Thursday, May 31, 2007

trying again

I do have some problems posting, but am trying again-it doesn't say it's not working, so suppose it is. Have been depending on Lisa to keep everyone posted on what's new here as well as events on our trip. I really enjoyed The Rock - even the cold and wind, which were pretty bad, were pretty bad, were overcome with the friendliness of the people and the truly great scenery.
also having good travelling companions helps too! I think the only thing Lisa missed reporting on were the icebergs - those and the birds made up for no whales!
The trip home was long and boring - it was icy in NFLD, hot in Tor. (layover) , bitter cold in Cal
bitter cold in Cal and lovely in Kelowna. Am really glad I went - it was
just so different from the rest of the country, it's hard to describe -
if Allison would post the pictures it would help.

anyway back to what passes for normal here - lots to do outside - every
thing is growing and blooming and requires lots of attention. And am
finally getting over jetlag.
Theresa, Kay Macd. called last night and said that Doris had a liver disease
and the last she'd heard was waiting for a transplant, in Van, I think,
but she had lost Pauline's name and address and hasn't heard what happened
It sounded like this might have been some time ago - she also got your
phone#, thinking that Debby may call you, as she said she'd like to - no
email address for her (no computer). I'm thinking of you and Jude sitting
on a rock, drinking screech and the only thing I can say is if you did it
there, you'd have pneumonia, arthritis and a foul taste in your mouth -
didn't try screech, but it's rumored to be foul.
Sounds like everything is falling into place for houseboating - when Jude and
al are here in a week, we can cover some "todo" items. The kareoke (?)
prizes are ready and Jim said he was going to arrange for the machine this week - it means he
it means he's cming here before the 2nd, so there will be 2 vehicles from
here - Laura is flying in on the 1st and have been wondering about Will-
are you coming here by air or what? By the way thanks for the nice letter,
I came home to mail - 3 letters from 3 grandkids - thank you all.
It's going to be 32 today, so must go and move the A/C into the lr and also
move the hose - it's really dry here aND WE ARE ON WATER RATIONING ALREADY.

See you all soon - some sooner that others - love to all mom/gma

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I have booked the beautiful Monashee Motel for our accommodations on July 2nd. $85 +tax, for each room. I reserved 6 rooms. I thought perhaps Will and Tim could share with Jim? And if Sam decides to go, I can book another room if needed. The man on the phone was quite excited about booking them.
Was there some questions I was supposed to answer about the trip? I ahve the feeling there was, but can't remember.

edmonton folk fest

I decided to come to folkfest this year. Could one of you arrange the weather? sunny is my preference
I am wondering how to buy tickets? It says on website to order through ticketmaster, but folkfest is not listed on the website.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Laura and Wilf's potential new home

Here is the potential new home for the Longs. Since Laura does not update, I will do so for her!! Sorry Laura, I hope it is OK.
I worked my first set of shifts alone, without another RN with me (as in mentoring etc, they were obviously on the ward). All went well. So far. I sure do like psychaitry!

Monday, May 28, 2007

I feel I have been remiss in updating here. It seems that when I finally get ready to do an entry, it won't let me log in. But it worked today.
Not that I have much to update on, not like certain travellers I could name. We were going to get some screech and sit on a rock when Jude was here on the long weekend to pretend we were in Newfoundland, but it was too cold and wet.
Anne says she and her friends had a good time out at the cabin on the long weekend; it is pretty cosy in there when it's raining. It was nice to see Rem and Steph again and to meet Liam, but I was wishing he would talk more. There's something about an accent.
We had a visit from some more of Anne's bike-riding friends last night. They were on their way to Edmonton and Canmore from Banff and stopped by to get a key to the cabin. You're right of course Anne, they're good guys.
My peas are up! I guess the snow last week didn't harm them. I still haven't planted any bedding plants, it's just too cold.
Jude, how does that book label thing work?


I was walking back to the office on Thursday morning, and who do I see? The shrimpcatcher (AKA Ken Herbert). He was going back to work after being at the dentist. He is working at the Royal Alec, doing project work related to the new building they are doing there, says he really likes it, same money and no supervision!! His youngest son is going to the U of A in the fall. Theresa and Geoff, he says you need to organize a get together.

My DNA kit came, have not scaped my cheek yet, will do that this week. According to the literature, females can only have their mitochondrial DNA tested, but males can have either. So I think that Jim needs to get his done so we can see where Dad started out. I will bring the DVD to the houseboat, so eveyone can see what the project is about.

The long weekend in Rocky was fun, Geoff, Theresa and I went to a couple of greenhouses, so I came home with some new plants for the balcony. Last week I took them in at night, because it was not all that warm at night, but I believe this week I will plant, the long range is for warm weather all this week, except today.

Took a trip to the Farmers market downtown on Saturday, and picked up a few more plants. but will probably have to get a few more once I plant and see what kind of room is left in the pots.

It sure was good to read about the trip Lisa, it sounds like you had a great time. congratulations on your new job for the summer. That must feel wonderful. Looking forward to being in Kelowna for the commmencement.

Anne and Allison and I were talking and think that this would be a good place to share authors and books. So I have one that I want to post, here name is Louise Penny, and the series is set in Quebec, with Insp Armand Gamache, and the series is called the Three Pine Series, so far only two books, but well worth reading. For people in Edmonton, the Library has both of them.


Friday, May 25, 2007


Last week Wednesday we had a rugby game in Red Deer against Hunting
Hills. It was really really hot out and the water there tasted really
bad- like sulfur. It was a really fun game though. And we won!! 83-0!!!
It was pretty amazing. They were not a very good team, mostly rookies.
It was really fun. I didn't get any tries, but I had some good runs and

This past Wednesday we played Rimbey. It was really wet.
We lost 5-0, which is the closest game we have ever played. That is
only one try to none. It was probably the best game I have played yet,
so that was good. My coach said I did really good. It was really cold,
though, and it even snowed a bit. When I walked I could feel the water
squishing in my shoe. But it was fun. Because that game was so close,
we may get to go to playoffs, and if we beat Rimbey there, go to provincials. That would be really cool.

have to go to work now. Pirates of the Caribbean is coming out today,
so it will be really busy. I am not really looking forward to that.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Though I understood most people in Newfoundland, I sure had a hard time undertanding my seatmate. I kept saying pardon? He spoke so quickly and his accent was different then some others. And one time Allison and I were in a convenience store, and the 2 men in front of us were having a conversation about something, I have no idea what as I couldn't make out a single word.

All done

Mom and I are back home after a long flight and day travelling. I am sure glad we went, Nfld was well worth seeing and now Richard and I can go back and see the rest of the Atlantic provinces and Perhaps Nfld again.
We went to Trinity, which may be one of the most picturesque places I have seen. And so very, very, cold. we ate corn and fish chowder at an inn there that happened to be open, the season doesn't start until June, and given the weather, we could see why. The wind was blowing like crazy and damp cold is really chilly. We then went to Cape Bonavista. Which was windier and colder! But a beautiful town. we drove back to St. John's along the coast, and the waves were crashing along the beaches and on the rocks like crazy. It was spectacular. I really don't know how the people who went there as fishers managed to stick it out. As the saying goes, it is a beautiful, terrible place. I would really like to go back and see some more of it.
Our flight back went fine. The plane from St. John's had a lot of men going back to Alberta to work. My seatmate from St. John's to Toronto was going to Ft McMurray after his 8 days off to work for another 20. He and his family lived in a little place, that we passed through or close to on our way back from Cape Bonavista. I said it must be difficult doing this, and he said his buddy was 230 miles out on the Atlantic ocean right now fishing crab and he decided to do this to make a living instead. I felt sad looking at all these men going off to work in another province when at least in this man's situation, his heart was totally in Nfld. as we landed in Toronto, he was shaking his head, looking at all the haze/smog, saying, 'You'd never see this in Newfoundland'
So, I feel very fortunate to have seen a totally different part of Canada. I would suggest that if any of you have the opportunity go! It is a very different experience, and is beautiful and charming without any contriving.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Some things to note

Nfld seems like northern BC/AB, when inland, scubby, trees, lots of rocks and water. Yet, the people drive cars, not trucks. And driving down the road we come across a couple cars parked in the middle of nowhere, seemingly. Then look to the side and there's a lake with the people fishing.

The fishing villages look exactly like you'd think they would, houses going up a hill, boats by the water, a church with a graveyard, General Store, post office, lobster traps. Very pretty.

people all had their laundry out on the line today. Mom and I wonder if it's because it's Monday?

We went to Cape St. Mary's bird ecological sanctuary. It was awesome! We walked along a trail in the fog, it looked like I pictured the moors. grasses, shrubby trees, moss, rocks, slightly rolling hills. Cliff on 1 side that went a looonnggg way down. There were sheep grazing on the hills and down the cliff as far as the grass grew. Then we got to the end of the trail, about a mile. And it was this point, ending in a cluster of rocks, about 6 feet wide, narrowing to, oh a foot, and then a few hundred feet down. This picture would ahve been taking from where we stood, except it was foggy when we were there. And note there are no fences or barriers. My fear of heights was in full force. I kept clutching Mom and Allison to make sure they didn't move any closer. And water and waves crashing below. With a billion birds. Or so. Seabirds nesting in the cliffs. Gannets, kittiwakes, razor billed auks. It was amazing. The big rock thing in front of us had hundreds of birds there.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Whale watching

we went whale watching today, though there were no whales to be watched. we did see a lot of puffins though, which are as cute as they look in postcards. We went to Witless Bay ecological sanctuary on the boat, which has a lot, and I mean a lot, of birds.
We also went to cape Spear the most easterly point in N America. V windy and beautiful. Today is a lot warmer, about 12 degrees and we were able to walk in St. John's without a coat on! Though when whale looking, we had toques and gloves on.
We aren't having any trouble understanding people, but there are sure a lot of different dialects. I like listening to the speech as it sounds so different, lilting.
people also hang out on stoops a lot and in doorways, watching the world go by. And we get called 'deary' by everyone.
And I think I like cities better when they haven't been planned to death. the houses here are all sort of jumbled together, with roads not necessarily following where you'd think they'd go. we are going to Quidi Vidi (pronounced Kiddy Viddy) tomorrow where there is a part of an old fishing village and old brewery, which makes Nfld beer. And we also want to see some open houses as I really want to see the inside of some of these old places.

Friday, May 18, 2007

many phone calls

So though we are 3000 miles from Kelowna, scheduling from the hospital has found me! Which is good actually, as I want the hours. However, having the phone ring in the middle of the night initially freaks me out. (the scheduling person doesn't start until 4pm Pacific time, and called me at 1am). Richard called the night before to tell me about the hours, but he didn't get the message from them until 930pm=130am Nfld time.

Also, I got the temporary .75 position posted for the summer! The manager from psychaitry also got a hold of me here to tell me this. he apologized for calling on my holidays, but I was quite happy to hear from him. I get benefits with the temp position which is great. I am a happy woman!

Allison also called last night at 1030 pm. To say that her flight from Ottawa had been delayed, so that she missed her connection to St. John's. So she won't get into Nfld. until 2 pm today. Which is perfectly fine for us as we were planning on travelling north a bit, and everything is close northerly, so leaving a bit later will work out fine for us all.

Mom and enjoyed the Rooms yesterday, and walked around downtown some more. It is such a beautiful city and people are very friendly, everyone says hello as they pass by on the street, well excpet on the main roads where you are passing people by all the time.

Also to note, potatoes are served with everything! Including French toast? And a lot of them. I must have gotten 1.5 lbs worth with my French toast this morning.

the houses are all painted different colours and are right beside the road, no front yard at all.

There are at least 4 large cathedral type churches here, but the Catholics win hands down for the biggest, though the Anglicans are a close 2nd.

Mom and I went for breakfast this morning, then went to the crafts co-op, where I got Richard a gift. Then for a walk along the harbour, which is pretty hilly. It is a good thing that Mom is in shape, though she is having a rest while I update this, while we wait for Allison to arrive.

Good birthday

Another birthday has come and gone. I can't seem to make them drag out for a week or two like Anne does, but I did get a couple of days out of the whole situation. On my actual birthday Geoff was in Calgary, Sam was working and Grace had a rugby game in Red Deer. But some of my co-workers took me out for lunch and there was a surprise there - Bonnie, the person whose job I now have, was in town for a couple of days and had lunch with us. And of course at The Mountaineer you always get a birthday cake and presents! Great place to work.
Last night we went out for supper as everyone was home. Tim joined us. Grace had made me a cake so that was great. And I got good presents. That's what it's all about, right?
Mom, those little dog sculptures are so cool! It was exciting opening up such a big parcel. And Lisa I love the picture frames. Very cool as well.
Jude's coming this weekend and we are looking forward to her visit. Anne and some buddies are going to be out at the cabin for the weekend. Rem had a special request for a Geoff breakfast so we'll at least see them on Monday for that. Hope the weather is better than being forecast.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I's the by

Here we are in Nfld! It is pretty interesting to be in a part of Canada, yet feel like it is totally different from any other area of the country. It actually feels like being in a different country, with some strangely familiar things. Like signs etc. And I feel very different with my accent. As soon as I speak, I feel like a big sign lights up above my head saying "I'm from away"

It is cold with the wind, but with my windbreaker, I'm actually quite fine. (and a sweater underneath). And when the sun comes out, it feels nice and warm.

our flight here went well, though long. Allison picked us up from the airport at 1100 pm. I managed to sleep 3 hours on the plane which decreased the boredom factor of traveling. The next day we went for breakfast, poked around a little bit and then Allison left for her flight to Ottawa and returns tonight. Mom and walked around St. John's, looking in stores and bought some stuff. I got a spectacular toque with ear flaps and a puffin on the front of it! Lots and lots of knitted stuff. Beautiful sweaters. one store is called NONIA, and was started in the beginning of the century as a non-profit to make money to provide nursing services to outport communities. Our hotel has a great view of the harbour, though our particular room does not! This means a steep climb back to our abode, luckily mom is in good shape.

Mom and i plan to do a walking tour of St. John's today and also go to The Rooms.
Allison has the car at the airport as they wouldn't let another driver without charging like $30/day.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm not going anywhere

Well, I've been thinking things over since I got back from ACPO, and I'm going to wait a year before going back to school. I talked to the boss today, and I can stay on at the Cathedral. I think this will give a great oppertunity to get a lot more experience working at the church. Also-more money. Anyway, I'm pretty sure this is the right decision, and I think I'll be glad to stay in one place for more than eight months at a go. The fact that it's the middle of May and I've not actually applied yet was considered as well. I'm also sort of hoping to be able to figure out some kind of distance/alternate education at the Cathedral, and get credit for it at seminary.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy MOther's Day!

Happy Mother's day to Mom, Theresa, and Laura.

Have a great day

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I like people who do my dishes

Barb was here on the weekend. It was, of course, very nice to see her. She couldn't come to Feast, but then called Saturday morning to ask if she could stay Saturday night. Of course that wasn't a problem, but we went to Wetaskiwin to visit Bern all day Saturday and then I had a wedding to attend - so the (enormous piles of) dishes from Friday night weren't exactly what you'd call done. Barb was very gracious about it despite the fact that every dish in the house was pretty much dirty...

The wedding was extremely small-town Albertan (by which I mean held in the basement of the Legion, with wood paneling, a steam table full of roast beef and mashed potatoes and those terrifyingly efficient Legion ladies bustling around nicking your plate as soon as you weren't guarding it). (Also the wedding cake was that fruitcake stuff with the stiff white icing that comes off in a sheet on top). (AND they played the Chicken Dance, the Macarena and several polkas!) Had a lot of fun, though. Afterwards, I came home to find every single dish in the house washed. Barb is officially the best houseguest ever. She didn't even get to EAT that meal! (Too bad - in my opinion at least it was great).

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Well, I just got back from the Advisory Commitee on Postulants for Ordination. It was all weekend, and pretty stressful. Keep an eye on my blog for a description of the weekend, but I wanted let everyone know how it turned out.

The recommendation was that I should be allowed to stand for ordination!! All I have to do now is three years of theological school.... Anyway, I'm pretty exhauseted right now, but it was a huge step forward.

Anne's Friday Feast

Anne invited me to her house for feast. It was lovely, a little outside my comfort zone since the only people I thought I would know there were Anne and Stef (and that turned out to be the case), and while I like to meet new people, it does take me a while to kind of warm up and talk to people. The food was delicious, I was totally impressed the Anne made gnocchi from scratch, something I would never even think of doing. The attendees were very friendly and made me feel welcome, so that was good too. It is also good to put a face to a name, and see if my imagination is correct, and people look like I think they should. Mostly they do not.

Laura was in town on Thursday night, on her way to the big K. I think the last time I saw her was at Folk Fest, seems like a very long time. We went out for supper with Allison, and got all cought up on the news and events in the Long's world. I did not get up to say good bye on Friday morning, as her flight was leaving at 7:00 am, but did hear the door close at around 5, so knew she had gotten on her way. She will be back on Tuesday, and staying with me again, so that way I will get all the uptodate Kelowna news.

Last week, Geoff was also in town and Anne, Jim Allen from Rocky, Geoff and I all went to the Bua Thai for supper. We each ordered a dish, and shared. It is good to go out with someone new in the crowd, because then you get to try something new, instead of the same old (but delicious) standby's. Jim ordered a dish called Long Song, which tasked like a beef satay, but it was not on a skewer. So all in all last week was busier for me than most, and I got some great meals.

Back at work last week, and it went OK. I felt ready to go back and found that I was feeling much more like my old self. We had rain last week and the grass here is bright greeen, I can see some of the leaves coming out on the trees, and in some of the gardens I can see things coming up and blooming. Spring is on it's way, and it really helps to lift my spirits.

That is all the news from here.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Slightly edgy

Actually, I don't have nay reason to be, I think it's just left over from working a lot and starting a new job.

Change, I do not adore thee.

Anyway, my orientation went well, and I think I managed to carry off the whole yes-really-I'm-a-nurse thing. A doctor called the ward looking for Nurse Lisa. He's a funny man.

We are looking forward to seeing Laura! I have most of the time she's here off, so it will be good times.

I hung laundry up yesterday, as we were needing rain, and it worked. Maybe I can go to southern Alberta this summer to help them out?