Tuesday, July 31, 2007

At the Vancouver Airport

Well I don't know what I was thinking when I booked my tickets, I have an 8 hour layover in the Vancouver airport. Probably it was the cheapest flight. But I did get a pass to the Air Canada lounge so at least I have comfortable surroundings and I can eat and drink for free.

I had the best time at the FF, it must have been the company, last year was fun with Lisa, but it seems even better with more people. I have to say the highlight for me was Don Mclean, as he said, in 40 years of being in the business, this was the first time he was in Calgary, so not likely to come again and he is DON MCLEAN!! The Ferrey sisters are very good to travel and hang around with. We went shopping for some stuff for Grace's trip to Germany, and Grace bought a bunch of stuff, not the least was 2 new pair of shoes, slowly I am converting her to our shoe cult.

As usual I bought a bunch of CD's, and downloaded all to my Ipod, so Allison if you want to borrow any they are on the dining room table. Calgary was very, very hot, but the site had a lot of shade places, at all the stages, so that made it bearable. The headline in the paper said it was the hottest July since 1960. Grace and I took a break on Sunday, and came back to the hotel and had a swim, it was so refreshing, then after the FF was over on Sunday night, we headed back to the pool and had another dip.

I can't wait for the Edmonton FF, it will be even more fun, cause more people will be there to share with.

Monday, July 30, 2007

You were right Allison

Al, I'm so glad I listened to you about staying till the end of Calgary Folk Fest. It was so good! Grace, Jude, Geoff and I were all swaying together for American Pie. Along with the other thousands of people. It was great. I'm not sure how that works. You can hear that song any time you want but somehow having Don Maclean singing it makes it different. The whole audience knew the words, then at the end he had us sing the first verse again. If he didn't have to leave, we might be there singing still.
Calgary has a good FF. Staying right there is a bonus. Great to see all of you - two more weeks till the next one!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's as if Lionel Richie were on our houseboat, taking pictures

Sunday, July 22, 2007

hot, hot, hot

Back in June I never thought I'd be saying that. We have had lots of hot days since we got back from the houseboat. There have also been quite a few thunderstorms, which usually cool the temperature down and are followed by more rain. But not this year. It rains then gets hot again.
Just got back from camping, the church campout. A good time as usual. The great weather was part of it. We were beside Prairie Creek and it was nice to paddle around there. We didn't go out till Saturday morning (Geoff got called out to work Fri night) so Grace picked up her pre-ordered copy of the new Harry Potter book and spent most of the camping time reading. She is upstairs now finishing it up.
Geoff's cousin Dick and Jo showed up here on Tuesday unexpectedly around supper time. They said they wouldn't stay for supper for fear we thought they planned to be here for a free meal. We finally convinced them to stay and had a great visit with them. They were on their way to Red Deer to visit Heather.
Met with Jim and Anja, the people Grace will be travelling to Germany with. Only three weeks to go! It sounds like they have everything very well planned out. They are going to Paris and to Vimy Ridge as well as Germany.
The yard has recovered nicely from the hailstorms. We should be picking peas next week and raspberries not long after. The delphiniums and lilies are blooming and the roses are still in fine form.
Took all the vehicles in to get checked for hail damage. The insurance company is writing off the Intrepid and the truck so that's good. We can take the money (minus some) and keep driving the vehicles or keep all the money and give them the vehicle. That Intrepid is not much worth driving any more so we might let the company keep it.
Well, look at me rambling on. You might think something actually happened around here. Looking forward to Calgary Folkfest next weekend and seeing Jude and Anne.

Monday, July 16, 2007


I passed my RN exam....I'm an RN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007


$40 000 less than original asking price.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Warts and All

I think I got a planter's wart from that houseboat. dang.

In other news, they accepted our offer, as long as we can clear conditions by July 26. So we have an inspection scheduled for Thursday, and we have to figure out banks for financing. I'm not quite sure whether we get 4 separate mortgages, whether we have 4 separate property titles, etc. And though my bank pre-approved me for a mortgage last summer, the BMO (where Jen's co-op has theirs) didn't. Hmph. Of course, my financial picture has improved since then...

For the curious, here is the link to the place, complete with virtual tour:

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Home again, Home again

Well, I made it back today with a minimum of fuss. I really enjoyed my two extra days with Grandma. The food was wonderful, and lots of fresh stuff from the garden, which was really nice. Richard and I went up to the Kettle Vally railroad to see the rebuilt tressles. You couldn't really go very far- they blocked off the end of the first tunnel as they are still working on it past there. Not to be stopped, we climbed over the tunnel, through the burnt forest, and got a pretty good look at what they were doing. Today Grandma and I walked over to the wetlands- but it was getting pretty hot! My flight was good- ten minutes late, so that's not bad. I caught the shuttle in, and everything went well.

Yes and tired

Yes, that was a superb vacation. Would anyone be interested in doing it again next year?

Have finished my 2-12 hour days and start nights tomorrow. I will be happy to sleep in tomorrow.
Some of my mosquito bites are still itchy, but I think that my burnt areas have changed into tan.

It's a hot tamale today, but not all that bad inside. Especially at the hospital where there is air conditioning.

Have the rest of you recovered?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

All home?

Did everyone make it home safely? We had a good trip back but long. Got home about midnight. Jude, Al and Anne left after breakfast today.
We had Grace's birthday supper tonight. She got Dance Dance Revolution so is in the TV room playing it.
It was nice to get home and see how the yard is doing. Sam said it was nice here all week. My climbing roses are in full bloom and the peas have started blooming too.
Wasn't that the best vacation ever? It was so good to get together in such a beautiful setting. You guys are a lot of fun.