extended stay in Edmonton, all of July, so Kay is thinking about flying to Kelowna to visit Mom, her nephew and a friend. I did not say anything about you being in Edmonton Mom and Lisa. She also told me that Allie Cowan has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis just recently. They told her it was hereditary but Kay said they could not think of anyone on the Sivak/Jellich side who had it, and no one on the Cowan side. She is seeing specialists and is on medication. Nate and his wife are having a baby in July, so Deanna and Rod will be grandparents.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Birthday Theresa

1967 Grande Prairie

Thursday, May 11, 2017


we went to maritime museum yesterday and then to Salty's for supper. Both were good. Richard had steak and lobster and I had steak and shrimp. The Halifax explosion exhibit was the best part for me

Today we went back to the Halifax citadel, since it opened while we were gallivanting around Nova Scotia. It was worth going back as the exhibits and stuff were open, and they were quite good. Seeing historical objects really interests me. We also went to the garden, which was lovely, though in a weak moment I gave $5 to a guy with a story that was untrue, I am sure. It felt really cold today, though the garden interestingly felt warmer.
We are staying at hotel at airport, it is quite modern and nice. Also we are happy that it is a ten minute walk through pedway to check in.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Cape Breton

We drove to Cape Breton after leaving Lunenberg. We got to Baddeck and checked into place. There was only one other room rented, which made me think a bit of The Shining. There was only pizza place to eat at, and luckily it was delicious.
While sitting there we overheard this couple talking about their daughter they were going to visit who was the editor of the Mountaineer in Rocky! Theresa said they are from Newfoundland, what a co-in-ki-dink.
Next day we went to local coffee shop, where it seems all the old men in town gather to visit for the morning. I liked listening to the cape Breton accents
We were going to go on the Cabot Trail but it was raining really hard and road was closed in one direction and the highways guy said, the other route was open for time being. This did not sound promising so we looked around Baddeck and then went to Iona to the Highland Village museum. It was outdoors and though was closed, guy said we could walk around. So we did and peered in windows, and thought about how hard and brave the highlanders were to travel across the ocean after the clearances. Also cousin Rhonda's husband from that area!!
We went out for pizza, and were thankful it really was delicious.
Today we drove to Wolfsville. We were going to stay there, but felt we could see everything we needed in the time we were there while still driving back to Halifax, so we did. Went to really good crepe place.
Now we are back in Halifax, at same place we were before, right downtown!
RW has gone to grocery store as he got hungry and I am drinking some coolers that have to be drunk before we leave!
I wish we could have gotten to coal miners museum. There was program on radio about the Westray disaster anniversary which is today. Also when I think of cape Breton I think of Margaret's Museum, I will just have to read about them.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

PEI and Halifax

We got here Saturday, and toured around Halifax on Sunday- went to Pier 21, where we got copies of the ship manifesto for Dad, Baba,  and Uncle George, and also Grandpa. Museum was good, is interesting to see how brave people were, travelling so far, and sometimes getting turned back.
We wandered around the Citadel too. The weather was windy but sunny. Richard maybe the only person to get a sunburn that day in Halifax.
Monday we wandered around a couple hospitals looking for shoppers drug mart which I had ordered Moms food from. Then we drove to Amherst, picked up Jude and came to PEI. Walked around Charlottetown, and today drove around North Island, sort of getting a bit lost, but got to see lots of picturesque farms. There are a lot of 1. churches 2. cemeteries in PEI.
People also quite friendly, which my BC self keeps getting slightly overwhelmed with. Had long convo with man outside of our place in Halifax. RW said was he mentally ill? I said maybe, or very friendly, I couldn't tell which. Cultural differences? Or flight of ideas? I don't know