Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas draw and Kelowna visit

Having a great visit here. Pretty short as I go home tomorrow but it was great  to see to everyone and get caught up. We went to Rogue One, very enjoyable but a bit of a journey to get there. We went on Thursday  but when we got there it was sold out, so we bought tickets for the 1:40 matinee.  When we got there found out the tickets were for 10:30am.  Luckily we were able to change the tickets for 1:40 show but could not sit together, which was fine.  Nice theatre, the seats were all recliners and lots of room between the seats.

We did the draw for next year

Mom has Theresa
Theresa has Anne
Geoff has Lisa
Judith has Laura
Laura has William
Jim has Allison
Lisa has Jim
Richard has Allie
Allison has Geoff
Anne has Richard
William has Judith
Allie has Grace
Grace has Mom.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Richard is back to work today, I go back tomorrow, but have Friday off too!
Jim left this am, I got up and drove him to airport, at 430, came home and slept again
Laura gets here tomorrow
We had a nice Christmas, I got a beautiful shawl/scarf from Laura. Had a nice meal, napped, went for walk, and visited. I was on call, but only 4 calls over 2 days and all at reasonable times

Yesterday we went skating, by that I mean that Richard watched, Allison went 2 laps, and I went 10. Then we went for warm drink. We have a snowy Christmas, snowed again yesterday, so I did some shovelling too.

Today Al, Mom, and I are going downtown for a bit of shopping. There was an awfully nice pair of green boots that I may get. Allison bought a pair yesterday when we were down there.

It has been nice having time to just chill. I think I am still not used to being down school as I have guilt about not doing more.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

As most will know by now, Geoff’s surgery went very well. To my surprise he went home the next day. I am also surprised at how well his recovery is going. I thought that with all that pounding and gouging into his bones he would be in a lot of pain, but he has hardly had to take any pain meds. He’s got a sling that keeps his arm immobile but takes it off himself to do his exercises and shower. He hardly needs me at all.
Things are pretty well ready for Christmas here. This is the first year for a long long time that I haven’t been rushing around the last few days, quite a nice feeling. Grace, Dallyn and Sam will get here tonight. Tim and Courtney will be going to Clive. I hope the first Christmas without Dana will not be too hard for the Lubbers family.
We went to Kane’s Christmas concert last night. It was good. Courtney apologized to me a couple of times during the concert, maybe thinking it was getting tedious, but I told her I have been to many concerts so I knew what I was getting into. It was heart-warming to see Kane so enthusiastically singing with his schoolmates.
Afterwards we went out for a hamburger and drove around town to look at Christmas lights. It seems dim without Alfie’s big show.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Happy Bithday Tim

Rocky 1985

Sunday, December 11, 2016


We got quite a bit of snow, for us- 15 cm I think? It has also been cold(for us) -10, supposed to get down to -20 this week. So it feels wintertime, which is

Moved at work this week to new building. Team seems quite cheerful about it, which is nice, there is grumblings from others around the building, but on the whole our area is doing fine. Except dr is crabby, but whatever. There are supposed to be 900 people I the building when everyone has moved in.

I am making cookies, after shovelling snow and then we are going to put up Xmas tree. Hopefully without swearing, but that may not be possible.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Orlando and home

Back home to winter and it feels like the past two months were a dream. Although every morning I wake up and feel relieved that I don’t have to figure out how the day is going to work.
We took a bus from Miami to Orlando. It was late but we were not in a hurry and we got to see some countryside. Florida is flat. If you were to judge it by our bus ride it is made up of bush and strip malls.
We stayed in a hotel suite with two bedrooms. It had a kitchenette, but breakfast was also provided so we didn’t cook much. Nice hotel, it had a pool.
We got there Sunday and picked up a rental car Monday and went to Universal Studios. Due to a miscommunication we thought Jude did not want to go, so left her behind. Oops. She went shopping instead. Universal was all right. Geoff has always thought that rides make him feel sick, but he tried one and was fine, so he did them all with me. We were there 10 years ago and it hasn’t changed all that much except for Harry Potter World which was great. We had butterbeer and watched kids using their magic wands.
Tuesday we made sure we had Jude and went out to the Kennedy Space Centre. It was so good. I am not all that interested in space so was not expecting much, but it was very well done. And not all that crowded. It was really cool to see actual rockets and the control centre for the space missions.
On Wednesday we drove out to Disney Springs shopping area and had fun at the Lego store then sat by the pool.
Trip home was long but fine except for not having a house key when we arrived. We do have one hidden for emergencies but Tim had it and he was in Airdrie. Fortunately we had arranged for someone to check the house and were able to get a key from her. 
We had a happy reunion with Tim and Courtney and the boys. So good to see them again. FaceTime is not the same.
And now I feel like getting ready for Christmas. It has been years since I had the time to do what I want without rushing.
We go on Thursday to Red Deer for Geoff’s pre-operation consultation.