Monday, March 31, 2008

Link to church in Camelford

here is a picture of the church at camelford.
it is the Lanteglos parish church-Camelford at top of page
and here is St Gennys church where we found gravestones with views of sea

badgers at home

We are at home after long travel!
36 hours, including train trip form Newquay to Manchester.
Poor Mom- I was worried she would pass out from exhaustion, but she is a tough 78 year old.Sleeping in Manchester airport was a bit strange. We thought about getting a hotel, but train got in at midnight and we had to be at airport at 8 am. Plus they had time change that night, so would have gotten hotel for 5 hours and hotel was $200+, equalling minimum $400 for all of us as apparently they wouldn't let us sleep 3 to a room. Met odd man in airport who struck up conversation with me at 6 am. Not sure what he was about.
Anyway, to recap trip...
I liked UK a lot! People were very helpful. I can see why going from there to here, people marvel at the space as there are so many more people there. Theresa thinks this is why everyone is so orderly there, as how else do you get anything done?
It seems that people just automatically queue up, in case of possible wait. And does appear to be true that jumping the queue is height of rudeness. Richard and I were waiting in line to buy train tickets. Man came up and was going to accidently jump queue...nothing was said, but you could see people in queue start to look discretely at one another. Man felt this and said, "Is this a queue?" All nod. He apologizes, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize there was a queue". All became well with the world.
While waiting for ferry in Holyhead, I stood beside the queue as there was some discrepancy about how many queues there were and what for. there were some others doing the same A woman went apes..t. Started hollering about 'jumping the f...g queue, then she would too, etc. etc. Lines are serious business there.
In airport in Manchester we were all queueing waiting to get on elevator. Another group, (from i think Spain?) Went in front of one of the elevator's not realizing that there was a queue. I could feel quiet disapproval all around me.
Manchester is big! I was happy that there were 3 of us waiting to take train in main terminal at midnight and would have been happy to have all the badgers together then. I felt small and out of place!
People in Dublin are so friendly. we had people come up to us asking if we needed help, as we stood there with a map, or several, trying to figure out a)where we were b) where the map said where we were c) if the 2 were at all similar. plus, all the museums are free! We learned a lot about Irish history, which helped to understand why they were so mad at the British. I think history is interesting, especially when you hear the different takes on it. Having heard things here from a mostly British/Canadian perspective.
Bath is amazing! All the buildings are made of this gold sandstone. it looks so beautiful! It is a World Heritage site...from the UN. They are super strict about what can be built and how, and down to what kind of signs can be posted in front of buildings-not much, and whether you can clean your building or not. Apparently some years ago, people started cleaning some of their buildings of soot from the industrial Revolution, smoke etc. Now, the city has decided that Bath looks too new, so if you want to clean your building of soot, you have to apply and then only of the soot is damaging the building (which apparently it doesn't) We went to the Roman Baths-which were amazing-so old and to think that they all arranged this whole thing, without any modern convenience such as pipes. we went on a Mayor's walking tour (free!) of the city, which was excellent. Guide was so knowledgeable and plus found out gossipy kinds of things too. Like men used chamber pots in the dining room, just went behind a screen. And that prior to Georgian times, the baths were not at all popular, and poor people went there to get healed. The water was filthy and people used to throw things like dead rats etc in it. And full of -ahem- body fluids as the baths were not segregated.And that once they became popular, they were segregated according to sex---you couldn't communicate with a person of the opposite sex in thew baths (even though you were fully clothed in a canvas bathing costume), so women would put on 'beauty spots' which would communicate availability.
Newquay felt a lot like Tofino . Lots of surfers and a resort feel to the town without being pretentious-which Tofino can be.
The family graveyards were so beautiful. I especially liked the one in Camelford. It felt like so peaceful and like what an English wild garden should be. I will post all our pictures when we get them done, on Flicker.
Cream teas are awesome. Clotted cream has a consistency of butter, but the taste of cream. They knew what they were doing when they put the word clot in there.
Food there was good, I didn't have a bad meal. I liked pub food..especially the sausage and mash. Beer was good and the pubs were all that I thought they would be. We did a quiz night in Wales, apparently quiz nights are a big thing there. Some friends of Anne's were there and so we were in teams, which is good as pop culture in wales is not the same. We even won some beer.
wales is very rugged and full of ancient castles! standing and explorable. we even went through one while on the train from Wales to Bath! Northern wales is full of people speaking welsh and not very many tourists, compared to other areas we went to. Bangor feels pleasantly quiet and full of stone buildings with so much green growing things. The train trip from Bangor to Bath was beautiful-went by the crashing ocean, ruins, and then through the countryside, full of sheep, lambs gambolling, old homes, estates, streams and the river Avon (apparently there are 7 altogether in England), with punts and long barges for holidaying.
We found British people to be very helpful and pleasant. though did see some football hooligans roaming the streets of bath. Or what I think football hooligans would be like. Loud, drunk etc.

So, now we are home, appreciating hot water and central heating, which we need as it is snowing!!! In April, in Kelowna!
Travelling is good, but getting home feels even better.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


The Jaguars are not the same when we are not together. It was sad that we had to part.
We have made it to Topsham, close to Exeter, where Sue and David, cousins (a few times removed) of Geoff live. This is the coolest house ever. It is right on the street and looks small outside but when you go in it's big and has lots of rooms going in and around all over the place. There are two staircases going upstairs. David and Sue are very welcoming and we have been having a great visit.
Newquay is a wonderful place. We had no idea what it was like before we got there, but it is a surfer town. (Surfers in Britain!) We found a really great B & B and good places to eat. Our trip to the family sites was an adventure. The car only seats five people and when we were travelling around in Wales, Lisa just sat on Richard's knee in the back seat. However for our Cornwell trip, she sat in the very back where the luggage goes (the boot). She said it was very comfortable. The churches we went to were beautiful. They were both down little country lanes and in quiet corners, surrounded by old cemeteries where you could spend all day reading gravestones. A good trip. Tintagel was good too, rumoured to be King Arthur's castle. We not only believe it was King Arthur's, we think we have his DNA because we have Cornish roots.
Our trip to Exeter was good. We dropped Anne off at the train station because she is going on to Oxford to visit a friend. It was funny, when we left our B & B this morning, there was mail for Anne - Liam had sent her a post card from Bangor on Friday and it got to Newquay this morning!
David and Sue are going to take us for a drive around the area tomorrow and to meet their daughter. Geoff will be glad to have someone else drive for a change. I am becoming a better navigator.

Hanging Out In Rock City

Things have been pretty quiet here this week,the most exciting thing that happens is to get up and see if we have had a new dump of snow. The last few days we have gotten more snow, though it melts quite a bit during the day, I am ready for it to turn to rain.

The Ferreys in town, and I went to Martesa, on Thursday night for supper, and had a wonderful meal. It was nice to catch up with Tim, and see what was new with him. He is off to Lethbridge this weekend. Grace has been working a lot this week, with all the Band kids in China, so the evenings are pretty much to myself, not unlike home, just a different environment. Last night I stayed up, and when Grace got home, we watched Benny and Joon, my $5.00 DVD purchased in Calgary. Grace brought home theatre popcorn, and with the new TV, it was like being in our own personal theatre. I was surprised that Grace had not seen the movie before. We both enjoyed it, and I was also surprised that William H Macy and Julianne Moore were both in the film, I had forgotten that.

I have been working a lot myself, T&G, your office is great to work from home. Lots of natural light, during the day. I am thinking about making it permanent, moving into Uncle Jack's. Short commute to work, coffee available just up the stairs. You will be real empty nesters, once Grace leaves in the fall, wouldn't you like some additional company? You are both gone during the day, I could make sure the house is safe.

Just about time for a conference call, so better get on that.

Newquay,pronounced like Newfie

We are waiting to catch train for Manchester, in internet coffee shop run by church.Jaguars are separated for good now...T,G, and A are off to Exeter and Oxford respectively.
We plan to hang out in airport tonight as get in to Manchster at midnight and ahve to be at airport by 10 am, plus there is a timechange, and hotels are £100-150/night per room. Not worth it for 5 hours sleep.
Went to St. Genny's and found Robins tombstones in church yard! Beautiful place, church from 1300's...Saxon(I think) church. overlooking the sea.
Richard, Geoff, Theresa, and Anne walked down the trail to Tintagel Castle ruins. m,oma nd I stayed in pub and had hot chocolate and latte. Wind, hail and rain hit those walking down the trail. We were quite snug in our slate pub!
Also went to other church in Camelford where soem relative's were married. It had to be the most peaceful place I ahve been. They let the church yards become wild to encourage animals etc. It was full of birds and flowers-daffodils, heather, primroses. Littel straem trcikling through it. Did not see badgers or hedgehogs sadly.I could ahve sat in there for hours. Church there was also about 800 years old and we were able to go in it. Absolutely lovely. Also went to old slate house run by National Trust in Tintagel form the 1300's. Amazing and lovely garden there too.
Heather and laurel flowers smell beautiful.
We are sad to leave the UK as we ahve had a super time here. All the jaguars (or perhaps we should call ourselves badgers here) ahve gotten along splendidly.
I will write more when we are at home and have free computer time.
But ahve to say that tghe UK lived up to all I thought it would be...nice people, cream tea, amazingly old things.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bored in Rocky

We're back in Rocky now, and all the fun stuff that I get in spring break is over. I now work every day except tomorrow, because there are only Simon and I are the only staff members at the theatre still in town. We have an independent film in for a few days about a hockey player. It was filmed up by Edmonton I think. Apparently it isn't any good, if the number of people walking out of it is any indication. One of the guys who is in it was came and saw it last night. I felt really bad for him, because no one liked it at all.

Auntie Jude and I had a really good weekend. We went to Calgary on Friday and just hung around. On Saturday we went shopping and got some deals, and then went to see some Albertan singers. That was pretty good. We were very disappointed to learn that we missed John Wort Hannam though. Sunday we went to Banff. It was fun. I felt very tough since I was wearing shorts and everyone else shopping there were all in parkas and toques.

The best part of the weekend was on Monday when we went to see Hawksley Workman at the Winspear. He was so amazing. He even played two encores. The whole show was almost three hours long. And before the show we went out for schnitzel! It was a very awesome day.

Hockey is all over now. We came in very last place, which wasn't a surprise seeing as we didn't win a game all season. We did tie one though. Our team won the fair play award though! I'm pretty sure that was only because we came in last, but whatever. We still get to hang the banner in the arena. Rugby has started. Jovita is the captain of our team so she named me assistant captain. Not that I deserve it or anything, but I guess its all who you know. We don't have any practices over spring break, but when we get back we will be able to get on the field. That is good because it really hurts to tackle on hardwood. It is also a lot easier to ruck on the field because you have cleats, and the gym floor is really slippery.


We had a long long drive yesterday from Bangor to Stroud. Got lost and made a few circles. But finally got to Paul and Olga's, to a warm welcome. Olga had supper for us and we had a nice visit. Today we went to Cheltenham to look at Regency buildings and do shopping. More shopping than the other. We found a park and ride out of town so didn't have to navigate in Cheltenham. Got lost again on the way back here. We are off to supper with Paul, Olga and Aileen. The Cotswalds are beautiful. We have really been enjoying the scenery except for Geoff who is concentrating on the road. And I miss some scenery because of navigating. Leaving tomorrow for Newquay, another long drive.

The Jaguars are separeted

Must write quickly. We are in Bath right now and meeting up with the rest of the jaguars in Newquay tomorrow. Baqth is a great city. Beautiful and we are in a nice B&B...with ungreasy English food.
We went to Stonehenge today as well. Excellent, but many touraists.
We\are enjoyingh our trip depsite fear of change! And I ahve become very good at asking directions etc as this is a much quicker way of navigating strange places.
England is cold, but with lots of daffodils.
And the gorse is blooming.
Stone houses are beautiful.
Liked Dublin a lot, evenb though we were all sleep deprived. Molm wins award as most resilient 78 year old.
The Irsih are very friendly people!
Timne is out.Must book tickets for tomorrow.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


The Jaguars are having an adventure! Jejeje! We took the train to Holyhead to catch the ferry to Dublin on Friday but upon arrival found out that all the ferrys were full because the bad weather caused the cancellation of some sailings. The next one was to be at 2 a.m. getting into Dublin at 6 a.m. Not to be deterred, we went back to Bangor, had naps and supper and set out again, caught the 2 a.m. ferry and found our lodgings. Our place is a fair ways from the city centre but within walking distance although some are finding easier than others. Went to church at the Anglican Cathedral this morning, a beautiful service, and had coffee afterwards in the crypt among tombstones and memorials. Saw a couple of museums and yesterday went to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. All great. Weather is cold and a bit rainy, but nothing stops us.
Jude thanks for the laptop, it is very handy although we don't have wireless in our B&B. Back to Bangor tomorrow then the next leg begins.

Hello from my living room

I've painted! My living room colour is silver trophy. Paint chip looks more silvery than this onscreen version. But the nice thing is that it picks up some of the blue I have in the room, so looks a little purply (just nice & subtly so). It took me 5 hours to paint the Killz primer & the colour. Not including the ceiling, which still needs sanding & painting. I better start taking you guys up on your offer to help with this project.

So living room is set up, and now I can actually start to unpack books & put them away. After only 3 months here.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hello from Cowtown

Grace and I succesfully drove on the right side of the rode and we are now at the beautiful Sheraton Eau Claire. I ended up working Friday morning, trying to get things in order, so I could leave work behind, not sure how successful I was. That worked out well, as we were not planning to leave until the afternoon anyway, and the two youngest Ferreys took advantage of the holiday, and slept in. After having a burger and fries at A&W, we hit the road. The drive was uneventful, except in the last 3 years I do not believe I have ever come to Calgary with there being some kind of Road construction, but since it was a holiday there were no road crews out and the traffic was light into downtown. I like the feeling of coming back to a place and knowing exactly where to go. After a nap on the suite sleeper beds, we walked across the street and had some supper. Then into pj's, and hotel supplied bathrobes and slippers, we had a quiet evening of reading (at least I did, I guess Grace could have gone out partying after I put in my earplugs, and went to sleep). Life does not get any more exciting, see what you are missing Al and Sam. Today our plans are to shop, maybe hit the museum, and a concert tonight, if we get tickets.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

yet more castle gazing

The weather here has been pretty good but today it is rainy. But we don't let that stop us! We went to Anglesey to another castl, Beaumaris, which was great but since most of it doesn't have a roof it was very wet. But so cool to go down passageways between the walls and see the rooms and arrow slits, etc. Had tea at a teahouse and walked the town of Beaumaris for a while. Back in Bangor at a pub with wireless internet access and planning our next steps.
Tomorrow we go to Dublin for the weekend. Booked our B&B before we left and booked the train tickets last night. Back here on Monday then on down south. Wales is beautiful, everything is so old. All these castles we have seen were built in the 1200s. The driving is quite an adventure. Wrong side of the road is one thing, but the roads are so narrow that you feel like you will be hitting oncoming traffic. And traffic circles in the middle of the highway. It is very cool to see all these beautiful old houses all around.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the planes didn't crash

\in the university library trying to do this fast as it closes in abt 5 min. We are all safe and sound here. Geoff and I arrived Sunday just fine after a somewhat harrowing trip from Manchester on the wrong side of the road. Mom, Lisa and Richard got in Monday night about midnight. Have been to two castles so far, fascinating, and another tomorrow. Our #b&b is very nice and Wales is beautiful. Got to go, may be able to post a bit more tomorrow if we survive another road trip.

plane didn't crash

We are all safe and sound here in Bangor being well taken care of by Anne. We got here Sunday after a somewhat
ha ha now I control Theresa's login. It's Lisa.
We went to Caernafon Castle. Where Charles was crowned P of W. The Queen wore a funny hat there.
Bangor is beautiful and we are having an excellent time. Liam keeps cooking us good food, Anne's place is comfortable and lovely, and we are slowly changing our internal clocks after 24 hours spent travelling.
The Copenhagen airport is in Danish Modern by the way.
I ahve a giant coldsore, which is also enjoying the trip overseas.
we all are cramming into a little car while Geoff bravely drives on the other side of the road, Anne in the co-piolt position.
wales is green and old.

How are things in Bangor?

I have not seen a post lately so hoping you are all well, and seeing lots of castles. Not much news here, Theresa your Daffodils are still standing tall, the snow does not seem to have hurt anything. Most of the snow we got on the weekend has melted, and the sun is very bright, got to love Alberta sunshine. Looking forward to the trip to Calgary on the weekend. Sam has decided that he will not come with us, but hang out in Rocky. Grace thought that maybe Sam did not like her, and that was why he was not coming to Calgary, and I offered to cancel the trip, so she could stay home and bug him. She thought that would be mean spirited (Grace is always thinking of others) so we are going. Allison,the Alberta Sessions are on in Calgary on the weekend, would you be interested in going on Sat? Working remotely is going well, roll out of bed at 5:55, online by 6:00. I have my office phone forwarded to the Ferrey's number, no one even knows I am not in the office!! Trying a new recipe tonight form the Dieticians cook book, if it works out I will flag the page for you Geoff, in case you want to try it too. Actually if it does not work out, I will let you know too, so you can avoid it.

To the travellers, have a good trip to Dublin, sure that it will be very green, instead of the grey we have here.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Fun in Bangor

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that mom & dad arrived safe! I was expecting them around 11am, but the first I heard was a phone call at 2pm. It was dad saying, "We've been trying to call you for six hours! Why didn't you tell me there's a zero in front of your phone number?!" Which, it turns out, was a slight exaggeration. Sounds like they had an okay trip and dad took to driving on the wrong side of the road fairly well - I even saw him parallel park! Very impressive.

We spent today walking around Bangor - saw the Cathedral and the Pier and the library. Grandma, Lisa and Richard should arrive tonight. I expect them to be in a state of collapse after the insanely long journey - but their beds will be ready!

Settled in Rocky Mountain House

I am all settled in, it seems very weird to be alone in the house, without other Ferreys also here. The weekend was pretty uneventful, Theresa and Geoff left on Saturday, Grace was working so had the whole place to myself. Had trouble figuring out the TV without some assistance, so no Hi Def for me. Sunday night Tim came over for supper, and we had Lasagne, (thank you Theresa, leftovers tonight). Grace skunked me at Cross Crib, I was hoping she might take pity on me and let me win, but she has a competitive streak in her. Geoff called Sunday morning, looking for Anne's number, and we did not hear back from anyone the rest of the day, so contact must have been made.

Sure hope you are over your jetlag T&G, and M,L&R hope yours is not too bad, with your round the world trip.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

See you Monday, Richard, Lisa and Mom! Enjoy Copenhagen.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Again, so sorry

Please humour me, I am ill with the flu.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hon hon hon

I was talking to my friend Annie online -- she is taking a french class for her work at her university library -- and asked if she'd seen that Simpsons immersion episode. She hadn't, but when I told her the kids had to laugh 'en francais,' she asked, "Did they laugh like HON HON HON?" I then laughed hysterically at her apt description.


Monday, March 10, 2008

School Application

Well, I finally got the application off for school. Hopefully it won't be too long till I find out. I have to get my high school transcripts, but couldn't use the online ordering form, since they don't apparently recognize the school I'm applying to. So, I had to mail a form in, which will take longer.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

This is a good picture

Friday, March 07, 2008


Maybe I'm a little bit excited about travelling. Looking at accommodation in Dublin made me feel that way for some reason. We leave a week from tomorrow.
I have been to two funerals in the last two weeks, both people not much older than us.
Feels like spring here, my daffodils by the house are starting to poke through.
We get to go see Stuart MacLean on Sunday! Grace has a hockey game in Wetaskiwin Sunday morning so we will just go into Red Deer from there, maybe go to the Home Show. We are meeting Linda for supper before the performance.

Monday, March 03, 2008

It's Lippman, not Lippencott

Well, at least we know she is not in the textbook cartel family.
Am sore from pruning the apricot tree.
Many croci are blooming!
Now i am reading the Diana Chronicles. Which I felt embarrassed getting out of library, like when I'm in the grocery check out and I'm flipping through The Star. Who is the best dressed? What exactly is going on with Britney? How are Ang and Brad doing?
Have picked up tickets for our trip!
And am working like a mad person from now until the time we leave. So I should properly appreciate the trip and time off shouldn't I?
I picked up a partial shift today, work 2, off 2 work 2, off 2, work 4, then off for over 2 weeks!
I see the Conservatives won again in Alberta. For some reason not understandable to my left leaning heart, I sort of like Ed Stelmach?!
However, I know that Stephen Harper is slowly and surely dismantling the country through tax cuts, program cuts, and just you wait, deficit will not be far behind. (Plus, I think his eyes look dead, like he's possessed by, who? Oh, I don't know? Satan!---a referral to the Church Lady from SNL)I believe that G. Bush did the same thing a few years ago and look at their country now. I think it is funny that conservatives run on wanting less government and fiscal prudency, but then always end up in debt.
Comments from those in the family who are less granola eating than me?

All by myself again

Theresa, Geoff, Grace and Jovita were in town on the weekend, the tickets for the Oilers game was on Sunday. The Oilers won in a shootout, so very exciting, while Grace and Jovita were at the game in person we watched the last period, OT period and the shoot out at home. I had Allison and Sam over for dinner along with Theresa and Geoff, and we had a good visit while the girls were at the hockey game. Everyone admired my floors, so that was good too. Have decided to replace my base boards and have ones that are stained instead of painted. Geoff took the measurements for me and he is going to pick some up for me if he can, then I would be able to stain them while I am in Rocky, that works out pretty good. I sure appreciate all the stuff that the Ferreys do for me. there was quite a bit of time spent shopping by the visitors, Grace bought two new pairs of shoes and Geoff bought one pair, and as I judge the successfulness of shopping by the number of shoes purchased, that seemed pretty good to me.

Nothing too much going on here, work is still ok. People getting kind of stressed out because we have our crunch time on the project happening right now, but I have been pretty good. Not over doing it. We got a big dump of snow today, but don't think it will last, as the forecast for later in the week is above zero, so we will be back to it being sloppy.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I wanna go travelling

So, it looks like nearly everyone but me is going travelling! Three quarters of the family are off to Wales (or for a relaxing vacation in Rock City), Jesse is in Turkey, and my roommate just got back from Hawaii. Aside from the stuck in Canada blues, things are going well. I'm dragging my feet on applying to school, but I'll get it sorted out pretty quickly now. Things are picking up at work as Easter approaches- we're doing a Lenten program every Wednesday, so that's an extra leaflet for me to produce every week. For those who haven't heard - Jesse is engaged! He's getting married this July.