Wednesday, October 30, 2013

puttering along

I don't have a whole lot new. I do have a new head cold, which I've had since last Friday. It is really wearing me down. But happily, I got my proposal revision in to supervisors last Tuesday! So now I just wait til they give me feedback. Since it's a busy time of year for them, I feel that it might be a little while. In the meantime, more reading and note-taking and applying for a grant and the like.

Also, Friday I go into the Edmonton Institution with 2 other librarians. We are going to talk to them about us volunteering to distribute library books there. Apparently they don't have any staff to do this, and because inmates spend most of their time on their units, this will be a welcome service. I feel excited about it! Sometimes I think maybe I'd like to work a job as a prison librarian. I follow a person on facebook who does book clubs with inmates -- a few people do these at the women's prison, and I am wondering if maybe we could do one at the men's too.

Still slowly unpacking after vermin infestation. I bought a second bedbug-proof mattress cover to be certain that I was safe. Worried a bit about a cat clawing the first one.

Went to Toronto for a work trip (helped with a conference / workshop) and it went fine. Super quick - 2 days. Feel quite glad to be home for a bit.

Condo Listed

I just met with Hugh and signed all the papers, so my condo is officially up for sale, gulp!!

I feel happy that things are on the move, but also a little nervous.  The good thing is the amount I had in my mind and the amount Hugh had in his were the same number, so I feel that I was being realistic about pricing.  There will be a caravan of people from Hugh's office through on Monday, and with any luck they will have some people in mind that will like my place enough to buy it!!

I will keep you all posted on the progress.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Could someone post something?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Still jogging?

Just checking Lisa that you are still exercising!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


We got home Thanksgiving Monday. 2 turkey dinners!
Trip was good-went to St Jacob's-which is a little Mennonite town. They are old school-horse and buggy, wearing black ones.
We didn't buy anything, but enjoyed looking around. Same day we went to Hagersville (what kind of town name is that?) where Nathan and Janelle live. Cute place, just 1/2 hour from Hamilton.
The Niagara peninsula is really beautiful. So many old places, rolling hills, green, green, green.
Also went for a canoe paddle, out for some dinners, on a hike to waterfall, and visited lots. It was a successful visit.
I was happy to get home though, having been gone for just over 2 weeks.
Jude picked us up from airport, which was nice! I am sad I didn't get to see her more, as the next day I had my BCSS course that I am teaching, and day after had dentist appt.
Nick has been Bad since we got home. Peed outside litterbox x2, and peed on clean laundry I had sitting waiting to get next load from dryer. He is remorseless. I have not told Richard about the peeing on laundry.
Jude kindly cut our grass while we were gone. we need to start cleaning up the yard though.
Work has been busy since my return. Spent 2 days teaching full days, and also day mostly spent with patient in labour and delivery. Who would think working in mental health would lead to these types of things?
Weather is lovely fall day. I went out jogging. I ran in Chicago once, and didn't in Ontario-though we went for fairly significant hike.
I need to review some articles for my study-I meet with advisors on Wednesday.
May I recommend a book? The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman. Absolutely great! Any other health care professionals out there reading this, I think it is necessary reading for working with people. I got it from library, but am going to buy it.

Working again

I got up on Tuesday and decided to cal the temp agency to get back to work.  I thought that it would take a while for them to process my resume.  Not so, I was working by 9:30 so much for easing into it.  Worked this week at a competitive of finning, small world.

We talked to Henry and Ally this week, they are in Berlin staying in east berlin at an apartment, it looks very nice, high ceilings, large windows but the outside is very plain.  They said they were happy to be in Berlin but they enjoyed Paris, theme at in Germany is better then the meat in France apparently

Today is a day to work in the yard so I must get going.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lots to be thankful for

It was a nice treat to go to someone else's for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Thank you, Grace and Dallyn. Everything was delicious and the company was great. There were a lot of us crowded around our old table: Sam and Nancy, us, Grace and Dallyn, Allison and Charlene, Dallyn's mom. It was good to meet Charlene finally. 

After supper we followed Sam and Nancy to Sam's place to have a look at it. Very nice, gorgeous view. Allison said it was the apartment she and Lisa dreamed of when they were kids and played grownups who worked at banks and lived in the city.

We stayed overnight at Jude's and went home Monday. We had thought of staying and leaving Tuesday but the weather was so nice that we wanted to get some time in the yard. Which we did and it was a perfect end to a great long weekend.

Stopped at Grace's for breakfast on our way out of town. Jovita was there so enjoyed our visit with her. 

So some of you probably saw on Facebook that Courtney is coming to Cornwall! She was working behind the scenes to organize care for the kids, then told Tim when it was all arranged. For some reason she doesn't want to travel for eight hours with a two- year-old and a baby. Go figure.
I have sent the deposit for our house in Cornwall, so we all have a place to stay. 

We are having a really nice fall. It has been quite warm and sunny. My favourite season.

So are all the ramblers staying home for a while?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

In the Kelowna News

Mom and Dad's old house on High Road made the news again, this time for drugs and counterfeit money.  We got to see police handcuffing people in front of the house on the local newscast.  Very exciting neighborhood.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

This family has been doing a lot of rambling lately.

The Big K

(aka Kelowna) is where I am, visiting Mom.

We were very busy for the first few days, and happy to make use of the Wensink's car.  On Monday we went downtown and looked around at a few dress and shoe shops to see if there was anything that Mom liked for the weddings next year.  No luck there.  Then we wandered down to the City Park to see the 3/4 of a million dollar bathroom, not that impressive, and the new city marina, very nice.  Tuesday we went over to the mall, and at our first stop (The Bay)  found a dress, a cardi and a pair of shoes, very satisfying.  Yesterday over to the Dr. so Mom could get a prescription renewal and to the Grocery Store for a few things.  Now Mom says all of our errands are done, and we can just relax.  Jim called this morning, and he can't make it to Kelowna (would rather cruise I guess) which is too bad, but he still plans on going to the UK for the wedding, so that is great.

Mom and I have a pretty good routine going now, I am on my own to figure out what I want for breakfast and lunch and she makes supper and I do the dishes and clean up.  It really works for me.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Golden Horseshoe

Is where I am-Niagara region.
Sitting in coffeeshop, need to do some reading for school-sigh. So thought I'd procrastinate and write on the blog!
Allison and I enjoyed Chicago-thank heavens she came along, I needed debriefing after spending time with nurses-3 of panel were fine, the other 3 I did not particularly appreciate. The experience itself was interesting though, and I realize that though bedside care may be the same (skills etc) that Canadian nurses have a different approach philosophy-wise, and in terms of how they approach nursing-advocacy, social determinants of health all that kind of important stuff. especially when looking at mental health, you can't just consider the acute reason someone was admitted-you need to look at how are their social circumstances going to affect recovery? What will they need when they go home to prevent another admission? I think perhaps our programs look at thing maybe more in the context of their life?
Also, apparently I have a string Canadian accent? Stronger than the woman from Nova Scotia? I did some research on what my accent is, but still can't figure out how I sound different.
Al and I took cab together to get to airport. I got into Toronto a bit late, Dorothy and Diane were picking me up, but there was accident at airport, so it took a little while.
Saturday we went to bill and Kathy's, then to their church for a dinner-fundraising.
yesterday we went to Janet and Scott's for a delicious lunch.
Today I have some reading, and we are visiting Gerry and Dorothy-well Richard is there now, I will be picked up soon.
we have already played 3 games of Parcheesi.
Weather here is warm-but cooling down-windy today and a lot cooler.
OK, better read about research methodology!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Road trip

We had a great road trip too!  Lots of rain in bc but it sure is a pretty province.  We had a great visit in Kelowna and made the ferry to Victoria, we were in our hotel by 8:00. Stayed at the Chateau Victoria! nice and very central.  I found two wool stores and got some Amazing patterns and wool, most on sales.  If you are a knitter in Victoria the beehive is a great place.  I bought a pattern book at another store and the patterns were designed by a Vancouver islander, very cool.  We stayed at Qualicum beach T. Hotel right on the ocean, the ocean wall was right under our deck, went to sleep with the sound of the ocean in our ears.  Then to Tofino! found William very easily and had a super visit with him.  His new house is so nice, we went out to supper to the Schooner I think the best supper of the trip (except at Mom's Of course roast beef yummmm). Stayed another day and walked around , supported the local economy.  It is a beautiful place lots of wave pictures. Then off to Jasper, we stayed at the Jasper Park Lodge, in a cabin on the lake, went up the tramway, and to the hot springs.  Back home and my old bed. Talked to Henry and Ally today they are enjoying their trip and are in London right now.  they recommend Iceland to anyone.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

A tale of two Mexican restaurants

We ate our first Chicago dinner at Topolobampo. It was so delicious. Lisa had a three-mole sampler, and one of the recipes was three hundred years old, the very chatty waiter told us. I had a classic sampler of tasty bite things and some good pinto beans. We waited in line for about 25 minutes to eat here. I had a tasty microbrewed beer from Mexico, and Lisa had a margarita. She had homemade vanilla bean ice cream with goat-milk-caramel topping. Quite expensive, all told. But delicious.

Last night, we went to Garcia's, in Lincoln Square, before we went to see a concert at the Old Town Folk School.  My combo cost $11, and I had two Especial Modelo beers. We saw about six cops eating dinner there, and many families. It was like a giant room with papercuts hanging from the ceiling. For dessert, we had flan that was quite good.

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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Devil and the White City

Hotel Burnham is named after the architect for the Chicago World's Fair-who knew?

We went to really good Mexican place tonight-recommended by Jean-Luc our concierge.

Went to Nordstrom's Rack, where I saw some nice cashmere sweaters, but it is 26 degrees here, so I do not feel compelled to buy one. I was there a little bit and then came back to hotel, thinking Allison would have already been back here, but she must still be looking at sneakers?

Exam review is going well-but I told Allison that I feel like I say things and people look at me like I'm a weirdo. As in west coast hippy weirdo. I cannot help it.

In Chicago, instead of asked, people say axed.

It is a good place to walk around. It seems more spacious than New York and not as crowded. less frenzied. Plus I got a super excellent picture of the Chicago river and buildings.