Saturday, October 31, 2015

Darth Vader and statue

Grady has been saying for weeks when anyone asked that he wanted to be a statue for Halloween. Kane kept changing his mind, but ended up as the dark lord.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Heigh ho, height how, it's off to work I go

Got a pleading call yesterday from work. The person who was covering my friend Caitie's maternity leave quit out of the blue so they need someone till Dec. 18. It's only Mondays and Fridays so I agreed. I am still not sure if it is the right thing to do, but I guess I am committed now. It is very strange how familiar that place is, not much changes there. Except for reporters, they are always coming and going.
We had a nice time at Matthew and Kaley's wedding last weekend. It was a really warm fall day so they had the ceremony outside in a tent. The reception and dance were good too, everyone was so happy. We were able to visit with Heather and of course Sam and Grace, especially Sam since we don't see much of him. We stayed at a hotel in the west end until Monday.  On Sunday there was a gift opening (which I don't really understand the point of) at Matthew's house which they just renovated. Out for supper on Sunday with Grace and Dallyn and Sam and Nancy. All in all a good weekend.
Our friend Lou Soppit died on Thanksgiving. He was mayor of Rocky for 27 years or so and the most energetic person I have ever seen. It's difficult to picture him gone. The funeral was Tuesday, very simple service, then a reception at the Lou Soppit Community Centre. We have got to make some younger friends.
Tim and Courtney have been busy packing and planning their move. The move-in date has been pushed up to Nov. 6. The new owner takes possession that day and they get possession the same day so I am sure it will be a frantic time. I think the boys and I will enjoy a quiet day here.
Geoff is still working on the garage. He has sold a couple of things, including the clarinet and the old big tent.
We had a good visit from Allison on Thanksgiving. She is like all Sivaks, does not need entertaining and understands people who want to sit around and read. She played with the boys when they were over and Kane was quite taken with her. When they came over on Sunday for Thanksgiving dinner the first thing he said was, "Is the visitor here?"
Those boys are ever more delightful. It is so much fun to have them over. And they have fun too. Courtney said the other day that Grady sometimes gets up in the morning and says, "Baba's house?"

Monday, October 19, 2015

Feeling pretty Canadian

I'm just sitting at the curling club, watching the Blue Jays on tv and the election on my phone. 

Dallyn, Jovita and Dallyn make up the rest of my curling team. Jovita has been in Calgary the past couple weeks so this will be our first game with a full team. Unfortunately Dallyn is the only competent curler on the team, but we still managed to squeak out a win in our last game. I'm glad we signed up. It's lots of fun, and a nice way to get out of the house once a week. Dallyn is curling Wednesdays as well with a men's team. 

We had a great time at Matt's wedding on the weekend. Well I did anyway. I ditched Dallyn most of the night to chat with Mom and Dad and Auntie Heather. The weather was amazing, and Matt and Kaley are a very cute couple. Who apparently live just up the street from us, so we will maybe try to make plans to hang out sometime. 

Otherwise not too much else is new. Enjoying not being quite so busy as I was this summer. Between weddings, showers, stagettes, and music festivals I was pretty well booked every weekend. One of the surgeons i work with says that about mid thirties, all these weddings I am going to will be divorces, and then there will be a second round of marriages. I like to think that's not true. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

We leave for Ontario soon and Jude will be here this week. House has been cleaned in anticipation.
We are going to party, not baby shower for coworker who is going to have baby soon. I am not particularly fond of showers, so a co-ed potluck seems much better.
Though having been out the last 2 nights, staying home seems more appealing to my introverted nature.
Have sent off implications and conclusion, and entire thesis to committee. Each day I check email with hesitation knowing they will be sending back with multiple 'you need to change this'.
Has been lovely weather so this means much yardwork, but we are getting it done and having good progress so that doesn't seem so bad.
Not much else going on, still able to hang out clothes to dry, but am thinking it will only be a couple more times I can do that.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


I'm on holiday!  I haven't had time away since about last November so this feels much needed. I'm off to Halifax to visit Allie for a month.  Actually I'm flying to Ottawa tonight (writing this from the Vancouver airport) and meeting Allie there. We're going to her cousin's wedding this weekend, and seeing some other friends that live near there, then driving back to Halifax. Well, Halifax via PEI apparently- Allie has a meeting thhere on Tuesday. I'm actually not super clear on the timeline, but I'm on holiday so am not worried. I'll get myself to Ottawa at least.

I had a great summer, not that one would know from my posts here.  Allie ca,e to Tofino in April and spent the summer there. We had a great time, and did lots of bear watching (from boats) surfing and hiking. I'm still a lousy surfer but now I'm at least lousy with style. Had a great time with first Grace then assorted post cruise badgers visiting.

Allie got a great new job in Halifax that stared in late September. She's working for the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and PEI as the Youth and Family Ministry coordinator. It was too good an offer to turn down!  Tofino is less exciting without her, but it does mean that I get to go to Halifax on vacation, I guess.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

A quiet Sunday

Geoff tells me it is okay to have a day where you don't do anything. We didn't even go to church today He was feeling unwell and I just stayed home.
It has been a bit busy around here, at least busier than I have been used to lately. I have been cleaning up the yard for winter. It is nice to be able to take my time with it and do all the things I want to do. There is always something unfinished when the snow starts but there will be less this year.
Geoff has been clearing out the garage, a mammoth task that he is doing a bit at a time. He is making progress, even getting rid of a few things.
The three of us went into Red Deer last week to have supper with my friend Linda. We have been friends for almost 50 years. She became a grandma lately and all in all seems to be doing well.
Dick and Jo stopped in for a couple of nights last week. They were taking some things of John's to Heather (including his ashes) and doing some visiting as they couldn't get away all summer. Jo has a couple of kids in Alberta. We had a good visit with them
Anne and Del got the keys to their house on Friday so I guess they will be busy packing. I think they have to be out of the apartment on the 15th so they have a couple of weeks to move.
Tim and Courtney sold their house. After they realized their renovation plans would cost too much they decided they would move, put the house up for sale and the first person who looked at it bought it. They had found a house they really liked so put in an offer and bought it. The purchase is pending inspection but their place passed the inspection so they have to be out at the end of the month. If the other one falls through we may have some company for a while. But I am sure it will all be fine. It will not be so easy for Baba to walk the booboos home once they move.
We have been going to RD a lot for medical appointments for Geoff. He has had a cortisone shot in his elbow which helped and we go tomorrow for one in his shoulder. He has had a gastroscope procedure and he has an appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor coming up.
We have been having beautiful fall weather until yesterday. It snowed a bit. Jude, Courtney and I were going to go to the farmers market in RD but went out to Grandview Stage for breakfast instead.
When Dick and Jo were here we were trying to remember when we went to Mount Rushmore together and of course couldn't. But I searched the blog and found it!

Friday, October 02, 2015

my news

Things are quiet here now.
A couple of weeks ago we had some excitement.  Wilf was not feeling good at work shaking and throwing up.  His co worker called the amulance and I met him at emergency. After some tests it was determined that he was in atrial fibulation.  Two ways to fix it, stop the heart and when it restarts hopefully the rhythm reboots or drugs to change the rhythm. They decided on shock so they wired him up and I left. When they talked to me afterwards they said they shocked him 5 times and it had not changed.  So the drug route was on. After 4 hours his heart converted and was back in rhythm.  They kept over  night and he is doing great now, on blood thinners but no side effects.  When I was talking to mom, that is what she has also. Pretty scary but ok now.  The medical folks were amazing, looked after him and me too!  One of the nurses came in when Wilf and were sitting there and talking, his rate was 140 and I said nice that after 30 years I can get your heart racing. She thought we were so cute.
I am not sure when we became that cute couple, but it is ok, better than the grumpy old couple.