Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Happy Belated Birthday Lisa

I guess I was so excited to wish Lisa a happy birthday in person, I forgot to post a pic, so Lisa gets two this year.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter in Rocky

Mom and I roared off to Rocky on Thursday, after I got off work at 1200, and got here in good time, 9 pm.
We have had a really good visit, I feel a bit lazy, as I've mostly eaten and visited.
Theresa, Jude and I went to the wool shop yesterday, and I got some wool for socks, while Geoff and Al went to buy books for prison, and Mom napped.
Grady came over for a sleepover on Friday as Tim and Courtney's went to the Oilers game. He really doesn't eat anything but bread and crackers. He and Kane sure are sweet guys. Grady is shy at first, but Kane is friendly right away. They found eggs left by EB, outside and were really excited to get goldfish and marshmallow bunnies. The thrill really is in the hunt.
Courtney made clotted cream-I had no idea this could be done in North America!
Mom said this would be a trial run for her upcoming trips, and it worked well. She has had lots of energy and went for a little walk today. She would have other days, but it kept snowing. Like 10 cms. I think.
Kelowna springs are quicker and warmer.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Slow spring

Spring is arriving slowly but surely. Most of the snow is gone and a few plants are venturing out. Our yard is a bit of a mess since we left in the fall before doing our usual fall cleanup but that's ok, it's nice to have something to do out there while we are waiting for planting time.
This is the first spring since I retired that we are home. Last year we were in BC and the year before in Europe. Looking forward to our company at Easter, Mom, Lisa and Allison. Grace is on call so can’t come and Sam wasn’t sure if he would. I hope it's not too cold for the Kelowna folks.
We were in the city last week to go to the Citadel and for yet another medical appointment for Geoff. His shoulder is doing well but he has arthritis in his right elbow - the doctor said it is basically destroyed. He has ordered tests to see if he can determine what is going on with Geoff’s joints. So it continues.
The play was really good. We do enjoy the theatre although Geoff can’t always hear and that is frustrating for him. Still considering if we will get season’s tickets next year.
Jude came with us as she was going to a concert so we shopped for a dress for me for Will’s wedding. Successfully of course, with Jude working her magic on the racks. I actually bought two!
We also went for supper with Sam, Nancy, Grace, Dallyn and Allison. So it was a busy couple of days, I had to recover for two days when we got back.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Happy Birthday Laura

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Happy Birthday Will