Saturday, November 30, 2013

Conditions Met

and my condo is officially sold.  Now the packing begins in earnest.  It will be almost 12 years to the day since I moved into my place, that time seems to have gone by quickly.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Specs

I am posting my new specs...
they will be progressives-am hoping that I adjust to them fairly quickly-eye doctor says people who are near sighted are able to get used to them quicker.
Richard will probably not like them until I've had them a couple months-I think it takes longer for him as he sees me in them all the time, whereas I only see me in them a few times a day. Each new pair of glasses he says, 'I like the old ones better'. I like to have a significant change when buying new glasses. I am tired of the old ones by the time I am buying new ones. I guess this is an advantage to wearing glasses. You get to change your look every couple years.

Work is busy. Many people needing admission to unit. We have been running over by 5 patients for 2 weeks now. Luckily with size of new unit, able to accommodate easily enough-we have more bedrooms.

Almost finished paper. Am at 4700 words and need 5000-6000. I will easily be at the 6000 mark. I am glad that writing comes easier to me now. It used to take me a long time to write anything at all.

Then start thesis. Trying not to freak out about it.

Cleaned house today! Hurrah! I won't say how long since bathroom, floors washed and dusting has been done, but it has been quite a while. I leave RW to do the vacuuming.

I am going to Kamloops this upcoming week for work-sitting in on a Trauma Informed Practice workshop and I am quite excited about it! So many people with substance use and mental illness have experienced trauma, so would like to offer it at our hospital.

Still teaching the Strengthening Families course through BCSS. It is a great group, lots of conversation and meaningful. I do like running groups. It makes things busier for me, but it is enjoyable. I am going to quit my other board in the new year. I only have limited time and would rather put energy into BCSS which needs more active members than LES.

We are likely booking for Spain and England Monday. Some good flight prices. Sure do like vacations!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Life in Tofino

I realized the other day that I haven't posted since I moved to Tofino.  At least, I don't think I have.  Anyway, Tofino is great.  Right now the weather is very cold and very sunny, which always reminds me of home.  I was on the beach on Wednesday this week, and there was actually ice on the beach.  I didn't think that sort of thing could happen.

Life in Tofino is good.  It's a very small town, and it hasn't taken me long to get to know people.  The Legion has pool twice a week, which is a good way to get to know people.  I even won a game last week!  There is also a movie night on Mondays at the Community Theater.  The lady who runs it tries to find movies that are good but not well known, and there is one documentery per month.  In October it was a documentary on the Orcas in Seaworld.  One of them has killed several people, including someone when it was at Sealand in Victoria.  I didn't even know there had been a Sealand in Victoria, let alone that someone had been killed by a whale there.

The biggest downside to living here is when I have to go out.  I was in Victoria a couple weeks ago for a clergy day (and then stayed for the weekend).  It's about five hours or so to Victoria, and the pass out of here can be tricky.  I have to go again next week to elect a Bishop, and I'm hoping that it won't snow in the pass.  My friend Logan has let his name stand for Bishop.  There are six candidates, all men.  I've never elected a Bishop before, so I'm quite excited.

The house here is really nice.  I took a couple pictures to show you all, but didn't actually tidy up or anything.  You can see that I've been doing some sewing for a friend - he wanted a new robe for church.

It's really a bright and sunny place (when the sun is out, I guess).  There are all wood floors with infloor heating, and a gas fireplace which is very nice this time of year.  

I have booked my tickets for Anne's wedding - Feb 10-24!!  


I accepted an offer on the condo, it is less than I had thought I would like to clear, but a very quick possession date, Dec 12, and that is really appealing to me.  It is subject to financing and the delivery of the condo docs.  My realtor is delivering those today, and financing to be complete by Nov 28.  Lots of work to be done, but I can get it done.  Hope my new landlords know what they are getting into.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A productive week

I took the week off work to get some things done around here, especially re Jude's apartment since her condo is listed. But although I got lots done, none of it had to do with the apartment. It was all to do with finishing what we started in the kitchen when we painted the cupboards. So if Jude moves soon she will have to eat with us for a while. I had hoped to do more than I got done but everything seems to get complicated by unexpected details. 

We were in the city last weekend for a quick trip, but got to visit with Laura, Allison and Sam and Nancy and Grace and Dallyn plus Jovita. 

We had another big snowstorm Friday night and Saturday, the third one in the last month. It. Tim and Courtney were supposed to go to Red Deer overnight last night for TransCanada's 
Christmas party but it was cancelled because of the roads. We were going to take the boys overnight for the party. We had them anyway, told Tim and Court to go out for supper in Rocky. It was fun having the little guys. I just love them so much. Kane even went potty without prompting in Baba's potty. There is no use asking him if he has to go, he just says, "No thank you." So I wondered if he would do it, but there was no need to worry. And little Grady slept from 8:30 to 6:30! They do take a lot of energy though. Parenthood is for the young.

Kane kept picking up the phone and saying, "Hi, Auntie Jude," so Geoff called her but he wouldn't talk.

I have started a knitting project. I love knitting.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Anne

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I went to the dermatologist last month, she removed some precancerous spots on my face, she took a couple of samples of skin, one that has been red for a number of years, she sent them away to be tested and told me last week that it was cancer. Basel cell cancer (sp) I have an appointment in January to remove the spot, (day surgery) they will let me know if any other follow up is needed.  This is the best type of cancer to have (if you have to have cancer).  It does not attack other cells, I will just to make sure I check all spots and get them looked at.  If any of you have spots that you have been wondering about please go and have the checked out.  

Happy Birthday Henry

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Meant to add this to my post.

Time with the booboos

We have had a lot of grandson time this weekend. Courtney was in Calgary and Tim was on call so we were his backup when he got called out which happened yesterday and today. We love watching those little guys. Grady is really growing and so bright and alert. He keeps trying to sit up which doesn't work all that well since he doesn't have a lot of body control and slowly topples over. He talks and smiles a lot, it's just so nice to be with him, Kane is talking regular language, not baby talk, so he's fun to be with too. I could watch him play for hours. And they are I both always glad to see us.

We had snow last weekend but quite a lot of it melted during the week so I thought I might get my perennials cut down this weekend. No such luck. We had a foot of snow yesterday and overnight so my perennials are nowhere to be seen. I am glad I got the leaves raked, rain barrels emptied and tools put away before last week's snow. Last fall there was snow when we got back from the UK so a lot of yard work got left.

I have been watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. I am feeling a bit addicted to it. 

Taking the week after the long weekend off to get some things done around here before our tenant arrives. One day a week for projects is just not enough. Geoff has not been feeling up to doing much lately. The arthritis in his elbow plus bursitis in the same one is limiting how much lifting and sawing he can do. So maybe I can take some of the load off him next week.