Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Job

The new job at the church is going well. Every one there is really nice, which helps a lot. It's a bit overwhelming meeting all the people that go there, and help out, and they all expect you to remember who they are. It's been crazy busy though, since they decided that on Sunday one of the regular services will be a Solomn High Mass for the Presentation of Christ at the Temple. This means a whole lot extra in the bulletin (which I create). Wouldn't be too much trouble but a) we only found this out yesterday
b) we didn't know exactly what to put in, and had to keep waiting for Logan to be done his various meetings. It's been a bit of a baptism by fire, but I'm keeping on top of it, and really enjoy the work.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Big ruse indeed!

Well remember a few posts back when we wrote that the suite was rented to a 40 something Christian woman who was an activity co-ordinator for an extended care home? Yes... the one who bikes, takes the bus and prints out information on recycled paper. Well Lisa asked the question ...could there be anyone better... or is it all a big ruse. Turns out we got our answer this morning.

She called this morning (Sunday 28th) around 10:30 (shouldn't she have been in church?) to tell us she was not going to move into the suite. Long story short her job didn't pan out so she is not going to move here from Vernon. Highly doubtful that we'll be able to find someone for the 1st (except people that have been rejected everywhere else) as the earliest the ad can get into the paper is the 30th (let alone show the suite)... but you never know. We'll put in a new ad and see what happens. If we can't find anyone until the 15th I think we might be able to keep her dammage deposit (half a months rent) but we'll have to phone the Residential Tennancy Office to see about that.

Lisa has been working a fair bit this week as they continue to be short staffed at the group home. They call frequently as they are so short staffed but thankfully Lisa knows her limits. She has no problem saying no to extra shifts and does not feel any guilt about it (nor should she)! I say good for her! They really need to hire more staff. As for me, I've been studying for my Musculoskeletal test on Tuesday. Aside from that all is well. Need to do some house cleaning this afternoon.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Family Ramblings

To whoever knows how to get lost souls back onto the family blog: Jim somehow slipped off - I know this happened to Laura also and someone got her back on - anyway was talki9ng to him last night and he says wants to return to the blog , so can someone help him please?Family Ramblings

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


So, I was nominated for valedictorian today, one of 5. My question is: Do I vote for myself? I don't think I'll win anyway, and feel somewhat apprehensive about doing the speech if I did win. It's nice to be thought of, and nominated, but do I think I'd do the best job anyway? I keep thinking of Sam and wonder if I'd regret not voting for myself.

I have to decide by Friday, so am open to anyone who offers their opinion.

In other news, January is the crabbiest month for me. I would be a lot happier if I was going somewhere warm and tropical. Weep. This is also why I don't think I'd win. I'm too crabby and short tempered.

However, though I still don't have a preceptor for my community mental sounds like it will be a great experience. The manager is setting up a bunch of different types of experiences, pairing with different members of the health care team. It's exciting.

So, I don't really have any reason to be sour, I just am. Not depressed, not anxious, just crabby. Though I detect a slight improvement since Monday, so maybe things are looking up?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Family Ramblings

One of the nicest things about the holiday season is the post Christmas bundle of letters from Rocky. It's just so nice to get "landmail" from everyone and as you all write great letters full of news , I look forward to this each year.

sam, did you write your provincials yet - expect so - how did it go? Am glad you were happy with the joint gift. Before grandpa and I were married (in about 1951 or 52) I got a Bay blanket coat and wore it for years and when it was about 20 years old, your Mom nicked it and she wore it for a long time too - does she remember this? It didn't make it to the heirloom stage but certainly collectable!

It has finally quit snowing and warmed up a bit. We have a lot of snow, which I don't like much, but the ice and wind have really been annoying as they sort of limit my activities - had appts at the dentist and eye dr last week and it was awful getting around, altho I think the bus was the best way to travel. Lisa had classes cancelled on 2 days because of the weather - I didn't mind pointing out that kindergarten was not cancelled! Some of the neighbors have gotten stuck on the street - Ritchie Ct is not on the priority list for clearing and sanding , still there is a 10 foot high pile of snow in the middle of the circle. It has been years since we've had a winter like this.

Lisa and Richard are coming for lunch (she's working this afternoon and evening) so had best get organized here.

Love to all - Mom/grandmaFamily Ramblings

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I got a kick out of this. It's from a series of demotivating posters called, appropriately enough, "The Demotivators."

Although I think this one is my favourite:

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Not Very Big News at All

I think we have rented out our suite to someone. She's a 40(?) something Christian activity coordinator for an extended care. She bikes and takes the bus, prints out information on recycled paper.

Tell me, could there be anyone better?

What if this is all a big ruse?

Sunday, January 14, 2007


My friend Samantha was born in Germany, and she still has relatives there. Her family is going to vist them this summer, and she invited me to go along!It sounds like a really fun trip, we will go to where her family is, some little towm by the Black Forest. Her parents lent us a book with pictures of around there in it, and it looks really nice. All old looking buildings and stuff. We will go to Vimy Ridge, which I am really excited about, especially after learning all about it in school. Whenever we learn about those places I always want to see them for myself. She also said that she could probably convince her Grandpa to take us to Paris to go shopping and stuff. She said that he spoils her, so that sounds good to me! Her parents came over on Friday night to discuss things with mom and dad, and I guess that went well. Her parents want me to come, it was their idea, so that is really good. I guess they must like me. This will be in August, so I guess I won't be able to go to WISEST, which is unfortunate. Sorry Anne. I really want to go to Germany, especially with people who know their way around and speak the language. And I will get to take a train!

Back to school

Richard and I are both back to school this past week. I am feeling excited but nervous about the prospect of graduating. Also feeling post Christmas deflation. Friday the whole day I felt like all I wanted to do was listen to my iPod, rather than socialize with classmates during breaks. Should've gone to the library and done so! When I feel like conversations are taking too much effort into things that I am not interested in, there is little point in trying to participate half heartedly. Probably looking somewhat sour at the same time.

However the classes are interesting...learning about trauma nursing and going over all our community nursing stuff again, which I like.

Richard is pleased because he got all his final marks and did well in everything, including the exam that he was sure he had failed.

And I have been keeping up to my vow of running 3X/wk, even though yesterday was treacherous, ice everywhere, and snow on top of the ice. I am feeling the need to stuff myself with carbohydrates...winter.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I have been thinking that it will not be long before I am cruising again. This time in the OKanagan! I can hardly wait, the food is always so great on a cruise. In this time of winter and it is surely here again in SL, it is good to have something to look forward too. We had lots of snow and cold this week, it snowed so bad I got stuck in the driveway and on the street. Luckily I have nice neighbours who came and pushed me out. I will not be sad to see the global warning gone, it makes me think how cold would it be if we were not in global warming? Hope you all did not freeze where ever you are. Take care all.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Medium-Big News

I got a raise!

Turns out the girl who's maternity leave I was covering is now officially not coming back (she's off to be a yoga instructor and stay-at-home mom). Once the news was out, I got a letter saying my "salary increase reflects movement to the fully competent range on our salary grid, which is ahead of the usual schedule".

We're not talking a whopping raise (and still no benefits as of yet) but I am sure not complaining. Whee!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Big News!

Well, I'm back in Victoria, and have a job and a place to live. Also right up there on the big news schedule, I finally got the results from the committee on ordination that I met with last year, and they whole heartedly approved me for ordination. So now I have that, and the Bishop's permission (which is what really counts) and I have one more committee to get through. Still, it should all work out for me to go to school this September!


I have posted 2 or three times this AM and they all disappeared into cyberspace to my total frustration, so will try this. Watching House makes me think that the days of mustard plasters, midwives and folk medicine were not all bad

Monday, January 08, 2007


I am posting this picture of Richard and I at Big White as some friends rented a condo there and this picture looks funny to me. Diana and Rick's dog's name is Todd, and really cute. I am slightly drunk in this photo.

We had a good time!

Happy birthday to me!

Today I am 77 years old - wjile in todays world that is not so much but it sounds like a lots to me so will pass on a little history to all, I was born at home - this is a bit trite, but it was in a little log house in the woods. It was also -40 and I was not expected yet, the nearest hospital was miles away esp by horse and sleigh and the roads were blocked with snow. A neighbor lady was a mid wife from England named Mrs. Mash asnd she delivered me. It must have been hard for both mother and midwife- no power or running water or other indoor plumbing, heating by a wood stove or two, but as those sort of pioneer women did they coped and I lived. Don't know what I weighed (no scales) but always heard it wasn't much.
When I think of mother's life on the homestead, I shudder - Bill was born in Oct. of 28, me in Jan 1930' Margaret in Feb 31 and Les in Jan 32. and they had none of the conveniences we take for granted, so there she was with literally 4 babies, laundry on a scrub board, heating water on the wood stove, miles from medical care, but with her outlook she had lots of family nearby and good neighbors so that made up for everything - Pollyanna in the flesh.
Today it is 0 c here so that makes it 72 degrees warmer than that gold starred day in 1930! And I have some errands downtown, so will catch the bus, do my stuff and be home in a couple of hours. What a contrast. The only bad thing is there is about 2 inches of ice on the streets and sidewalks, but I will walk carefully. Lisa and Richard are bringing chinese for supper, whach is really nice of them considering that they already had a supper for me when Al was here. Oh well, I tell myself I deserve it!

Love to all

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Family Ramblings

Family Ramblings

When I was talking to Allison at Christmas she said she would like to hear about our cruise. So here it is.

We went with 6 other people. John, Allyson their kids Jason and Emily also two other 15 year girls. Kelsea and Michelle. it was wonderful, the teen agers were able to do what they wanted on the ship and we only saw them about once a day unless we were in port. We sailed on Jewell of the Seas, Royal Carribean one of their newest ships. It was very fancy, the adults both had a suite with a balcony and the TA's were in inside cabins. We sailed from Fort Lauderdale and stopped in San Juan Perto Rico we were there from 5 to 10pm so we just shopped and walked around. It was very old and the buildings looked like some pictures I have seen of Cuba, colorful and ornate. We then sailed to St. Maarten it is part Dutch and part French. Wilf and three of the TA's went ziplining on a canapy tour, they enjoyed it but Wilf pulled a ligament in his leg so was hobbeling (sp) when he got home, they did give him rum so he was not too bad. It did not stop him from enjoying the trip. Allyson is a nurse and John was an EMT so we were well looked after. We then went to Angua and went snorkelling and on a catameran. Next we went to St. Thomas the virgin Islands, it is a US protectorate so very American we were looking for food from the area but only found regular american fast food. Wilf and some TA's went parasailing this was a high light for a couple of kids. After that we went to Nasau the bahamas, it was quite English then back to fort Lauderdale.

I enjoy the sailing the most, it is very soothing and beautiful horizons. We had two days that we sailed all day, for the most part between ports we sailed at night. The Balcony's were the way to sail, as the rooms are small the ship has a lot fo people on it so it is good to have a place to your self.

I would recommend cruising for anyone and will go again, I would like to sail to Europe that would be terrific.

Take care everyone and have a great 2007

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Top Top Ten List of 2006

Whoa! Check this out!

Joyce is not EVEN number one!