Sunday, May 24, 2015

Christmas Draw

Theresa and I drew for Christmas
Beth has Richard
Theresa has Laura
Geoff has Jude
Jude Has Geoff
Laura has Del
Jim has Anne
Lisa has Theresa
Richard has Allison
Allison has Jim
Anne has Grace
Del has Beth
Will has Lisa 
Courtney has Will
Grace Has Courtney

Monday, May 18, 2015

Theresa Greece 2015

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Theresa

Greece 1977 Theresa's first trip to Europe

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Disneyland 1

It has been a fun trip so far. The house we are staying at has theme rooms, I am in  the finding Nemo one. We have spent 3 days at the Disney parks and even though It is not the busiest season, it is still pretty crowded. We have been Doing a combination of things for the little girls and Stuff for adults and stuff for all ages. There are a lot of fricken princesses around. None as cute as the two  in our party. The first day here We went to an outlet mall here. We have been enjoying the pool, the weather has been nice But there are showers forecast for tomorrow and Friday. Today we went to Legoland which is pretty cool. Hannah and Fred and I went on the Tower of Terror ride, lots of fun.Tomorrow morning we are going to Goofy's Breakfast, then back to California Adventure Hoping to see Buzz and  Woody.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Badger return

Will reminded me last night that I did not finish updating re our trip. Better do that so I don't forget how it all ended.
As I said, Santorini was a perfect end to it all. We had a good mix of relaxing and seeing stuff. A couple more days there would have been nice, but it was great all the same. We went on a tour of the volcano on the last day, mainly because it was a boat tour so a different view of that beautiful place. Our guide was from Ukraine. It was a hike up to the top of the volcanic island but interesting. We went to a hot spring where we could get off the boat and swim. Geoff did, I didn't, but he regretted it because his arms were really aching by the end. Then over to another island where there were 300 steps almost straight up to the village. The only ways up there were by walking or by donkey. I certainly was not going to torture a poor donkey by getting on and I was pretty sure my knees would protest vehemently against the 300 steps, so we just stayed in the port and had lunch. So all in all the only part of the tour I did was the volcano. Don't care, I love boat rides.
The flight back to London was fine except some inconvenience at the airport trying to pay for luggage. They had an inefficient system. We decided to stay at Gatwick rather than going to Anne's for the last two nights. I just did not want to deal with luggage any more and since we were picking up an extra bag from Anne's it would have meant hauling three bags back to the airport. So we stayed in a nice  hotel at Gatwick, the lobby is actually in the airport. Took the bus to Oxford on Sunday morning and back again after a nice day with Anne and Del. All of us but Del went to the Botanical Gardens. So lovely. There was a tree there that was planted in 1790.
Flight home was fine and Jude met us with a sign that said "Badgers."
Now Jude is gone to California so I have a few days to convince Kane and Grady that they love me best. I think I will point out to them the fact that she is at Disneyland with some other cute kids and I am the one who is here to play with them.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

I realize I have a hard time thinking of titles for posts. So I'm not doing one.

Rolling along, things are coming together at work, I think. Out of 12 people, just one who is a flake, so that's pretty good. And that's the only one who didn't interview. Thanks union policy. I may be left wing, but I sure do not like unions who ensure that people who barely scrape through work are protected.
There is a lot of organization to starting a new program. But it's coming together and we are getting more and more organized. Community is a much slower pace than acute though. I'm used to moving quicker. I just make sure that my days are good and busy.

Have not done anything with thesis since last weekend and I did very little then. Will do my next draft for revision by end of weekend! I told my supervisor that I had a lot going on recently.

I booked us into Harrison Hot Springs for long weekend. Yardwork be damned! It looks like it will be cloudy that weekend-naturally, as when is May long weekend ever not raining/cloudy?

We were digging up Mom's garden this week, and realized that Sebastian's yowls can be heard over there. Someone will call police on us at some point I am sure, as it sounds like he's being tortured. I think it might be a dementia process.

We bought season 4 of Game of Thrones-for anyone who wants to borrow it. I'm thinking they'll be introducing new characters since they seemed to have killed off pretty much everyone.

Mom went to see Dr Kramer yesterday, who said she was fine from his ear/nose/throat perspective. He did clean out her ears though. I am envious of that.

Beautiful blue sky out there and supposed to get up to 24 today, so I am also going to clean off deck.

Vancouver Visit

Just realized I did not post after my trip to Van. Not that is a lot to say, I really enjoyed all the beautiful flowers and green all around. Nancy has a great location, right in the heart of the city, but it feels like you are far away from the hubbub. I did a lot of walking and a little shopping. Found a very cool wool shop called Wet Coast Wool, so spent a nice hour there looking at all the kinds of wool and patterns they have. Jack and I got along pretty good, by the end of the visit he was even sitting on my lap, which meant he must have been comfortable with me. I met my friend Kim for brunch one day, and got all caught up with the news from IBM and her life, so nice to see her.

On Monday I drove to Edmonton and picked up the wandering Ferreys. So nice to have them back again. I really missed them.

Sitting outside on the patio at our rental house, drinking coffee, pretty sweet. Will post about the trip later.