Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's c-o-l-d I washed my truck on Saturday-it was +3 at 5:00 pm, the next day snow, blizzardy cold cold cold. It -37 when I headed to work this morning, but a balmy -26 coming home.
I am trying to contact some rellies in England to see if we can visit, so our intenary is a bit uncertain. With only 3 weeks-I don't know how much we can fit in.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lots of snow today so Grace's game in Lacombe got cancelled. Yay, a free afternoon. And Grace can watch the All Star Game, although she should be studying for her Social diploma exam tomorrow. Geoff is going over to Tim's to help him pour cement in the new bathroom.Tim has been really busy down there so maybe it won't be too long till it is finished.
Talked to Anne yesterday and she is excited about all the visitors. She has the whole three weeks that we will be there off, so may be travelling with us at least some of the time. She just sounded really happy with how things are working out for her there, looks like she made the right move.
Grace and I went to see The Bucket List last night. I have to say I did not have high hopes for that movie, but it was pretty good. Not too sappy, just a bit. Jack Nicholson totally reminds me of Dad.
Lisa tell us about your new TV. We got one too and put the big wall unit downstairs so the living room looks much bigger.
Off for a walk in the snow after lunch. I hope it snows enough that the cross-country ski trail at the golf course can get groomed. We didn't go once last year, there was only enough snow for a couple of weeks of skiing and we were probably at hockey most of the time.
Babble, babble, babble.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

No Trip to Manila

I have finally gotten word, that the trip is off. I don't really mind, although it owuld have been a great experience, I like staying at home too. And with my upcoming trip to Rock City in March, that might be enough travelling for the spring. that is pretty much the news here, otherwise pretty quiet and I have been keeping out of trouble. I don'twant to put up any pictures of my floor, until the baseboards have been reattached, so you can all admire the full beauty of them

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What in the Name of sweet jesus am I doing?

OK, after I write about taking/applying for new position...I now am thinking that perhaps I do not want to do it, and would prefer to work only on unit. In fact, Richard and I went swimming, where I proceeded to cry in pool, saying what do I do? I feel like an idiot. (I was crying while saying that in the pool, and am pretty sure others around me were "What's with that weird woman crying while sitting on a noodle?")
Richard says and I think he comes up with a good analogy, that me deciding to take the position was like when he bought the Kirby vacuum cleaner from the door-to-door guy. At the time, it seemed like a good idea and for a while he liked it a lot, then after a while, he thought, 'What have I done? I don't want a Kirby vacuum." Only a very good salesman convinced him that he did.
In my case, I am very easily wooed by people who tell me, "We sure like you. Stay" Especially if they are drs. This says something about my tendency to be swayed by people I perceive to hold power. Sigh.
So, am thinking I will probably return to unit.
Do other people have self-inflicted crisis?

Monday, January 21, 2008

My Beautiful New Floors

Are installed at last, and I cannot believe how great they look. Not as much character Allison's, but I love them anyway. The installers even put hardwood in my closets, linen and front closet. Next on the list, get the baseboards back.

I have not posted in awhile, mostly because nothing has been happening. I still have not heard if/when I will be going to the Philipines. I gave them my timetable, need a couple of weeks to get a visa, and must be home by March 13, so I can go to Rocky and hang out with Grace. So now it is up to them. I don't mind being flexible but wish I would hear, because it kind of puts a hold on any planning.

Allison invited George and Kay and I over for a visit and supper yesterday. the place is starting to look more and more like a home. Kay thought that the kitchen looked just like Baba and Grandpa's (pre-Long reno). We had pizza from Tony's, and a good visit. It will be sad when the store closes down, and there are no more Del stories.

Trip and Work

Anne, Theresa and Geoff, what do you think of going Ireland and Cornwall?
I have decided to take a 1/2 time position at DDMH (community) and do 1/2 time in hospital.
They created a position for me so that I could do that, so guess I can't refuse at this point can I?
It's a good time to be a nurse...you certainly don't have to settle.
Why I remember... when I was happy to work casual in the group home and when getting job was hard.The labour situation has changed a lot.
Richard did well in all his classes. I'm proud of him! he's starting to put out some resumes.
He has also organized our whole house. He's unstoppable. Our closets have never looked so clean. And I thought I was more organized...actually I am much better at follow through, he is much better at the initial organization. As is usual for us, he has more vision, I am more practical.
I am liking my community job better now. It is nice to have more autonomy and I can sort of make my job the way I like it. Still, there are politics everywhere. But for the time being, I am feeling somewhat lucky that things are working out well for me.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Great UK Trip: the prelude

Hi guys, saw some comments about trying to plan your UK trip, which is very exciting. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone!

In case this helps, here's what you have to work with on my end: I've got a double bedroom and a single bedroom, and if people need I could probably beg or borrow an airmattress or something and sleep in the attic, leaving both of those free. (Note: they have the most terrible possible mattresses, so be forewarned). I have a couch, too (now without fleas!) but it is more of a loveseat and only short people can sleep on it. If you'd rather stay somewhere else, there are quite a few guesthouses and things in Bangor, so if you let me know what kind of accomodation you'd like I can ask around and find something close/in the right price range. I could probably even go book rooms if you want. The area around Bangor's a beauty-spot, believe it or not, so might be busy around Easter and worth booking early.

Is anyone planning on getting a car here? Not sure about car rental in Bangor (though can find out if there's any interest) but you could get one for sure in Manchester. You can see a lot more with a car, and I think you're eligible to drive with Canadian licenses. Anglesey is gorgeous and full of beaches, and Snowdonia is, er, also gorgeous and full of mountains. Both are hard to get to on public transit (though I think it is within the realm of possibility).

I know some travel is planned besides Wales - where and when are you planning to go? I might tag along for part of it if that's okay. I have almost the entire time off for Easter holidays, so depending on labwork I can probably escape for a while.

Let me know what you're thinking of... I don't think detailed planning is necessary but I am quite curious!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Typing With Cat On Lap

So please excuse any typos. It is Natasha's fault.

I got my bedframe today. A woman in my office had this, and they had to get rid of it, because they don't have much room in the basement, and she wants a more compact, comfortable couch. It's so awesome! She gave it to me gratis -- but I am giving her & husband a gift certificate for a restaurant they like. This was made by a cabinet-maker; just look at that workmanship! It's pine.

Todd helped me put it together. After we finished, we realized one of the drawers doesn't fit... I think I screwed the middle brace in just a bit off. But I will not fix it til later this week.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Back to school

As you may have guessed, I'm back in the crumbling 60s housing project that I call home (for 8 months of the year, anyway). My Chinese roommate Li stayed for the whole holiday because his parents weren't willing to fly him home... so he pretty much had the floor to himself, instead of the 45 people or so who usually live there. Over the break, he bought a massive bar fridge which sits in the only space available in our 11x11... between our desks. This means it's a little hard to get out of and into my desk chair, but we do have fridge!
His family sent a huge package from home, which was mostly traditional holiday candy and food from China. It was a nice gesture but as it turns out, it had to go in the only space available... yep, on TOP of the fridge.
Despite this, I'm seriously considering a double room for next year again. It'd be nice to have your own space and stuff, but really, I think sharing the room isn't that big of a deal, and it's a lot cheaper ($1300 difference). But I haven't decided yet, and I've still got about 2 months to do so and be guaranteed my preference.
Not too much exciting with my courses... more advanced German, more Relgious Studies, and more English. However, instead of STAT and math, I have 2 Economics courses. Hopefully those will be interesting (and hopefully easy); it's difficult to say so far. One Econ instructor is from India, and I thought she would be a bit of a chump at first, but she seems all right.
Christmas was great, but it really sucks to be starting over again: it feels like the end will never come already. It was nice to see a lot of people from my high-school class. We usually get together a few times a year and have supper or something, which I think is really cool, and it's always fun. I don't know if it's usual for such a diverse group to still get together so long after grad.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I've been laying low lately owing to my new obsession with the show "Lost". Tim loaned me the first two seasons, and all I've been doing is watching them. It's a great show though, and awesome on DVD, since it moves really slowly, so this way you can watch three or four episodes in a row, and don't have to wait.

I'm posting (I hope ) some pictures of Allison's housewarming- belated, I know, but see above comments on how I've been spending my evenings. The housewarming was really fun, as was lunch the next day at Judes. I got to meet Kirsten, Al and Jude's friend, who turned out to know one of the retired priests at the Cathedral in Victoria. Small world!

A Good Idea

I just thought...why not put up a link for Library Thing? It has some books that I have read. So here it is

Others should join then we can share!
I know Allison has an account

Monday, January 07, 2008

Ho Hum

Really, nothing at all to say. There usually isn't in January, unless you're Mom with a birthday!
It's cold here.
I said to the team leader toady that since I have no appts booked in mid-end Feb, perhaps that would be a good time to wrap things up. She thought I was there until March. Nope, just until end of Feb., and earlier if I can manage that.
I also sent an email to my boss on the unit with that idea, hoping he will concur and then I will be gone! After all, I'm just on loan.
Richard organized 1) all the kitchen cupboards 2) dining room hutch. 3) drawer in office where we kept shoving wrapping paper etc. It is good to have these things organized. Kitchen makes more sense now too.
I went to Sweeney Todd matinée on Sun. Richard was not interested after I said it was a horror musical. I am actually not a fan of musicals, but I did like this a lot.
I got 4(!) good books today from the library after requesting them. well, actually, 3 , I think the 3rd won't be all that great. I went to the New York Times and Globe and Mail websites and requested 'best books' from various years. I think I'm on hold for about 10 more. Allison said she always has about 25 items requested which i think is good policy.


Grace and I are bad. After Geoff left yesterday to take Sam back to the city, I went for a walk and then we sat and watched Grey's Anatomy all afternoon. Then we got subs for supper, watched a couple more shows and the Amazing Race. And that's all we did.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Has anybody got a New Year's resolution? I wish mine could be that I won't do anything unless I want to. No doing things out of obligation. But I can't resolve that.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

the new year of 2008

Happy new year to all!

Another year has passed with unbelievable speed - seems like only weeks since last new years day.
I had a good trek to GP, and a very nice time with Laura et al - good company, good food and good gifts - what more can one ask for? Well, warmer weather, I guess. Of course as always the best part of going away is coming home. Clem was glad to see me - only scolded for about 2 hours, then snuggled up. Met L & R in the airport in Calgary - our planes got in at the same time - so that was great.
Happy to hear that the swarming was a success and that a good time was had by all - i don't know what is going on with this posting - maybe its the big font, but chunks seem to be missing, well maybe you'all can decode it.
Anyway just wanted to send greetings - am off to the Wensinks for dinner today