Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Family Ramblings

I see that everyone is gradually back intoposting. Welcome back Laura - even before you went cruisin' we had heard nothing from you. Glad you had a good trip and came back on speaking terms with everyone - pictures would be nice. Jim says he's on the blog now and has been reading it all if not posting, says he's been very busy.
As Lisa said it's very cold here too - not -40 to be sure but with the wind chill close to -30 and we are just not used to it. I have hardly been out of the house for a week, just a couple of times to the mail box. Have been wondering if Anne and Allison are walking to work all layered up or if they have been forced onto public transit.
I have had a bout of stomach flu and consequently have not been very energetic - just think I'm back to normal and it's something else.
The good news for me is that while we've had several snow storms, my good neighbors have kept my drive shovelled - I will really miss them when they go.
I go to the doc next week for a check up and am hoping she can tell me why I'm drooping around like a wet noodle when I should be housecleaning and shopping etc in anticipation of Christmas. I just noticed that Calgary has warmed up quite a bit and hope the rest of the province has done the same.
You will have your new premier on the weekend - are you all excited? Theresa, did you get Ramona's letter that I forwarded or think I forwarded?
Love from mom and grandmaFamily Ramblings

Thanks Anne

I have finally gotten a new password so I can post again. We had a wonderful time on our cruise. However, 60 degrees different in the tempurature in one day is too much. Everyone had a good time. I have to say that I love sailing. We went snorkeling the fish were incredible colours. Henry went zip lining over the rain forest and parasailing. Teh food was super and lots of it. We are still friends with John and Allyson. Once I figure out how to attach pictures I will try and do that so you can see us in our laid back not sending postcards style. Love to all and I must get back to work break is over. Laura


I am assuming nobody is posting because our fingers are all frozen. The Alberta contingent, anyway. MAN, it is cold out there! But at least I got to email all my antipodean friends (wimps!) and tell them how cold it was. They are unable to fathom -40C. I have been adding a few more layers every day and think I am finally to the point that I am impervious to the cold... or nearly, anyway. But it's getting very hard to move.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Family Ramblings

Allison, I don't think you dress like a 50s cartoon or for that matter all that much a 50s anything. Females were so badly paid then that they had only a very few outfits, all dark - the dry cleaning you know and very modest so they would not corrupt the morals of their young clients orbe a temptation to men and drive them mad with passion!
I do not wear many dark clothes partly to get even with mother-in-law and partly to pretend that I am not almost77 - would like to think I'm more like 30!
Mom and grandmaFamily Ramblings

What's your favourite funny Dad memory?

So, what is it?

Mine is:
I was at Capri shopping Centre and saw this man walking towards me. He had on a ratty green corduroy coat on, a Mack trucks toque, jeans, big square framed glasses, brown work boots. As he walked towards me from a distance I thought,"Oh another homeless man". As he drew closer and waved, I realized "that was no homeless man. That's Dad!"

Although it may also be when he and Mom went over to their friend's (who were visiting from out of town) sister's house. The sister grew pot. Dad said "I never understood the big deal about smoking pot" while they were visiting. The sister offered Dad some. He went home and made tea out of it, drank it, Mom asked how it was. Dad said "It tastes like drinking old leaves and I didn't get anything out of it" He was, I think, 74 at the time. I found out a few months later he had done it, and both he and Mom were smirking when they told me the story!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Family Ramblings

I see everyone has been super busy with flooring, fundraising, hockey and so on. I've been pretty lazy, still not real energetic, but getting there.
The new floor sounds lovely - probably worth losing a pound of flesh over, Geoff. The good thing about a big, well trained family is all the free labor happily contributed to these big projects. Was also glad to hear that the craft fair went well and that it was successful for you, Geoff. Has the warm weather stayed in Alberta? It's been pretty warm here, but rather windy, which I truly hate. Some of the neighbors have their Christmas lights up and have been thinking about it, but decided it was too windy. Today looks good but the Renew Crew is coming so have to box up stuff for them and will run out of time'. Oh well, there's still lots of time.
Was amused by the Slovak instructions to librarians - now that sounds pretty familiard to anyone who had a Slovak mother-in-law, the Slovaks are great at handing out instructions on what others should do - Betty, you should not be wearing bright colors, now you're a married lady you should wear black and brown - and you're skirts are too short. And imagine wearing a white hat to a funeral - what will the other people think? and on and on. Somehow I think their librarians dress like a 50s cartoon of a librarian, but that may just be catty.
I will get some help from Lisa next time she is here to research the L53 t-shirts and decide if I want some. They may be nice stocking stuffers or not. Still have not signed up for a computer course.
Had a really nice message from Ramona - full of news of their family. Fred and Christine are living with her for a bit - probably look for their own space in Jan. They seem to be adjusting to a new town and new circumstances (with a little help from Ramona). She is such a great person.
Well, off to the cupboards and closets for my donation - Jude must be really busy, have not seen anything from her for some time. Laura, either but she is still sailing the Caribbean - they get home Sunday, I think

Love from MomFamily Ramblings

Super Fantastic T-Shirt Extravaganza

Hey, here are the shirts from the Latitude 53 t-shirt subscription fundraiser we are doing. $100 for 4 shirts (first white, others in different colours). They can be purchased by going here. We are trying 'viral marketing' so encouraging people to blog about the shirts and see if we get any hits that way (otherwise known as pressuring family and friends to support L53).

I think the remaining Ferreys in the original Ferrey household should take out a family subscription, and then they'd each get one! I predict:
Sam - floating eyes baby
Theresa - I [heart] fundraising monster
Geoff - musketeers
Grace - dachshunds

Monday, November 20, 2006

Current Awareness: Good Dress Sense for Librarians

Hey all -- who knew the Slovaks had their fingers on the pulse of what is important for librarians!? I got this in a table of contents service that arrives in my inbox...

TI: Title
Spolocenske postavenie a imidz kniznicno-informacneho pracovnika.
[Social position and image of library and information staff.]
AU: Author
Petercova, Stefania
SO: Source
Kniznica, vol. 7, no. 6-7, pp. 12-14, 2006
DE: Descriptors
Library staff; Information work; Social aspects
AB: Abstract
Discusses the changing role of libraries and argues that, in the
future, libraries will have to provide analytical services in addition
to delivering information and library services. Considers the
importance of library staff image, which is a perception of features,
which - in turn - require some effort to acquire. The platform for
positive image includes several attributes, including the ability to
communicate effectively, good general knowledge, self-confidence,
empathy, self-control, helpfulness and a degree of good dress sense.
Original article in Slovak.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Family Ramblings

Family Ramblings
Never again will I utter a disparaging word about Geoff's air compressor. We got lots of use out of it while we were laying the new floor. The same goes for all his power tools. He had a tool for every situation we faced. Anyway, the floor is pretty well done except for a bit of edging and looks good. It worked out well that Geoff and I both had a long weekend last week. And the kids were a good help. When Grace and I left Sunday afternoon for a hockey game in Stettler Tim was helping Geoff do the nailing. When we got home 7 hours later Sam was doing the nailing. We are going to leave the tiling until after Christmas. It will probably take till then to get rid of all the dust from the old floor.
Geoff just got home from the craft sale. He did pretty well. He always enjoys being there and chatting with people. He didn't do very well last year but that was when he got that commission for those big pieces he did this summer so actually it did work well. Grace went and helped him all day.
Warm weather yesterday and today. The snow is going.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Family Ramblings

did that post re the Wensinks massage parlor in the back bedroom go thru? Makes one wonder what's going on there/amily Ramblings

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Family Ramblings

I can't find if I reported on my visit to the head and neck doctor, sometimes I type stuff out and then forget to mouse publish or whatever. Anyway , everything was ok and have just one more visit and then the 5 years are up. It seems to me that all I've been sending is boring health stuff and even I am getting tired of it. When Lisa is busy blaming parents for all her psychiatric things, she can add hypochondria to them! Anyway things are improving with me but don't bounce back as well these days. Are you all enjoying cold and snow? It's been pretty decent here this week altho' they keep promising more rain and wind, its not happening - pretty bad at the coast tho'

Love from momFamily Ramblings

Thought for the Day

Psychiatry enables us to correct our faults by confessing our parent's shortcomings.

No offense Mom.

Needles went well. Even poking those who had to bring emotional support with them. I think I gave about 12, not all that many. I think last time I gave about 20-25.

I love that woman running the clinic.

OK, back to stupid take home test. Example of question:
describe the realtionship between mindfulness and awareness. What happens when we 'let go'? Relate this to your nursing practice. How can mindfulness influence your nursing practice?

Bad Attitude Lisa

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nurses + Beer = Gossip

Just came back from a nursing fundraiser. Burger and beer for $10, and $6 went to nursing course union. Who could lose? Plus I got Richard's beer b/c he doesn't drink.

So now am slightly fuzzy. Cheap date. And my throat is sore from shouting.

Bill Clinton was great. He is a charismatic speaker and honestly makes you feel like 'Yes, I can make a difference! Yes, the world will become a better place' Sounds like a nursing course.

Except he is waaayyy more appealing.

Still trying to slog through my courses. Made an appt. to talk with the prof of the course that is driving me slowly insane. Allison told me that I had to be nice. I said 'Why would you think I wouldn't be?' "Because you're mad at him' True I am, but am trying to think of ways to express myself without voicing the "silent scream" "trapped inside me" as one article says and I quoted in class. Though the article referred to feeling that way about being trapped in the healthcare system, I am feeling that way about being trapped inside a Self & Others class.

In other news...Richard and I enjoyed our trip to Nakusp. Weather was cool and rainy, hotsprings were hot and wet. All was well with the world.

Lots o' snow in the mountains. Beautiful, and roads were bare, except for a few slushy sections.

Richard has his new massage table! So, now our spare bedroom is set up as a massage room and we managed to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Win/win as we know I am always happy to declutter. Though it sometimes feels as if we move clutter from 1 area to another. I do know we got rid of some stuff though as there is a pile waiting to go to SHARE and a garbage bag and recycling bags I dragged to alley. I do end up feeling wasteful throwing stuff in the garbage though. I feel much better when I can give it to a 2nd hand store.

Have to give more flu shots tomorrow at the hospital. Last set at extended care went well. Gave lots of needles and the nurse running the clinic is incredibly sweet. She gave me a hug at the end of the day. She's short, round, and very reassuring. If I were sick I'd want her as my RN. Hopefully tomorrow goes just as well. Giving needles is fun. I am surprised how many people have a fear of them. And just so you all know, I got my flu shot too.

had a group meeting to try and finish some projects etc we have to do. Feeling like there is a lot we have to get done. At least I know my group will all contribute and we are all doing our part. Still at this time of year, I feel like shouting, "No I can't possibly take on another thing right now thank you very much" Yes, end of semester. Like mid-semester, but with more urgency.

Richard made breakfast for the group, pannekoeks. With assorted fruit etc. Delicious. We still have a lot of batter to make more pannekoeken. Those Dutch people must be very hearty eaters judging by their recipe quantities. Had usual, pre arrival of people panic. There is no way we could open up a restaurant and stay married.

Luckily I will be a nurse and he a massage therapist. Thank heavens for health care.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

home, chipboard, and a new basement

I figured I was long overdue for a post, so here it goes. Yes I made it back from Europe, so thank you to everyone who sent welcoming back posts. It kind of sucks to not be travelling anymore, but on the same stroke it's really nice.... uh, to not be travelling anymore. I think for my next trip, actually I know for my next trip, it will not be a five person expidition. Too many decisions to be made in too short of time to have to get 5 people agreeing. Anyway, I rediscovered that I am the worst sufferer of jet lag on the face of the planet. This actually worked out okay, though, because when I was helping dad remove the chip board in the middle of the afternoon, it felt like the evening, and I was more apt to work. The minute I walked into my house after arriving back in Rocky, my roomate Barry, who I also work with, mentioned that my boss had been snooping around, trying to find out when I landed. Someone spilled the beans, and he wanted to me to work the next day. After spending 23 hours awake, I figured he could go fly a kite. He continued to call me all through the weekend, wanting me to work each day, and when I finally went back to work on the monday, I discovered that the job he had been hounding me to do was not even ready to start. *sigh* I live a hard life.
Anyway, I see that mom had posted the news about my basement being redone. I am really excited about that, and have been spending at least a few minutes a night wandering around down there deciding what I want to do with the place. The contractors said the insurance company will only pay to rebuild what was already there, but there are some electrical and plumbing issues that I am going to attempt to resolve before the walls go back up.
Anyway, in any case it was a cool suprise when I go home, and I will keep everyone informed as to how the renovations proceed

Friday, November 10, 2006


Steph pointed out last night that her comments weren't posting. Turns out I somehow managed to turn comments moderation on by accident and there were a whole swack of comments waiting to be approved. oops. If you had trouble posting, it should now be fixed. And if this brings on a slew of comment spam (and no Steph, that wasn't referring to you), I will turn word verification on.

In other news, I am home sick today... but since I can connect to the office I have been working anyway. It's cool in a way since I am not out of the loop, but in another way it's almost better to not be able to get in touch at all and just be sick in peace. Ah, technology.

Family Ramblings

To bring you all up to date - went to the doc yesterday and the decision is that I have had a viral infection which seemed to make my whole body go weird. Blood pressure and pulse are both back to normal and the ct scan and last tests showed nothing wrong, our resident expert on all things medical tells me that an infection (viral) can do strange things to all parts of your body. Anyway, I'm to stay on the bp pills for a month then go back to see her - she says I'll probably be able to go off them within a couple of months. So all is well here. Richard and I are going for flu shots today and have an appt with my head and neck guy next week - just a regular checkup. Just one after this and my 5 years will be up. So goes my social life - one medical thing after another. Am just mad that all this happened as it made me forget that I would like to get tickets to hear Bill Clinton speak this evening and take the Wensinks, but so it goes.
Sorry to hear that you are not able to go home this weekend Jude. Know you were looking forward to it and the chocolate weekend. But Alberta would be dull after a place where dead folks run the country !
If you read this Laura - bon voyage, is it Thurs that you are leaving? Happy travels to Wilf and Henry too.Love to all-momFamily Ramblings

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dead Woman Wins County Race

Hey Judith, Woonsocket is in the news!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Librarians + Beer = Discussion

We had a fun new initiative at our professional assn. at work -- started by, ahem, me, amongst others -- we are doing a librarians' discussion group where we meet maybe once a month, have a pint, and talk about trends in 'information' (where it doesn't have to be anchored to our work functions, hence no one can say, yeah but I don't want to change my job...). We thought it would help us think bigger.

So this time around, we talked about research space and what changes in a mostly digital environment. It was very interesting -- everything from the layout of a library to whether people feel the same sense of 'immersion' when they are faced by a million+ google hits (do they even see what's beyond the first page?) compared to being surrounded by stacks and stacks of books.

All I know is that when I went to library school and felt stressed about the amount of work I had, I would go into the PS 8000s to calm myself down. It worked.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

out with the old, in with the new

Floors, that is. We have been working on preparing the floor for the new hardwood flooring. We have to not only take off the old linoleum but the pro-board stuff underneath. That pro-board is not really board; it's just wood fibres held together by glue. It is nailed and glued down to the subfloor. That's like wearing a raincoat and umbrella if you ask me. The problem with doing the lifting is the glue. We have been able to lift the board up by taking out the nails without too much problem but anywhere it is glued it just rips away so we have these long strips of fibreboard along the glue lines. They have to go before we lay the hardwood. And the only way to get rid of them is to chip them away with a hammer and chisel. I have been apologizing to Geoff all week for getting us started on this (because there is no turning back now), but I stopped apologizing when I realized that it was Geoff "Super Glue" Ferrey who put all that glue there when we added to the house 17 years ago.
The good news is that our friend Ray who is a housebuilder says that we should be able to just pull up the linoleum where we want to tile - it will be ok to leave the pro-board.
Went to a dinner and silent auction fundraiser for the Christian School last night. We bought a few things, one of them a load of wood for the lake. It was fun, but weird not to be in the kitchen helping out. I guess those years are over for me.
Tim came over on Wednesday night with European presents for us. He helped quite a bit last week with the floor. Some renovation guys were at his house last week tearing out the parts of the basement damaged by his sewer backup last summer. So it looks as if the insurance company will be paying for a new basement (at least part of it) for him. Too bad we didn't realize they would do that, Daphne could have a new basement years ago.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Should be writing

But I'm not!

I seem to have recovered from my earlier school breakdown. I hate feeling crabby. Well, not all the time, sometimes it's satisfying to be crabby, but not for any longer than an hour or 2. Plus as Lucy notes in the comic strip I have on the fridge, being crabby makes you hungry. I have been eating waaayyyy too many sweet things, an indication that I was tired and irritable.

Richard and I are planning on going to the hotsprings during reading week. Yay! Either Nakusp or Ainsworth. Nakusp is closer, but haven't been to Ainsworth for several years.

He is enjoying his classes and is past the midsemester weeks of hell. We managed to go out for a walk down the Mission creek Greenway a couple days ago as we both had the afternoon off. It was a beautiful fall day. Sunny, trees all golden, blue sky, pleasantly cool. Then it snowed yesterday, which I like, but still have a pile of leaves that need to be composted. It's melting today.

Mom is doing fine, though still tired. (just in case you don't believe her post and think she is putting on a brave face) I kind of feel that I let the side down as when she said that she was feeling tired and had heart palpitations I wasn't thinking OK you should go see the Dr. Not that she needed me to say that, right Mom? Then when she was in emerg, I still wasn't thinking really clearly. I don't think it was because of that particular situation, I think it had more to do with my general feeling of tiredness/crabbiness. Of course, all turned out fine, and Richard was able to think clearly for the 2 of us.

Classes are fine, though 1 in particular is becoming extremely irritating. It is a shame as it is actually a class that I normally like a lot (Self and Others), and I do like the prof, as I had him last year for another. However, he seems to not know what the 'H E double hockey sticks' (that's for you Theresa & Judith) he's doing in this class. We sit there for 3 hours and at the end of it, I have no more knowledge/insight than I did at the beginning. Plus there is a weird undercurrent in the class, with him telling us way too much personal stuff about his relationships and I feel like somehow he is exposing his emotional baggage. The whole thing is uncomfortable and I would like to go to the other prof's classes as I hear she's good. Maybe I'll just do that? As Richard noted, I should be addressing this with him, but how to do it? What do I say? Richard's right, it needs to be addressed, but how do you tell your prof you don't want to hear all this stuff and that he's seemingly clueless?


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Family Ramblings

Family Ramblings

This one's for the Mamacita

I heard from Laura that Mom was accusing me of never phoning OR posting -- so this post goes out to you, Mom.

I'm glad you went to the doctor when you felt unwell, and am NOT sorry you let us all know -- it is important we know this! But are you feeling wiped out and a bit shaky? It's all really unexpected.

Kay happened to call me last night & I let her know how you were, Mom. She soudned relieved that you could go home.

Laura and I had a wonderful dinner at Sorrentino's & a super visit. I ate tenderloin in puff pastry with a blueberry reduction sauce overtop, and coconut milk polenta. Slurp. I had gone home from work sick earlier that day but was very pleased I did not need to cancel work. She showed me photos from their land in Canuso -- gorgeous! And we talked about enviro-building (straw bale, solar panels, etc.) which they want to do but they are pretty expensive.

This weekend & Monday were mostly Latitude stuff for me -- I helped out with grantwriting and a bit of volunteer stuff and I am completely worn out. Not as much as Todd, I bet. Tonight I am going to watch Bride and Prejudice, and C.R.A.Z.Y. while lying in bed.

First snow is gorgeous! I love it. Even if it is part of the reason I am sick. Cats are angrily racing around the house because they can't go outside due to cold.

This is a boring post; but it will keep your blood pressure low.

Family Ramblings

Hello all: I guess Lisa called everyone on Mon night and reported on my medical shennanigans - to recap, I have been feeling something in my chest, not pain, but a tightness around the ribes, shortness of breath and a fast heartbeat (all sporadic) so went for a checkup at noon on Mon. She told me to go to the hospital lab for some blood work and a ekg, so I trtted off and by the time I got home at 2:30 the office called and said to get to emergency - they had results of tests and something was positive for something. I checked and my BP was 201/93 - me who has never had high blood pressure. So I sat down for the wait - it was really busy in the ER wjich meant a long wait - Richard came down after school to wait with me - Lisa was at school followed by a meeting. After 5 hours I got into a cubicle and their doc said they suspected a blood clot - also my Bp was still around the same and he wanted a chest xray. By then BP had dropped a bit- nothing showed on the xray so there was no big clot but he ordered a catscan which I am still waiting for, gave me a shot of blood thinner and a BP pill - wich was down to 190/87 by then. So I came home, hungry as hadn't eaten since breakfast , slept well and went the drug store in the AM for meds and to check my BP which was normal-130/83 and 118/80 within a 1/2 hr. now i'm waiting for the catscan lab to call with an appt and taking it very easy. I am really sorry that I worried everyone, but honestly have been taking care of myself and can't imagine what happened to the BP. I'll see me own gp next week - I know she felt it was a heart episode of some sort. In the meantime am taking it very easy , I was feeling kind of tired before and the Beta blocker has increased that, took out the garbage and recycling this AM which wore me to a frazzle! Will keep you posted and feel there is no need to worry, I am being careful and the Wensinks have an eagle eye on me.
Love to allFamily Ramblings