Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year in review

Occasionally I look back here to remind myself how time flies. There are a lot of events and memories that I have been reminded about that I would have forgotten if not for the blog. So I encourage anyone who wants to post a 2015 year in review here on the blog to do it. We don't see each other as much as we used to (except for us and Jude) and I like to stay connected.
I can't believe how long ago some things happened.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas in Kelowna

We had and are having a good time. Jim and Allison both came  on the 23rd. I made supper on Christmas Eve, and somehow managed to stay awake to go to Christmas Eve service.
Jim left Sunday, would have been nice to have him here longer, but work called.
We went and looked at Christmas lights with Mom, and have been tobogganing, and to see Star Wars. I am trying to convince Allison and Richard to go skating-I think we will tonight. Also I bought a new coat! Puffy eiderdown one on sale at Winners, for less than 1/2 regular retail price at Nordstroms-like $115, instead of $279! Allison bought some skinny jeans.
We've had lots of snow and for Christmas too-so lots of shoveling. I feel like we have an awful lot of sidewalk and driveway. However, it really does look beautiful. Especially in our neighbourhood, with all the old trees with so much snow on them.
I am off all week, so am sleeping in every day!

Christmas is not over

Because it lasts until Jan. 6. Although many people are done on Boxing Day. I like the week after to enjoy the Christmas feeling without the pre-Christmas busyness.
We had a lovely time even though there were fewer people around than some other years. Grace and Dallyn came before and returned on Boxing Day and Sam was here the whole time. Jude said on Christmas morning that it must be what it is like in Kelowna.
For only four people here there were sure a lot of gifts under the tree. The other Ferreys came over for breakfast so that livened things up. Kane came into the house and said, "I didn't get any coal." After breakfast we played some games, had a Christmas nap then went over to Tim's where there were a couple of wound-up boys to add more excitement to the day. It was so nice to sit in front of the fire after dinner.
We had everyone here on Boxing Day. Played a new game Grace and Dallyn taught us.
At Jude's brilliant suggestion I cooked a turkey on Sunday so we would have leftovers even though it was just us and Sam. Sam left yesterday, Geoff drove him to the bus in Red Deer. I had to work, my co-worker went home sick so I was by myself in the front office but not much was happening there so it was fine. Now I have the rest of the week off. Days off are a benefit of going to work.
Geoff has been searching for a warm holiday for us at the end of the month.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Draw 2016

We drew names, and here are the result: 

Beth has Grace
Geoff has Courtney 
Theresa has Richard 
Judith has Allison
Laura has Lisa 
Jim has Will
Lisa has Jude
Allison has Anne
Anne has Beth 
Will has Laura
Courtney has Theresa 
Grace has Geoff 
Del has Jim
Richard has Del 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Weekend in Edmonton

We had our S&B Christmas outing on Sunday so I decided to spend the weekend in Edmonton, Grace and Dallyn graciously let me stay there, though I did not see much of them, as they were out and about and so was I. Before I went I had arranged to see most of my favourite people, so it was a very full visiting schedule.

Got to town around 2 in the afternoon, had a bit of lunch and then got my haircut. As always I felt like a million bucks after that. Allison and I went out for supper, we were going to have Italian food, but the restaurant was closed, kind of weird on a Friday night, but then we went to a Balkan restaurant, which meant shish kebabs, and a banana crepe for dessert. Very tasty. Had a good visit with Allison as well. Saturday I got up and went to George and Kays to see what was new with the other Sivaks. Not a lot, the Cowans will have Christmas in Phoenix, the Carlsons are doing Christmas dinner, Nancy will be in Edmonton for Christmas and Dennis driving for Uber in Phoenix. After that I went over to Henry and Allys to see their new place. It is very nice but a bit of a drive. Laura and Wilf were in town on the weekend as well and Laura was there, so had a good visit with them. Their place is very nice, three bedrooms, a backyard, nice big kitchen, the basement is unfinished, and Henry has plans for that. Then Saturday night supper with Sam and Nancy at a place called Cibo Bistro. Very good visit with them, and it was lovely to see Nancy again, it has been a while since I had last seen her. Sunday the S&B crew went to see Mary Poppins in Sherwood Park. A very fun show, and dinner afterward. Monday morning Grace and I had pancakes at DeDutch, then home again. the weekend was full of good food and good company.

My place feels quite festive, I have a wonderful tree, courtesy of Tim, Court and Grady who got it at the same time as they picked out theirs. Tim and Court also took one of my couches, so there was lots of room for the tree. This year I felt very on top of things and had presents ready in lots of time to make the mail and to not have to pay for expedited delivery. Hurray!

Looking forward to Christmas dinner at The Other Ferreys.

Monday, December 21, 2015


Just finished doing dishes after making perogies, cookies, and buttercake. There is likely cat hair in all of it because I kept having to move Sebastian from the counter to the floor.
Am trying to gear up for wrapping, but gearing up seems to be taking some time.
Mom and I went shopping Saturday, and she kept at it for 3 hours, which shows how much more energy she has!
Went to 4 Christmas parties this week? One with people from school (Ok, less a party, more a appetizer get together), 1 was board lunch for Lifestyle, 1 was ex- co-workers from hospital, 1 was BCSS board. Phew. That's a lot of social energy there. we had 3 other parties this season, it seemed like more than usual.
I am tentatively almost sure that I will grad in May! My last revisions came back with some more revisions, but not crazy amount, and supervisor is saying things like, 'final stretch'. Lord Almighty, I can hardly believe it. I will be able to go to Mexico feeling like I am not a fraud. This is interesting concept, as my supervisor said this is the first year that she doesn't feel like a fraud. academia, cesspool of insecurity.
I brought out fresh load of laundry yesterday from dyer, Sebastian promptly hopped on it, laid down, Richard came in the door, Sebastian hopped out, having peed on sheets. However, I just now looked at him stretched out on the couch, then he caught my eye, hopped down, came over, and started purring at me while nudging my head. I guess he stays.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Tim!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Holiday season

Less than two weeks till Christmas. It will be different this year. We are going over to Tim and Courtney's for Christmas dinner. Hooray for my daughter- in-law!
Looks like Sam will be the only kid around on Christmas day. Grace and Dallyn will be in Drayton for the day but we will see them some time over the holidays. I have no problem with a quiet holiday.
We had a nice week-long visit from Will at the end of November. He got to see lots of the booboos which made him happy.
Caitie decided in the end not to return from maternity leave so they asked me if I wanted to stay on for awhile. After some thought I decided to carry on, for a couple of months anyway. We'll see how it goes.
Not a lot of note happening here. I have put up decorations but the tree will have to wait. We are having a Cjristmas party here on Wednesday and if we have a tree in the living room there won't be room for all the guests.
I have been doing a bit of sewing which I am finding satisfying. It's like knitting, I like doing it but somehow have to make myself get started doing it.
Geoff had cortisone shots in his elbow and shoulder which helped relieve the pain for a while but did not seem to last. He has an appointment with the specialist next week, maybe she has some solutions short of getting him addicted to painkillers.