Saturday, July 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Sam

Rocky 1990

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

House Sitting

Had another extended stay in Edmonton, hanging out at Allison's to look after Magda and Olive while she was in Iceland. As usual when I have lots of time I met with various family and friends to catch up with what is new and exciting with their lives. Mine being pretty boring I have to live vicariously through them. Went to visit George and Kay one afternoon and they had just gotten a new TV, so after I visited a bit, I set it up for them. Uncle George was very impressed with my abilities. Made me feel good as I think it takes a lot to impress a 90 year old. As luck would have it Nancy was also in town, for the Jelich family reunion so one night I had supper with her, Marylynn and Deanna. All three of them are going to Portugal for a couple of weeks in the fall, Deanna's first time to Europe.

I also went to the Telus World of Science to see the Sherlock Holmes exhibit. It was really interesting. Lots of information about the period Conan Doyle lived in, even some old film of him. There was also quite a bit about the various movies and TV shows. The exhibit was originally at the City of London Museum, and this is the only Canadian stop.

When I left Allison's to catch my bus back to Red Deer I decided to treat myself and take a cab to the Red Arrow ticket office. As I was chatting with the driver about all the road construction in Allison's neighborhood, I also mentioned that it was the Kdays parade that morning. Apparently that meant nothing to the driver, because he ended up getting stuck in traffic, and I had to direct him to a route to take. Even then he argued with me about how to get to Red Arrow, he had no idea the traffic was blocked off or what the parade route was. When we finally got there, I told him I did not think I should have to pay the amount on the meter, since he did not listen to me. He did not think that was fair, but I stood my ground and got a reduced rate. I would have been willing to pay a bit more, because of delays if he had listened to me, because then we would have gone the most direct route.

Theresa and Geoff picked me up in Red Deer, and I was happy to get home.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


We had a busy time last week. Went to the property to work on the last of the destruction on the old cabin with Henry and Allyshea. It was good. We had a bit if a birthday celebration for Wilf and also went fishing.  The weather was not perfect but not cold either.  Whlie fishing on Wilf's bday he caught 3 fish and Henry caught 1. We also watched a bald headed eagle grab a fish out of the water, just like national geographic,  that was amazing.

We got back on Thursday and our company arrived, it was fun going by the old places, shopping and the museum. The weather was pretty nice just some rain.  Wilf had a visit with his dad, who is missing Marjory alot. He was glad he did and so was Bob.

On Sunday we went to a wedding, one of Henry's friends from High School, we were pretty honored only about 25 people and all family. Peter said he considered us family and his mom introduced  us to his grandparents as his surrogate family. It quite surprised me he felt that way, but also made me proud he did.  It was a very simple but beautiful wdding and they looked very happy.

 Then ,back to work, getting pretty quite there lots of folks on vacation so it slows down for me. I did drive the new car, it is a lot of fun, 6 speed standard with a lot of zip. That was  not boring, unlike work.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Grady

Rocky  January  2014

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Another road trip

I felt like going on a road trip so we told Laura we were coming to see her. She graciously replied that she and Wilf would be glad to see us, so off the three of us went. A result of spending time with Dick and Jo is that you get a hankering to try different routes. We went up to GP the back way on the forestry trunk road. It was gravel from Nordegg to Hwy. 16, then paved the rest of the way. It was a nice drive. Our visit was really good, Laura and Wilf are good hosts. Wilf was not there the whole time as he went to see his dad in Edmonton, but we did see him a bit. We shopped at Sole Addiction (all three of us made purchases) and walked around downtown a bit. Downtown is not that different from when we lived there, it is the rest of the city that has changed. We drove by all the old houses. The duplex is the worst-looking one on the street, but the other two houses look good, even that first one, which was not all that great when we lived there, as I recall.
Went to the new dinosaur museum at Wembley on Saturday. It was great, I recommend a visit there.
Left for Edmonton Sunday morning. Jude is house sitting for Allison so we dropped her off, then met them later for delicious Thai food along with Grace and Dallyn. On Monday we went downtown to the passport office to hand in our paperwork for new passports as they expire next April and we want to make sure we are allowed in to all the places we will visit in the fall. We had to wait there for an hour and a half, not too bad a wait, when we got out people were lined up way down the hall outside the office so we were glad we got there earlyish. Made a quick stop at Allison's so Geoff could look at a troublesome light, went to Toys R Us to get s present for Grady's birthday this week, then home.
Courtney asked Grady what he wants for a present and he said "A green present." Nobody knows what he means. We did get him something green in colour but maybe he means an environmentally friendly gift.
It's nice to go away then check out the changes in the garden. Everything is so early this year. Pea pods have formed and we will be eating peas soon, beans are starting to bloom, beets are getting big. And the roses! They all have so many blooms. Mom, the lavender I took from your place last summer is starting to bloom. I was not sure if it would survive the winter but it's doing well. I suppose it's selfish to be happy for a mild winter and warm spring, but a little bit of warming climate sure is nice for us.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Happy Birthday Grace

Houseboating 2008

Monday, July 04, 2016

Bourne Identity

Remember the scene where he's cutting off the woman's hair? I felt like that today, as I was cutting Mom's hair. Including blood, because I cut Mom's earlobe too! Vidal sasson I am not. I think I did an ok job, at least she tells me so, and ear lobe didn't bleed too much.  Good thing she is off the warfarin.

Canada Day weekend=good. We had some bike rides, went to Folk Fest (where by some miracle of fate, we did NOT see Lita Prince and the Polynesian Dancers), watched fireworks, and a lot of people wearing weird red and white clothes, wigs, glasses, you name it, went to beach, small hike, cleaned house, laundry, weeded at Jones, sat on deck with coffee and beer (at different times) and even a couple naps. Kind of a perfect weekend.

except I was on call Wed-Sat am. Wed, Thursday were fine, but Friday/Sat am, I had 13 freaking phone calls. Jesus Murphy! I get paid for them, I guess.

Other news: Neil and Marilynne will be here for a visit tomorrow. Unfortunately, weather  will be cool and rainy, but I guess they are used to that being from Nanaimo.

Had a pedicure on Thursday, and my toenails are a kind of fluorescent coral colour. Which sounds terrible, but they look pretty good actually, and have gotten compliments on them.