Saturday, April 30, 2011

Did Anyone Else Get Up To Watch The Wedding?

I usually wake up at least once a night, and so I woke up at 3:30 and decided instead of going back to sleep I would get up and watch. I found it kind of funny that people thought Sarah Ferguson was snubbed because she did not get invited. No one said anything about Princess Anne's ex not being invited. I was really impressed how everything was run on such a precise schedule. Britain really knows how to put on a show.

I had some company last week, Geoff had a course to go to so stayed at my place for a couple of nights. He is always good company and took me out to supper on his new employer, since he did not have any hotel costs.

Weather is starting to cooperate, we have been getting into double digits, and the lawns are starting to green up. I am really looking forward to going to Vancouver and Victoria next weekend, I m sure we will see lots of green there.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Almost May

And it finally feels like it. This past weekend was lovely.
And productive. Taxes got done, some weeding got done, cookbook gift for Nathan and Janelle (getting married in Ontario) got done. And dug up Mom's vegetable patch.
I do love my work and like 8 hour days, but I miss having big stretches of time off. However, the 4 day weekend was nice.
Our apricot tree is winding down it's bloom and now the flowering plum is in full swing.
We went over to Jones to weed, and I picked a whole bunch of tulips.
There are many weeds and also many flowers over there.
I am really looking forward to going to Vancouver in May with Mom. We will leave Friday after I finish my class. I hope it ends early.
we went over to Mom's for Easter, which was nice. Then there were a whole bunch of leftovers, so Mom said why don't you come over tomorrow too? Or we could have it over there. Come over to our place and see my new planters with plants (excellent looking petunias, heliotrope, and lobelia), I said. But somehow we did not communicate our intentions well. So Mom came over at 530. Great I said, where's the food? What food, said Mom. She very kindly went back over to her place and brought back food for supper.
How did someone who is able to feed people so effortlessly have a child who does not?
I got my final paper grade back and did well!
I applied to grad school a couple weeks ago too-or did I mention that already?
Hockey game last night was very good. But I had to leave during overtime and sit upstairs as I get too anxious. I raced down when I heard Richard shout and got to see the Canucks winning goal on replay.

Spring is sprung, the school is done

I finished my last paper on Tuesday morning and turned it in. A day late. Not sure what I think about how it turned out -- but who cares? As long as I pass. And I am FREE for the short term! My supervisor told me to take some time off for month of May and then I can start studying for exams in June, to take place sometime by September. I am rollicking towards my degree!

I am house/Isaac-sitting for Kirsten & Isaac -- it's pretty nice. I just stay here a couple of nights while she's away and Isaac and I hang out and chat. Kirsten even organized dinner for each night.

We are doing lots of discussion groups at work for strategic planning purposes and I'm quite involved, so am a bit tired from that. Tanya & I make our first visit to the men's prison on May 7. I go to Jasper this weekend for our annual conference. (Theresa, you've got to get back on the library board some can meet Ernie!)

Now I am drinking a beer and heating a frozen pizza for Isaac. It is a restful day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Jim


Uncle George is 85 Today

I went to visit the other Sivaks yesterday, and Kay told me it is Uncle George's birthday today. He sure looks good for 85, although as he is quick to point out, "looking good was never my problem". when he says it it makes sense but when I write it down not so much. I got caught up on all the news. their trip to Arizona was good, they visited with Dennis, he still does not have a job, but his health is good. Deanna had her other knee operated on, and is feeling fine. Anne's son Greg might be getting married in June in Kelowna, so depending on the timing Kay is thinking she will come for the wedding, not too sure if George will or not. Al Owen is recovering, he was having a bunch of pain, and he asked to Dr to give him the strongest pain killer you have. So they did and whatever it was burned a hole in his aorta, and he lost 65% of his blood, if he had been found 15 minutes later he would have bled out. He is slowly getting better but it is taking a long time. Aunty Kay is looking good, but has to have colonoscopy in the next little while, she does not think it is anything serious, but her iron is low, and they are making sure there is nothing else wrong.

And just talking about health, I saw my Dr on Tuesday, and my thyroid is out of whack again. So my medication has been adjusted, and I hope to have some improvement soon. The weird thing is that I have too much synthroid, which apparently can cause some of the same problems, as too little. On a positive note my blood pressure was 112/72 so she was very pleased with that. All other blood stuff was good too. I am off to get my haircut tonight, which always makes me feel good, and I shall look glamourous at work tomorrow (at least as glamourous as a middle aged woman can be).

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Loss of a friend

I got a call last night from Slave Lake my friend and ex mill manager Peter Meyer passed away yesterday. His wife found him when she came home after work. I worked with Peter for 10 years and he was very good to me. I think he was only about 47, a very young man. Peter was from GP (Wembley actually). His parents were very active at St. Joes church. It is very sad. When Lisa (his wife)called to tell me she said she wanted to let me know because he had so much respect for me. It is a loss. Peter loved to laugh and cared very deeply for his family and friends. He will be missed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sam's saga

I suggested to Sam that he should post what's been going with him but obviously he is not interested. So I will tell you. He got that job in Vancouver which was a four-month placement. but it was not working out, he was having trouble finding a place to live (searching long distance) and having to store all his stuff for only four months. So he went to the co-op people and said he was not going to take the job, which they frown on for a few different reasons, one being that they don't want to jeopardise their relationship with potential employers. But in the end he was allowed to quit although he had to have another job offer. He interviewed with Telus in Edmonton, not exactly what he was looking for as it was an eight-month placement, but got that job. So he can stay living where he is, he has heard that Telus is good to work for, the office is downtown so easy to get to. All is good. He had been looking for a four-month placement so he could graduate in December, now he will graduate in the spring. But it is also more experience. So anyone who has problems with Telus can call Sam in accounting.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Happy birthday, Lisa!

Happy Birthday Lisa

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wedding season

Sam was home for Vince's wedding. I still cannot believe that Vinnie is married. It was a very nice wedding. Got to see a lot of people we have not seen for a while. We were short-staffed at work so I just went to the church on my lunch hour then had to get back. The reception was good too but we didn't stay for much of the dance. Sam said it was a lot of fun. He didn't get home till this morning. Sam has a couple more weddings this summer as does Grace.
Not very wedding-friendly weather. It started snowing Thursday and it is still coming down. Geoff's tomato plants are doing really well, but he is going to have to transplant them again - it will be at least another month before he can plant them even in the greenhouse. Maybe it is time to consider a move to Kelowna.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finishing Up

I handed in the last of my course work last week; all that is left now is waiting to hear if there are any re-writes. I've heard back about one course, and did well in it. The professor called my paper idea "inspired", which was nice to hear!

I don't have to be out of my place till May 11, so I'm doing a nice slow pack job, no more than a box a day.

I noticed this book on the desk of the professor I work for, and thought that I had to share it here!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The news came: I never have to look for another job again unless I want to. Or choose to.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Visit with Jim

Had an email early last week asking if he could stay over on Sunday night. I said sure, just let me know when you will be around. Nothing more from him. Phone call on Sunday afternoon to say I will be there in a couple of hours. typical Jim. Grace came over as usual on Sunday evening, and then Jim took us out for supper to the Bistro Praha, very yummy. We had a really nice visit, not that there was too much new with each other so we talk we had to talk about other things, like politics, Japan and the Tsunami, retirement. It was fun.


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

my computer got kind of snarly & refused to print anything so Lisa just came over and fixed it & said I had to post something! So happy birthday Laura!!!!! nice of Jude & Theresa to post the pics - they are great. the reason those white shoes were not available was they wore out by # 3 user I think. Its cooled off here a bit - sort of dull and showery, but the 1st new leaves are starting to appear & grass is greening up nicely and the flower beds I did last fall & this spring are looking good I love spring. Go to the doc tomorrow for refills & Thurs up to inspect the house - the insurance co likes regular checkups - this makes a busy week for me

The birthday girl again 1978

Monday, April 04, 2011

Happy Birthday Laura

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Back yard view April 2

I remember planning Will's birthday parties. Some years the kids played outside on the grass in the yard, other years it was inside because of the snow.

Happy Birthday Will

One of my favourite pictures, will knitting at Folk Fest.

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Books Behind Bars

I went to see a documentary last week, about the program started by GELA (Greater Edmonton Library Association) the group that Allison and Kirsten are involved in. It was so good, there were more different programs then I had thought. The film had interviews with some of the inmates explaining what the programs meant to them. And a cameo performance by our librarian Allison. After the film there was a panel discussion and one of the inmates from the film who has been released from the prison. Her name is Glori, and she really made it personal, talking about the impact the program had on her, she is going to school to become a Youth Services Worker. she told one story about when she was first out of prison, her 12 year old daughter came to stay with her at the halfway house, and her daughter opened her backpack, and had all the books that Glori had recorded as a part of the Storytime program, and asked her Mom to read them to her. It was very moving.

It is starting to melt here, and getting a bit warmer, so I hope it lasts.