Saturday, January 28, 2017


We met Henry and Allyshea in Jasper for a weekend get away. We have a very nice air bob place in the town. Yesterday we went to the Jasper Park Lodge and swam in their pool Wilf and I forgot our bathing suits so we bought their disposable ones, got for 6 uses, kind of made out of paper.  Also  used the hot tub and used the steam room, then a delicious lunch, we walked about town and took in the sights.  Today we are going for a hike and will take in the festival downtown complete with fireworks. Very relaxing.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Happy Birthday Mom

Friday, January 06, 2017

first week of January

Went back to work this week, no so bad as it was only 3 days.
 We booked a weekend in Jasper for Henry, Allyshea and us for the end of January. Looks like it is pretty nice, got good reviews. Lots of places totally booked up, skiers I guess.
there looks like lots to do there and so we are really looking forward to it.
  I caught a cold this week, makes me pretty croaky but it is the weekend and Wilf can spoil me, haha.

 I ordered a dress off from Cherry Velvet and it came today, I really like it and it has pockets too.   it is red so will go with my shoes.
we have had snow for the last  2 days so lots of shoveling, Wilf has been doing it because of my cold, so something good comes of everything.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Road Trip to the Hat

Grady and I took a little road trip to the Hat to spend New Years Eve with the cousins. It takes abour 5 hours to get there withoutany stops, so kind of long. But Grady did really well, When we were approaching Strathmore,on the way there and the way back he fell asleep for a couple of hours, so that worked out good. He had a good time playing with his cousins, and they also have lots of games and toys, so no time to get bored. Night times he got a little homesick. Everyone in MH are well. Did not see Raeann, she was working, and Hannah has a job as a nanny in Edmonton, so missed her too.
Plans are coming along for the anniversary. It will be held at the hotel Raeann works at. Christmas was good, little quiet, but we played lots of games and ate lots, and lots of visiting.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Tree Down, House Clean

Decorations are down and house is clean! Good way to start new year! The amount of needles was extraordinary! We got a blue spruce this year, and tree was nice, but there were a ton of needles. I looked in the mirror after taking it out and saw needles on my face, glasses, and hair.
Richard has a bad cold and worked until 730, so we didn't do anything for New Years  except eat applies and watch a movie. Which is good with me!
Poor RW had terrible cold, coughing, stuffed up, had a fever. Am trying to convince him to call in sick.
We had good visit with our companies! Sad to see them go.
It is blowing like crazy out there, cold front moving in. Last one, our cold water kitchen sink froze, and the washing machine pipes.
Those stupid maple keys are all over our yard, street in front of us, and at moms. I like the trees but could do without the seeds
Post seems to be have some tree complaining in it