Monday, September 28, 2015

Not Much New

But no one is posting, so thought I would get the ball rolling.  I had a quick trip to Edmonton last weekend, S&B on Sunday so I combined it with some medical tests I had to get done.  Before I left I checked out what was on in the city, to see if there was anything to do while I was there and found a couple of concerts.  Friday night I went to the Winspear, they had a concert called Classic FM, which had a variety of music from the 60s to current day.  In addition to the orchestra they also had singers and did some Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Abba, Pharrel Williams, quite a mix. Then Saturday night Martin Sexton was at the Macdougall United Church, I had not seen him in a very long time. Both outings were lots of fun.  I stayed with Grace and Dallyn, had lunch with Sam and breakfast with Allison, so got to see some of my favourite people.

My friend Vicky fell and broke her knee, so she was not able to come to S&B, but I went over to visit on Monday morning. She was in good spirits and said the pain was not too bad, but she has a walker and  cannot put any weight on her knee for six weeks.

Last night T&G and I went to Red Deer to have supper with Linda Cassidy, it was really great to see her.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Grey Day

I guess summer is gone for good.
Paid for my tuition, for last time I am hoping. Doing implications and conclusion, but they will ask for rewrites, I am sure. Write, revise, repeat. Am hoping when looking at entire thesis, that I am not needing to change everything that I have already changed many times. 
We went to Art Walk last week, which has a bunch of local artists. Nothing to buy. Many people liked poppies though, and painted lots of them.
Richard has been driving Mom for her bloodwork, he starts later than me- she's been needing to go about 3 times/week, but hopefully after Monday, they will confirm that she is on right dose. That's a lot of arm poking.
Squirrel has been busy hiding nuts and scampering up and down the tree.
We booked out flight to Ontario for end of October, 23-Nov 1. 
All is well with us, meandering along, and doing well.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Home is where I want to be

I had a great time on the cruise and visiting in Tofino, but I am very happy to be at home for awhile. I had a call from Kay while I was in Kelowna to say that I was not needed at the store after all. One of the ladies decided she did not want to work for the election. I was both happy and a little disappointed. Happy because I can stay home without rushing off to Edmonton, disappointed because I was looking forward to catching up with Edmonton folk. 

Spent two nights in Kelowna after dropping Anne and Del off at the airport in Vancouver. When we got there, it was to a roast supper made by Mom! Her first big meal since she went into the hospital in June. The next day Theresa took her to the doctor's, to get the prescription and details of taking warfarin. It is kind of complicated, blood tests every day for two weeks, and a phone call every day to tell her what dose to take. At the end of two weeks, blood tests are every two weeks, though home care (or something like that) will come to Mom's to do the test once it is only every two weeks.

The trip to the hot springs near Tofino was very good. We saw more Orcas, about five of them in the pod. Will and I saw Orcas last year while I was in Tofino, so I thought they were pretty common there, but he told me it was unusual to see them, so I feel lucky to have seen them two years in a row.

Last night I had supper over at Tim and Court's, T&G had something else going on. Had a nice visit. They are busy getting the house clean and tidy for the realtors viewing tomorrow. Grady is such a funny guy, at one point he decided he was tired, so came into the kitchen to ask for his three Bs, blanket, bottle, bed. Most small children I have know, fight to stay up.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Henry and Allyshea's new house