Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday too

Our friend Amy called last week from Edmonton to see if we would put up a friend of hers (former youth group member) who was taking a wilderness first aid course around here. These church people, only call you when they need something. Anyway, we said that would be fine and she turned out to be a very nice girl, around Grace's age and an easy guest. Then we heard from Geoff's cousin John who was going to be in town with a friend, so invited them for supper one night, the evening after Suzy arrived. Grace was working that night, so I thought I would barbecue salmon (Grace doesn't like fish). I was feeling smart, since fish is fast and delicious. So anyway there I was cooking supper when Suzy got home and she quietly said to me, "I guess I should have told you I am a vegetarian." OK, well she could have the brown rice and vegetables, that would be fine. Then John took me aside and said, "My friend Joan doesn't like fish. Is there something else you could make for her?" Aaagh! So much for my clever plans. We have a lot of fish left over.
We did have a good visit, though, and good week with Suzy. She studied every night, but on Thursday Grace and her buddies took her to the river for a bit, so she got to see some of Rocky anyway.
Bernie, my friend at work, does the restaurant review column for the paper. It is not a critique because they have to be positive columns but she does a good job of them. This month it was the turn for the Nordegg Lodge, so Geoff and I went out today with Bernie and her husband. It was a wild game buffet, all wild meat: elk, bison, venison, wild boar, rabbit stew, duck. It was good. I have never really eaten wild meat and was somewhat leery of it. Suzy would have been hard-pressed to find something she could eat. We had a good visit with Lee and Bernie. Lee's dad was a miner at Nordegg and Lee was the last baby born at the hospital before the town shut down.
Today was a beautiful day, I got lots done in the yard and Grace and I had a nice time later sitting on the patio with our gin and tonics. She told me stories about her clients at the Clearwater Centre.


The Longs left today-and helped a lot with reno'ing/move prep.
I have to go over there today and do another coat of paint on those cupboards. And tidy up a bit.
The handyman that Mom got to do the downstairs bedroom is going to come on Monday and install her countertops, baseboards, and whatever else needs to done there. The baseboards etc will need to be painted too, but that should be fairly quick. They will be installed though, so I have to be careful painting them. I enjoy painting when I don't have to worry about slopping.
Richard did not have to work until 100 today, so we went out for breakfast, then when we got home, it was 1200, and I thought, I need a nap. And had one.
Perhaps this is catching up with me?
House sure looks fantastic. I will post pictures when all is complete.
The Got Junk guy, that was hired to get rid of Stan and Olive's junk, came by again to get there of their stuff, and said that house sure looked good and lot different.
I think we would all agree.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How are things going in Mom's house?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Why do you have remove nailpolish before you can have surgery?

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Monday, June 21, 2010

another renovation

Here are some pictures of Tim's house. He's still working on things, but it's looking good. He had his second treatment a couple of weeks ago and is back at work this week.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some News

I finally called Kay yesterday and got the news from that side of the family. There was some bad news, Dennis had a mild heart attack about 3 weeks ago. Kay said they did not even find out about it until after he was already home. He has a shunt, and is still off work, but seems to be feeling better and getting out and walking every day. And some good news, Kay is feeling better, finally, it turned out she had some kind of pinched nerve, from the car accident, and has gotten some kind of shot, so is feeling much more like her old self. And lastly, Deanna and Rod are moving on Monday, to an over 45 complex in Lewis Estates in the west end. They were looking for a bungalow, but could not find the right one, so will be moving into a duplex. I guess that means that both kids are living on their own now. I also found out that both George and MaryLynne have thyroid problems and are on medicine for it. I am going to see George and Kay this week, so will pass along any more news I hear.

Kay also told me a funny story about Elaine and John swinging by the house to visit Mom, and being scared when they saw the for sale sign on the front yard. They called her up to see why, and make sure Mom was OK. I think that is very sweet.

I walked over to the Farmers Market yesterday and picked up some flowers, and the first cherries of the season. I am planning on planting today, so I can sit out side and enjoy them (both flowers and cherries).

Laura, I really like the pics of Mom's new pad. Now that I have seen the front, I know what house it is. Mom the colours you picked out are very nice. Not too much longer now, and you will be in your new house, and able to keep an eye on the kids across the street.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


I got the permanent educator's job!
And celebrated this week by working overtime for 2 days.
We had to open a small unit with 5 patients on the floor above us-which is offices-used to be hospital rooms-because the hospital was overwhelmingly full.
I cannot believe how incredibly busy it has been this week at work.
So good thing I love my job.
And now own it!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Who's the brthday grl?

Happy birthday, Hudith!

Georgia Nicols says:

Musician Paul McCartney (1942) shares your birthday today. You appear lighthearted emotionally and physically, but privately, you're ambitious. You have good money savvy. Many underestimate how capable you are. You're an excellent parent, in part, because you are fun-loving and playful. Something you've been involved with for about nine years will diminish or end this year to make room for something new.

Hudith and I celebrated by going to the Latitude 53 patio for a bit, and then for a lovely 4 course dinner at Ric's Grill, in which food was paired with wine. I had a delicious steak. And all I know about wine is that I gulp it.


Monday, June 14, 2010

I thought I might be stiff after my weekend of painting but that is not the case. I do still have quite a bit of paint on me, though. That oil-based paint seems to have to wear off. I painted the ceilings and had a lot of paint spatter on me.
It was good to see Lisa, Richard and Mom and we got a lot done in the new house. A lot was done before I got there, Richard has been hard at work. We were able to get to the painting quite quickly because he had pulled up the old carpets and removed most of the baseboards and moulding and light switches, etc. Mom picked nice colours and once the flooring is down and baseboards are replaced it will look really good.
Saw L&R's house for the first time. What a great house. That kitchen is to die for.
Mom's new back yard is great. There is not much planted there but that is good for someone who likes to garden. Mom can make it her own yard. But it is very private and the large trees in the neighbourhood make it seem as if you are out in the country. We were sitting on the back patio taking a break on Saturday when we saw a mom and dad quail and 12 or 13 babies skitter across the yard and spend a lot of time pecking around just a few feet away from us.
I took my camera but the batteries were dead and I just didn't get them replaced so no pics. But Geoff and I went on Google maps to find the house, then switched to street view and he could see it! Try searching L&R's address. We could even see their truck in the driveway.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Bike Completed

We had our tour around Hawrylak park, for the Heart and Stroke big bike, and our team raised $6700.00 which was great and a big thank you to all the people who sponsored me. Not too many people in the park, it was at noon, and had been raining all morning and it was a work day. But as we waited to start peddling the sun came out and it was beautiful. After the bike ride, there was a hotdog barbeque, I can't remember the last time I had a hot dog fresh off the grill, and it tasted really good. The other great thing was meeting up with some of the people who I have worked with over the years, and who are not generally in the office. It was really good to catch up with them, and see what was new.
I heard on the radio that Folk Fest is completely sold out, except for a few tickets left for Wednesday night. That makes me even luckier that I got the tickets.
The sun is shining today, the forecast is great for the weekend, so things are looking up. Maybe this will be the weekend I get the plants on my balcony in.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

For Mom

What do you remember about this picture?


For Lisa

Friday, June 04, 2010

Not moving

We met with realtors last week and they tell me to sell our house right now we would get 65 - 70 less than we paid. So we will stay in GP for now. Sigh!!! I do not like it when my plans are interferred with. So we think we will do some reno's flooring, bath, kitchen, just need to get the $ and motivation. I do beleive that something good comes out of everything so I will wait and see what that might be..


Who is the Birthday Girl?

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Wow, I wish I still had my aluminum collection

This is pretty cool!

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Lucky, Lucky Me

So the tickets for Folk Fest went on sale yesterday. I tried off and on all day, to call the office and get tickets but it was busy, busy, busy. Finally at 5 I got through, and the guy asked me to hold. then he came back on, ask me to wait again, and I could here him talking to some one in the background, saying that there were no weekend passes, no Thursday night tickets. My heart sank, Then he came back on the line and said but you can get your tickets. I quickly ordered my tickets before he could change his mind. What a relief, I was dreading telling the people who were counting on me to get the tickets, that I failed.

Nothing much else is new with me, work is going fine, the days seem to fly by. I did not get to the Farmers Market on Sat, to get my bedding plants, but that was just as well, with the snow we had. This weekend for sure I am going to get there.