Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mom and the Premier

It was the resident's association annual family fun day and they invited the premier, as she is going to be running in our riding.
We all met her and we took Mom's picture with her! It turned out nicely.

Richard also got in on the action!

Christy Clark is very personable.

I had my summer class the past 2 weeks. 6 days in total, Thurs-Sat for 2 weeks. tiring, but a whole lot better than taking a class every week for the whole summer. I just finished the essay for it. The only thing that kept me sane in the class was my friend Terry. We provided comic relief for the very serious and intense people in there. I think everyone cried during the class except Terry, me, and this other woman. I felt like Spock. I told Terry I appreciated having him in class because he was a weirdo like me.

 I am getting tired of going to school. Let's wrap it up already. You know, I think I have taken at least 10 years of post secondary education. And I still have to write a thesis.
However, I have 2 members of my committee and I like both of them a lot, and I think they will be very helpful.

We have to rent out our downstairs suite, I think we found some tenants. They are from out of town, which is difficult, because then we don;t get to meet them 1st, but their references checked out, and she sounds quite great on the phone.
It was sunny and warm today, laundry dried in no time.

We went to see World War Z last night. Recommend it if you like apocalypse movies. And who doesn't?

Sunny Day

Sweeping the clouds away.  And I am glad to be on high ground.  Even though we did not get anywhere near the amount of rain they have had down south, the North Saskatchewan is high and they have been putting out sandbags down in Riverdale.  So far only a flood watch, hope it stays that way.

I had a good visit in Grande Prairie, and the reunion was fun.  Some people I found it hard to recognize others not so much.  Diane Smitten (Cassidy) wasn't able to go to the reunion, so we met for coffee a couple of hours last week and got all caught up.  Her two nieces Erin and Carol (Linda's kids) are both getting married, Erin this year and Carol next.  I had a very nice Birthday, I worked and then went out for supper to my favourite restaurant and my favourite meal with Allison, Grace, Sam, Dallyn and Nancy.  The last year has flown by once again. 

My balcony is looking good, Theresa took me to a garden place when T&G came for Grace's convocation.  I did not have any flowers last year since I was away and  I missed them. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Home alone

Well, here I am, all alone. I am rarely by myself. I can do anything I want, so what do I do? Housework. Just to pass the time until the yard dries out a bit. The sun is shining but there are clouds in the west, so I suppose we'll get more rain later on.
When I drove Geoff to the airport on Thursday morning traffic on Hwy 2 going south was backed right to the overpass to the airport. Driving back to Rocky there were times I couldn't see the vehicles in front of me, the rain was coming down so hard. As I drove north it improved quite a bit, although the rain never stopped.

Anne has got through her surgery successfully and says she is so happy to have her dad there to nurse her. Going by the comments on Facebook the nurses in the family wouldn't be overly compassionate so the right person is there.

I was really worried about Geoff driving from the airport in Newark to New Haven. So was he but he said once he was driving it was fine. The GPS led him astray a couple of times, at one point he found himself going towards Manhatten. That is not a place for tourists to be driving.

Anne's life is crazy. No sooner had we told her that Geoff's flight was booked she got word that she was accepted to a summer school course in Bangor. If Geoff hadn't been coming she could have postponed the surgery until after. Her doctor said flying would not be ideal but if she was sure to be on her feet on the plane, it would probably be ok. She decided to go and her supervisor is going to take care of some of the costs. So she will be able to see her fiancé for a weekend. Plus learn something interesting for work.

Got an email from Mom about Robstock. I think what we will do is let Brenda know that we will drive down just for Saturday and leave in the afternoon, depending on the status of our ... I mean Tim and Courtney's baby. Then she won't need to count us for meals and we can have a visit. I want to meet those twinnies.
Poor Geoff, a week without Booboo.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I am so important ... I mean busy

It seems as if we have been so busy since we got back from holidays. I don't like being busy, I am not one of those who secretly delight in saying how busy I am (code for how important I am). However it has all been good things.

My coworker Caitie got married on Saturday, so she is on holidays and that makes work busy. The week before there was a stagette for her at which I  managed to stay until 9:30 p.m. That weekend Grace was home because there were celebrations for Abbi's wedding. Part of the stagette was here on Friday night since their plan was camping but it was raining. So I tell everyone I went to two stagettes. On the Saturday there was a shower for Abbi.

Drove to Edmonton on Sunday afternoon and went to Grace's convocation on Monday. It was very nice, I never cease to marvel at how they can give degrees to over 600 people in two hours. Out for supper at the Wildflower Grill with Jude, Allison, Grace, Dallyn, Sam, Nancy and us. It was very good food and fun to see everyone.

I am mad at the weather. Where is this global warming? This is the same crappy weather we get every June. Rain and cold when it is not raining. I just want to get out in the yard, I feel happy when I am there, but it's always raining.

Talked to Anne on Father's Day. She is having surgery on her knee on Friday so Geoff decided to go down and help out with her recovery. He will be there for a week. I wish I could go.

Caitie's wedding was very nice. I was taking mental notes of the decor and details in case anyone asks me if I have any wedding ideas. One thing I really like about weddings (same for funerals actually) is the people you see there who you didn't know had any connection with the central people. This wedding is the reason I couln't go to the reunion in GP, wish I could have although Jude said no one from my class was there.

Geoff has been over at Tim's a lot helping with the fence. It is looking good, makes the yard look totally different, quite a bit bigger actually for some reason. Occasionally Geoff will get Kane in the afternoons and bring him home for some quality time, then come get me at work. I just love that little guy.

Happy Birthday Jude!

Happy Birthday Judith and other stuff - reunion and shopping

Hope your day is wonderful.

We had a great visit with Judith on the weekend.  She got here on Friday I picked her up and then went back to work.  After work we went to Winners and shopped and then out for supper at a good Chinese food restaurant, lots of laughing and catching up.

On Saturday we visited Sole Addiction - where Jude picked up a really nice pair of red shoes (jealous), then some other stores downtown.  I bought a pretty dress on sale.  Looks really good if I do say so myself.  Judith bought a new dress also. 

Then the reason for the visit the reunion - very neat.  We got a tour of the old high school.  It has changed but still can see the way it was when we went there.  Jim came down from FSJ for the afternoon and we had a great visit.  There about 50 people at the reunion and it was interesting to see how they had changed but still had the mannerisims (sp) that I remember from so many years ago,  There was no one from my grade or Jim's but Judith's grade was well represented.  Mr. Grant was there and he said I could call him Dennis, not so easy I found.   Dave Haberman sponsored a supper and drinks at a small restaurant and bar so many of us went there. Jim however went back to FSJ sure was good to see him and get caught up.  I was glad I went.

On Sunday, Wilf puttered in the yard, Judith and I went shopping at Dunvegan Gardens, has some very cool clothes and shoes, we did not buy much there.  Judith is the supreme shopper, we went to stores I have not been in and I live here.  Henry and Ally came for supper and we had a great visit. 

Henry picked Judith up on Monday and drove her to the airport for her 7am flight and the rest of us went to work.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

We miss you Dad!

Saturday, June 08, 2013

A Fine Birthday

My birthday was quite nice. Haircut the day of, so generous hairdresser gave me some free 'product' (which might also be a plea to 'style' my hair more). My friends Laura and David took me out for dinner. Judith made me spaghetti (without judging my choice) and had Grace, Sam, and Nancy over. So nice! Todd and I might go out this week, I think. Things are starting to settle a bit for him now that the gallery is open in its new space. New space is so beautiful! They have done a wonderful job, and there's way more room there. Summer patios start this Thursday at Latitude, and they did a successful online fundraising campaign to build the patio.

Writing for a deadline on Wednesday, which I think is doable. My proposal won't be perfect, but it'll be improved. It feels good not to be so anxious about what I submit, and okay with whatever feedback I get back.

Tiny little pea and bean shoots coming up in the community garden! I also have lots of tomato seedlings that I have to use up older seeds. They are pretty small, so I will see if any tomatoes come from them. It is still nice to plant. Got some delphinium and lilies from a nice and sort of crazy gardener.

Police found my bike! I am going to go get it next week. I will sell it to a friend (if it's in good enough condition) and give the money back to the co-op. They know, so even though I felt guilty about purchasing new bike right away, this seems okay. (why would I feel guilty about this? had to buy a bike!)

Going to Pride parade today and to a friend's for afternoon cocktails. Then trying to 'work.' Will probably more likely be 'nap.'

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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Happy Birthday Allison

Monday, June 03, 2013

Weekend in Rocky

I spent the weekend in Rocky, helping T&G with Kane.  Tim and Courtney went to a wedding in BC.we had a fun time, lots of trips to the park, to swing and slide.  Saturday was not too bad weather wise and Theresa got most of her pots done.  They have this fantastic dandelion digger, that I tried out, it really does the job.  Kane still gets up early in the morning, so I was glad to be sleeping in the basement letting the grandparents get up with him.  Tim and Courtney and Kane came over for supper last night, and we looked at some old pictures of Tim when he was just born to about three.  What a cutie he was, well he still is, but in a different way.  Courtney is looking very pregnant now.  I was amazed at how much Kane is talking now, he knows all his colours, such a smart little boy.  He calls me dute.  Theresa's yard is looking really good, in the old pics we looked at the only thing that is the same was the fence, other than that there were no trees, garage, garden beds, hard to believe it is the same place.  Geoff is going to drive me to Red Deer to catch the bus back to the city, I have to work tomorrow.  I sure had a nice time here though.

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