Saturday, August 26, 2017

Charlotte, Summer Visits, Overdose

Charlotte is sitting on my lap. It is unusual as she is very active! Perhaps more active than Nick! You can really tell she is a torti now, lots of brown and black markings and she has a bit of a cream coloured front.

Kris and Rhonda were just through here for a visit. Rhonda says there's lots of flooding in Houston. She was supposed to fly from Vancouver to Houston today, but flight cancelled.

Despite forest fire rightnear by, it isn't smoky. We had bad smoke for beginning of August, but considering the fires all over, we've mostly been spared. It really has been hot and dry though. I say that every summer, but I don't think we've had rain since beginning of June.
Allison was here for a week. We went to Salmon Arm Roots and Blues for a day-it is good music and not too crowded, but enough people watching to keep things interesting.
We went to beach while she was here and to some movies- she and Mom went to Dunkirk(Richard and I saw before), she and I went to Annabelle and RW, she and I went to Dark Tower.

Theresa and Geoff will be here next week, so I have lined up electrical jobs and offered any mental health support they need. They haven't indicated what kind of therapy they'd like.

Work is good for both of us. Richard still having weekends off. He is looking at tent trailers right now as we think we'd like something off the ground but not needing a travel trailer.

Our team had another client overdose and die this week. Fentanyl is really impacting here. We now have a safe injection sit which is seeing 90 people/day. They say most deaths are from people at home alone, which is scary. I've seen some good articles on how this crisis came to be, but nothing really that addresses how to stop the deaths. And I'm not sure what will work. Legalizing herion might help some, but there will still be people getting drugs from dealers.

I think we're going for a bike ride tonight and maybe ice cream?

Friday, August 04, 2017

Happy Birthday Kane

 Rocky Feb 2013