Saturday, January 23, 2016

Me again

I am probably one who does the least but I keep posting anyway.
I was going to say that Jsnuary is not so bad when you are retired but remembered that I am not actually retired. Work is fine, it is good to get out and see people occasionally and the extra money does not go amiss. I used to feel tied to work, not wanting to take too much time off but all that is over. I have no qualms about our trip to Mexico. We leave Friday.
I think for pretty sure that Geoff and I are going to join Jude on the transatlantic cruise. Will go to visit Anne for a bit before I think. Geoff is not all that excited about it but is amenable to the idea.
We saw the boys a lot last week, Courtney went to Las Vegas with friends and Tim decided to use the weekend to potty train Grady. Kane came over on Saturday so Tim and Grady could focus. We had a fun time. It's not too often we get Kane on his own. Tim had to go back to work Tuesday so we had them a bit more. Grady took to the potty pretty well, he was great here anyway. He doesn't seem to mind an audience.
Am working on getting more rooms cleared out.
We were sad to hear that Allie's dad died unexpectedly on Wednesday. Will has gone down to be with them.

January sigh

this week was not my best. No real reason why, other than being 3rd week January, I think.
We have a dedicated psychiatrist on our team, which we are all happy about. He seems good, but can use some 'molding' I think. My preliminary read is good guy, team player, great with clients, but not so liberal as rest of team. Meaning: language, client perspective can use some guidance. None of us are perfect. And as a friend at work said, when I commented that having doc was fabulous, but created some stress for me, 'it's one more person to look after.' In other work news, one client got on my nerves and pissed me off in a major way yesterday, so that I ended up standing over him, with my hands on my hips, saying loudly, 'give me back the phone, now' multiple times. Not my best moment.

Thesis is almost at submission stage! met with supervisor other week, and she said, send it in to us for final review before submitting! I did last weekend, so am going through and checking references etc. Which is fine and mindless, really. It seems too good to be true, that I am close.

Am sure looking forward to Mexico in 3 weeks! RW and I are going to Nakusp for Family day weekend.

Nothing else much going on, usual. Been pretty mild here, and rain, low cloud.

Monday, January 18, 2016


I decided to look into a re-positioning cruise as a way to return from Europe. I called up Jay, the guy who booked our cruise to Alaska, to see what he could do for me. He gave me a list of cruises that were returning to North America from Europe, and I decided to go with one from Royal Caribbean, it leaves from Southampton in England and docks in Miami, Florida. There are stops in New York, Boston and Cape Canaveral, so first part of the trip is all cruising which I think will be good after touring around for a month or so. Jay got me an excellent deal and I am very pleased with it. Now it seems like my idea of going to Europe is no longer just an idea but I am doing something to make it happen. My cruise leaves on November 10 so I think I will leave here sometime around mid to the end of September. I feel very excited.  If anyone wants to join me I am sure Jay would get you a good deal too.

The first S&B of 2016 will be this weekend, so I am going up on Saturday, staying over night with Allison. We are going to see the Ice Castle on Saturday. I have not been too active since Christmas, a touch of the January blahs. Kane was over on Saturday, as Courtney is in Vegas and Tim is potty training Grady. It sounded like the first day of training was kind of tough but it is getting better now. Hurray!! We had fun with Kane, sledding in the back yard, a couple of snowball fights, building a bat cave in the living room.

Only about 10 days until T&G leave for their trip to Mexico, leaving me in charge of the house. I am sure they will have a good time and by the time they get back we will have longer days.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Happy Birthday Mom

Elegant Mom

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Jude's 2015

The year started out with a trip to Kelowna with Tim and Grady to celebrate Mom's birthday. We were the first guests to arrive, and Mom was certainly surprised to see us. I was thankful when everyone arrived partly because of the delays people experienced but mostly so I did not have to watch every word out of my mouth, scared I would give away the surprise. So lovely to have all the sisters, two brothers in law, one nephew, one great nephew and favourite Uncle there.

The rest of January, February and March were quiet, a few trips to Edmonton, for S&B, and other reasons, taking T&G to and from the airport for their Europe trip.. In April going to Vancouver and house sitting for Nancy was fun. Jack and I got along pretty good.

May I had my trip to California with the MH family. We had a lot of fun, it was mostly Disney with a little detour to Legoland. As I get older I find I want to stay in touch with family more than ever, immediate or a little further doesn't matter I love the connection.

When I made my plans to visit Kelowna, I did not anticipate that Mom would be in the hospital and feeling so sick. But everything happens for a reason and I guess I was meant to be there and help out. I never want to see anyone's intestines again, especially on the wrong side of the skin. I feel the same as Theresa, it is great to know that a person has the freedom to go somewhere at a moments notice. Thank you retirement.

The cruise was a highlight of the year, so wonderful that everyone (almost) could make it, a wonderful relaxing way to travel. The excursions were great loved the whale watching and the trip to Carcross and back. It was also great to extend the trip and visit Tofino with T, G, A and D catch up with Will and meet Ally.

Trip back to Kelowna in October was good too, once Sebastian and I came to an understanding about yowling. It worked out well having L&R's car to take Mom to various medical appts, pick up prescriptions and do a few errands for her. While I was in southern Alberta coming home from Kelowna, it felt like a good time to head east and see the MH Family. So much fun to hang out with everyone there.

And before I knew it Christmas again. This year my tree stayed up, we had Christmas dinner at T&C's,  Sam home for the holiday, with appearances by Grace and Dallyn.

I have had lots of time with the two grand nephews this year, and sure want that to continue. Sometimes I miss being in Edmonton, but on the whole I like living in Rocky in my cozy space. I have already been booked for a three housesitting gigs in 2016, and hope to go to Europe in the fall, but not a hundred % sure about that, depends on how the dollar fares.

So I am wishing everyone Happy New Year, may you be healthy and happy!

R&L 2015

it seems we had busy year!
Mom's birthday was a good time-and snowy! I felt fortunate that we didn't have to travel, as those who made trip from afar had trials and tribulations with the travel part of it. It was so nice to have so many family members here.
Applied for and got new position as ACT team lead-I am still liking this job a lot. It is something to be able to help develop a team from scratch, brand new program and all. We are on track for what we needed to do, I guess it will be keeping all this up which will be the challenge as we continue. We've been trying hard to keep it as a collaborative team, 'co-created' as feminist academics would like to say. Doing things from top down is easier, at least in terms of getting stuff done quicker, but in long run not as good. It is a good team, and the work is great. I am glad I am out of hospital, and in community. I had opportunity to go back there at end of year, and then declined, which was good move on my part, I think.
Richard and I had a few smaller trips this year, but didn't do anything big together, other than our trip to Ontario, which, given that we go each year, does not seem like a big trip. Though we did stay at an inn at Niagara on the Lake to mix it up a bit.
the cruise in august was a great thing to do considering that Mom was still recovering from her surgeries. She is very resilient to have recovered so well from 2 major surgeries, and Richard and I were so thankful for both her recovery, but also everyone's help in coming here and helping all of us. It would have been so much harder for all of us without you. Including Jude being there when Mom's incision opened! I hate to think what would have happened if she hadn't been there.  In retrospect it feels like the whole summer was a blur of surgery and people here! Having the cruise in August was a good, relaxing way to end a bit of a stressful summer!
The year also seemed to be a blur of thesis stuff-I kept hoping I would graduate earlier, 1st Nov, then Feb, now May. I still maintain that I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN.Process has been interesting and worthwhile, i am sure, but the academic life is not for me. Too much navel gazing as Mom would say, and too much focus on theory, rather than what do you actually do when confronted with life and work? However, i am sure once done, I will feel a great sense of achievement.Or something. I just want to have free time that is free.
Speaking of which, I am still sitting on the 2 boards-which I don't mind doing, though they have their own exasperations.
Richard is still on board for resident's association too. Which he occasionally gets fed up with too.
His work-not much change-still chugging along. He really is much happier doing that than being at his previous job.
Poor little black cat Nick died this year, though I worry that we didn't euthanize him early enough-but he did manage to get a few more good months than I had thought when we first realized that he was unwell. I think he lived longer than we thought he would, eating proscuitto and chicken breast. I know this sounds all cat lady of me, but I still miss him. Sebastian does not seem like a 15 year old cat, other than his late night yowling-it can be heard outside with everything closed, as I discovered when we were in drive way hearing him.
this year, I want to get this stupid thesis done, graduate, and have time to look at flyers, go camping, garden, and do more exercise. All things that have been hard for me to do while working and doing school.
It has been a good year though, and I am really thankful for all that we have and do. Working with people who have so little has really made me appreciate my life and my happiness.

2015 the year

As everyone else said 2015 started with Mom's birthday party. I really enjoyed seeing everyone and celebrating 85 years. I always enjoy my visits to Kelowna and being stranded was good because then more visiting.  I do enjoy seeing everyone and getting caught up.

I worked all year fulltime at Encana, I thought it was only until they found someone else, but it looks like you don't find someone if you are not looking. Still they are good to me and there is something easier about going to a familiar job everyday. There is always the idea in my head I can leave anytime.

From February to September I made sweaters for a lady, 5 sweaters, four toques and a couple of mittens, it was a big under taking but done now, not sure I would do it again works out to 10 cents an hour lol.

It was good to have Mom and Lisa for Easter, too bad Richard could not make it.

in July back to Kelowna for another visit, good as ever.

August was very busy, folk fest, cruise and Henry and Allyshea bought a condo. It is really nice, but very far out. Almost in St. Albert, pretty easy to get to on the Henday.

I enjoyed the cruise very much, the ship was smaller than the others I have been on and I think I like that better.  Other than seeing everyone I think I enjoyed the whale watching the best. They are pretty amazing animals, so large and so graceful.

This fall we had some medical stuff going on with Wilf, spent more time than I like in emer. Turns out he has Atrial fibulation, and then after that blood thinners which meant another trip because he was peeing blood, so no more blood thinners until they figure that out. It is taking some time but it is getting there.

In december the doctor tells me I have arthritis in my feet, going to see a podiatrist next week.  I went to see a dermatologist for more skin treatments on the precancerous patch on my face.  I am done with docs for a while, i hope.

Christmas was at Henry and Allyshea's it was very nice, quiet and enjoyable. Henry made the turkey and we made cabbage rolls together. I tried cooking them in a crock pot it worked very well. Took a while but  did not take up real estate on the stove or oven.

New years was quiet, I made the fireworks which sounds good but they et them off at 10 here.

I was thinking we should plan a sister's weekend this year. Anyone interested?  Let me know your thoughts.

Happy 2016 to all.

Friday, January 01, 2016

The year began with a wonderful surprise. All my girls plus Geoff, Tim and Grady and brother Fred surprised me with an 85th birthday party. They came through blizzards and plane delays so it was a longer visit for some, but difficult travel for all.

In the spring i received a diagnosis of cancer and after many tests had a surgery, which got it all.  There were complications and I needed a 2nd surgery within a week. I always wanted to see a trauma centre,so I did.

Lisa and I travelled to Grande Prairie to spend Easter with Laura and Wilf, which was lovely.

My family's birthday gift to me was an Alaskan cruise. All the kids were there, plus Geoff, Sandi, as an added bonus Anne and Del came from the UK. It was a great gift.

It took a lot longer than I had hoped to recover, so many thanks to Richard and Lisa, Jude and Theresa, Laura and Allison for helping me through recovery. Also Grace and Dallyn for the visit in June.

Richard and Lisa made their annual Ontario trip in October and Jude graciously babysat Sebastian and me. I had a lot of medical stuff when she was here so she hauled me around.

Suddenly about the end of November I felt I had really recovered and so that meant a great Christmas with Jim, Al, Lisa, and Richard. And the beginning of a new year as well as the end of one that had highlights and low lights.

I am feeling so much better and thank everyone who gave me so much support amd help.

Goodbye 2015

Looking back on this year really brings home how much can change in 12 months. I started the year off retired but am working again. Auntie Barb is gone and so is John - we had no reason at the beginning of the year to think that we would be seeing them for the last time. We also lost our friends Rilla and Lou who were part of our lives from way back when we moved to Rocky.
We always said that when we retired we wanted to travel but I am not sure how much I really meant it. I feel more of a stay-at-home person. But we certainly did get around in 2015, starting on Jan. 1 with our trip to Kelowna for Mom's surprise birthday. It was fun surprising her and due to the weather we got extra visiting time with you all and Fred. It was the first time since retiring that I realized that we had no schedule and could do whatever we wanted.
In February we went up to Yellowknife for Barb's funeral, a sad time, but as is often the case with funerals a chance to visit with people you don't see much. We were especially glad to be rooming with John and Heather and had such a good time together. The people in Yellowknife were gracious hosts, making sure we were comfortable even in the midst of so much funeral planning and their sadness.
Then our big Europe trip. Basically planned by Geoff. I would never have predicted even at the beginning of the year that we would take off for six weeks. It was a good time and confirmed that we are still compatible. Great to see so much of Anne and Del. And grand monuments and art, plus volcanic islands, geysers, warm beaches and all kinds of public transportation.
Back to BC in June to hang out with Mom before and after her surgery. In the end it was ok but the hiccups on the way to recovery were not much fun for her. We were glad to be able to take a couple of days to get over to see John, Dick and Jo, and Will. I just felt so bad for John going through what he had to - he had cancer, there was nothing that could be done about it, just have to wait to die.
Then back to Kelowna for Jude and I. I was glad to be able to just go without a second thought. Mom, so glad to hear that you are feeling so much better, it must have felt like a very long year for you.
And the cruise! I really enjoyed it and the things we did. Good idea, Mom. Got to see everybody and finally meet Sandi. I was happy that Anne and Del were there too and that we had such a good visit with Will afterward. And finally got to meet Allie too.
In between all that I loved being at home with no commitments. The weather was so beautiful all summer and fall that I was in the yard almost to my heart's content. And we got to see lots of the grandsons. It's amazing to watch them change and grow.
I am so happy that the kids are all doing well. Changes for lots of them too, with Anne and Del's house purchase and Tim and Courtney's move as well as Sam's. We miss seeing Will and Anne but this year we got a couple of long visits with each of them.
Looking back has made me realize that there is no seeing the future. We are not much for long-range planning anyway. I wonder what 2016 will bring.
I know one thing - a warm vacation in Mazatlan at the end of the month! Two weeks in the sun. We discovered last night that we will be at the same resort that Tim stayed when he went there, he says it is nice.