Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back at Work

I did not have to work the 24 hours straight. We called it quits at 12:30 and came back this morning at 6:30, so I am tired but think it will be OK. I am hoping we don't have to be here all day.

I have made all the arrangements for my trip, Edmonton - London - Porto - Algarve - Lisbon - London - Edmonton. All the hotels have been booked, in London we have a hotel near Holland Park. Theresa, do you remember the hostel we stayed at near there? Anne has said she can meet me in London, and I hope to get out to see some theatre, while I am there. I can hardly wait.

Nothing else new with me.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Grace is on her way to her new home

Grace left this afternoon, to go back to Alberta, and start her new life as a university student. It has been fun having her here, but all good things must come to an end.

Today we took the long awaited visit to the Bata Shoe museum(at least for me it was, and Grace humoured me), which I really enjoyed, they had things like a pair of Napoleon's silk socks, the sandals that Pierre Trudeau wore when he toured the world, a paid of shoes from one of the pope's (the name escapes me now), and a running shoe, that Terry Fox wore when he was doing his run across the country. It was very interesting and I highly recommend it if you find yourself in Toronto.

After the museum, we went to Yorkville, for some lunch, we were sitting on the patio of a cafe, and I looked up and thought wow that looks like cousin Nancy, but I have been seeing people that look like people I know, since I started working here. I took a second look, then called out Nancy and it WAS her. Who'd have thought!! She is in Toronto visiting a friend, the friend was getting his hair cut, and she was out wandering around. Too weird. She said her landlord is in the hospital, and his kids don't think he will make it. So they let her know they will be selling the house. So a move at sometime is in the works for her.

This is our go live weekend, so we are working different shifts on the weekend, depending on when we are needed. Mine starts at 3:00 pm tomorrow afternoon, and goes until 3:00 pm Sunday afternoon. Actually that is the worst case scenario, with any luck we will get finished earlier than that. But I will get Monday off, and I come home on Thursday, so that should not be too bad.

And that is about all the news from here, better go to bed now, so I am not tired when my shift starts.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

all alone

Things are very quiet here with everyone gone. We dropped Grace and Sam off on Sunday then drove to Red Deer and had supper with Andy and Mary Lou. They are on holidays and visiting in Calgary so we met partway. It was good to see them. They seem to be doing well. Then Geoff carried on to Calgary and I drove home.
I did laundry this morning. One load vs four loads. I can see that an empty nest will mean less work.
I guess we had our two weeks of summer. It's a lot cooler out now and of course dark earlier. A definite feel of fall in the air. I wish we would get a least a bit of global warming. Why is everyone getting hotter and drier and not us?
I have been developing a few bad habits being here by myself. Eating in front of the television. Eating at odd times. Not always having a vegetable. Ignoring phone messages. It's great.


Well, I made it to Toronto, and I've even been brave enough to venture out of the hotel by myself. I spent some of Monday just wandering around, trying to not get lost. I didn't. Then yesterday I walked over to the Hockey Hall of Fame. It was really cool. There is a lot of stuff there. It's amazing how little padding hockey players used to wear. Really. They had a lot of international hockey stuff there, like jerseys and the lucky loonie from the Salt Lake City Olympics, and quite a bit of women's hockey things too. I nearly bought an Oiler's toothbrush from the gift shop, but I resisted.

Last night we went to the play Avenue Q. It was really funny. It is mostly puppets, like Sesame Street. I was reminded of Greg the Bunny. Right before the show we had supper at the Hard Rock Cafe and we ate right by a coat Prince once wore. It was intense.

Something I've noticed about Toronto is that no where has chocolate milk. At least, they didn't at the two places I asked for it. I did get hot chocolate at the one place though. It didn't really cut it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Smells like my childhood

There was a fire down the hall on Saturday night. I missed the excitment, but I guess the fire trucks were here and everything. It was something electrical - not human error. Anyway, there wasn't too much damage, and our place is fine. The hallway though, smells exactly the Hoskin's place used to smell when they heated the place with a wood stove. Walking out the building is walking down memory lane at the moment.

In other news, I'm moving to Vancouver on the first. I'll let you all know if I make it safely. My buddy Jeff is driving me over. I think you all got my new address- let me know if you still need it. I'm training the new person, Laura, at work this week. She seems nice, and she's welcome to the job. I'm ready for something new! I'm going to blow the dust off my blog for people to keep track of me, so keep an eye on that one!

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I've got that September feeling

September always seems like a time when things start and really get going. Although I should have started on a number of things earlier than now, hence I have a bit of work freak-out. I've got a proposal to get in so we can do some work research with students (proposal needs to be approved before we have money to pay students, and interviews are this week. eek), and a paper to finish for a presentation this week. But, it sounds like we can't even hire our students until a bit later -- so maybe the universe intervened and is giving me more time to get my proposal approved....

My friend Annie comes this week for a conference (same one I'm presenting at) and stays with me for 5 days -- I'm really excited. She is a lot of fun. She's the one whose dad is a prospector in the Kootenays. She has a tote bag from a prospectors' conference. Although I *hate* librarian tote bags, I would not refuse that one!

I think by end of September I will endeavour to have the base coat on all my apt walls, and to have my bedroom painted a nice, clear, soothing green. How do you get that green without sinking dangerously into hospital-colour-territory?

My vegetable garden was a total washout this year. I did get some broccoli and some spindly peas. I take full responsibility: should have been monitoring it and weeding it more.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Can't Wait

I have booked part of my trip to Portugal, from Edmonton to London. I was able to use points, and book business class, the flight is direct from Edmonton. So now I just have to get over to Portugal. Anne and I are going to meet in London for a couple of days when I am on my way home.

Things have been very hectic at work, we are implementing the system on the long weekend in Sept, so lots of things to try and finish up. I am looking forward to having Grace come and visit next week. Will be nice to have someone to have supper with, and will motivate me to get out a bit more in the evening.

I went to see Cirque du Soleil, last weekend. It was pretty amazing, the performers look like they have no bones, they are so supple. And the costumes are so colourful and beautiful.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Cooler now thanks

Today and yesterday are more comfortable, it has been 35-37 for the past week. Yesterday we had a thunderstorm, so the day was muggy and sticky, and the rain didn't really cool anything off, remained at 30, but today is better.
I arrived back from Folk Fest on Monday, worked Tuesday night, then went to Montana on Wednesday after sleeping for 4 hours. Montana is quite pretty, I was visiting Kris & Joe & 4 children, Rhonda & Don, and Lavina-Joe's mom at a cottage (really large house) right by Kalispell. It's on a pretty lake, which I tubed on behind the boat, roared around on the boat, then drifted on a tube, reading-which is more my thing as we could guess. Western Montana looks like BC, mountains, valleys, trees-but with gun stores and red, white, and blue bunting on porches. Idaho had all these Ron James for President signs. Who is this guy?

I enjoyed seeing them all again, hard to believe that I've known Kris and Rhonda for over 25 years. They all were doign well, Rhonda got accepted into the nurse anaesthetist program in Pittsburgh and she is excited about it. Kris' kids are growing like weeds. Sidney, the oldest is 12 and i think is my height. I was somewhat horrified to see that there was no recycling at all. It wasn't until the last night that i finally set aside the bottles and cans used that night to take back to Canada. I mourn the rest.

Yesterday I was Ms Irritability all day. Poor Richard. Maybe have been around too many people? I kept snapping at him when discussing what to do when Nathan (nephew from ontario) arrives. I think we will go white water rafting in Golden which will give us easy access to Radium hotsprings and rockies. we'll camp unless weather is miserable. Richard managed to get some days off, so it will be fun to travel around a bit.
Jim and Sandy will be here in September for a visit, and I am looking forward to meeting his agent.
Mom and I are planning on going to GP to visit Laura, Wilf, and Henry, as I would like to see their new pad. At this point it seems that the 3rd week of September will be when we go.

Good news, I recieved my handbag, but it won't let me hyperlink to it. But if you want to see it, look up Kairos handbags...I got the Grab n Go, colour firebrick red, willow design.
Isn't it nice?

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It's hot. That is not a complaint, just a report. We have actually had more than three days in a row without rain. Some people around here have been complaining but not me.
One thing about the heat, you don't have much energy, so haven't been doing much that is reportable. Grace and I volunteered at the Brian Mazza 10 k Trail Run on Saturday. We handed out water to the runners. I notice at the Olympics the water people wear white gloves and hold water bottles up on the palm of their hands. We poured water in cups and held them by the top.
As you see here Grace went to see the Stanley Cup. We were all wondering if Brad Stuart would bring it here, he wouldn't talk to any of the local media after Detroit won it and the rumour is that his California wife doesn't like Alberta, that's why he left the Calgary Flames. Maybe his mom talked him into coming home for a weekend.
Last week of work for both Sam and Grace. Sam has to be at University next week to get ready for his job there and Grace leaves on Sunday for Toronto. They will both be glad to be done work.
Geoff is almost finished the greenhouse renovation. It looks really good, but I don't think we will get much in the way of tomatoes this year because it wasn't closed in for quite a while. Plus until now it has been so cold. Some places around town got frost on July 31.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


The Stanley Cup was in Rocky today with Brad Stuart. Of course I had to see it, so Sam (who I went to Germany with), Scott and I all went to see it. It was supposed to start at 2:00, and we got there at about 1:45. We got to the front of the line at 4:15. It was a long wait, but pretty much worth it. I got an autographed picture of Brad with the Cup, and we were allowed one picture with the Cup. It was exciting, but I wish I would have touched it! It was allowed, but I was so excited I didn't even think of it. Luckily the swelling from getting my wisdom teeth has gone down, so I don't look like too much of a chipmunk.

I have been working a lot lately, 5 days a week at G & M Graphics and about 4 days a week at the theatre. But I now have only five left at G & M and two at the theatre. I will be very glad to have a break by going to Toronto. I think I need a picture with the Stanley Cup in the Hockey Hall of Fame. And pictures with shoes in the shoe museum. Then I get back and move to Edmonton. I am really excited but pretty nervous at the same time. But I know everything will end up working out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Social Scene

Yes, it's true I met them in the airport and said 'hi, I really liked your music this weekend, and did you know that my sister Allison will be marrying Brendan Canning in September?' 'Thanks a lot' they said, 'he'll wear the pink tanktop'
I was very excited.
Then went and slept in airport lounge until my flight was going to leave. Though I did realize that I lost my boarding pass, but went to bathroom and retrieved it in stall right by toilet. Yuck.
I bought a handbag online! Like Allison's but in Firebrick Red, with a Willow design.
Folkfest was a lot of fun as usual. Saw Sue and Mike 2X in beer garden and had a good if slightly alcoholic visit!
It is always nice to see everyone there, though some lame ducks didn't come. We missed them in the beer tent.
I have to work tonight, then to Montana tomorrow after I sleep some in the morning to visit Kris, Rhonda and families.
Alex the driver is very nice, I was happy to meet him.
Jude, you should have struck up a conversation with the band! Though to be honest, I would suppose that they would prefer to be travelling around people who don't stare at them and then make weird conversation.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home from a great festival

Well, my folkfest is over, and I'm safe back home. I got into Edmonton late Thursday, and went straight to Jude's, aided by a helpful shuttle driver who dropped me at the front door! I met up with Al and Lisa and their friend Carmen for a really good lunch at the wildflower cafe. I had roast beef and yorkshire pudding poutine. Then it was back to Jude's to wait paitiently (except Al) for Laura to drive us to the site. Al and I waited in line- no colour lottery for us, but we got a good spot. The music on Friday was good- I saw Tom Russell who I knew I liked, and Outlaw Social, who I didn't know I liked, and who are from Victoria. Saturday was up early for the colour lottery with Jude and Al and Mom and Grace (Laura drove us). We did ok, and Al got an awesome tarp spot! The day was super fun, and super hot. Tim, Ty and I beat the heat in the beer garden after the 2:00 mainstage show. I saw more of Tom Russell, and Ridley Bent, whose a sort of urban country singer. Very good. The main stage that night wasn't too exciting, so when we felt a few drops of rain, we packed up quickly. Turns out it was a good thing, since it started to pour when we dropped off Lisa.
I got up early to help with the colour lottery, and my luck helped us get a spot in the third round! I'm anxious to hear how good the spot was. A quick brekkie, and Mom drove me back to the airport. A busy, fun weekend, with lots of good music, and lots of good new music! I was so glad I was able to go - thanks again Jude!

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Friday, August 08, 2008

the festival city

Here I am in the previous City of Champions.
Folk fest as always is enjoyable, though Allison is becoming competitive with finding good tarp space, though not as much as Kirsten and Sue. Perhaps competitive is the wrong word....determined may be more accurate.
I think as i get older I get more laissez faire about things. = lazy.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.
Allison notes that I benefit from her determination, true, lazy people take opportunity wherever it is offered.
It is hoottt here, which is quite nice. though being from Kelowna I seek out shade from the sun, though foolish Edmontonians sit out in the sun and become pink rapidly.

Monday, August 04, 2008

To the Max

I'm in Seattle! Conference on Library Assessment. We will all sit around, observing each other and making furious notes on our notepads. I'm thinking of wearing a turtleneck with a big medallion around neck, so I can look more like an anthropologist.

The trip was messed up -- I'd rushed to clean home into semblance of home (versus landfill) since Lisa is going to get there before me on Wednesday. I was going to take airporter, but was a bit late -- so I called a cab to get a ride to the airport, thinking, "no big deal. Work can pay." They said 5-15 minutes. After 20, no cab. I called again, and the woman said no one had picked up the call. Was there any way she could put an 'urgent' on it? No. Could she call me back if no one picked it up? No. How would I know that a cab was actually coming? I could call back. Should I call another cab company? (I asked this, thinking, "this will put the fear of God into her.") Sure, if I wanted. But if I did, I better call this company back and cancel, because if they both showed up at the same time, I would never get a cab from this company again.

I'm still calm, but disbelieving and crabby. Call another cab company; they are to come right away. Cab comes. Off we go. Cabdriver asks what airline I'm on? I say Horizon. He says, what? I say, Alaskan. He tells me he's just back from a cruise to Alaska. I say, no, I'm going to Seattle. I'm flying Alaskan. I close eyes so as not thave to chat for remainder of ride. We get to airport, and I hand him my credit card. Remember that 'slow old man' skit Tim Conway did on the Carol Burnett show? Seriously: he says, "oh." Takes card, and places slip over it. Doesn't have pen to rub the imprint. I hand him pen. He tries to take imprint. Doesn't work. I ask, "Should I do this?" No, he's got it under control. (He likely wanted to make sure I wasn't going to defraud him.) Makes imprint. I sign. Now he has to call it in for verification.

he slooowly tok out a piece of paper from his wallet. Read the instructions out loud, one by one. Reads them out loud a second time. Reads first out, and follows it. Reads second out. Reads it again. Ad nauseum.

Finally I say, "You know, I'm going to miss my flight. I'm sorry. My card is good. You'll have to trust it." And ran out of the cab. Got through all my lines. The customs dude asked me if I was going to a "Muslim flag-burning conference or a librarian conference." I bite tongue and smile politely. Finally get to gate.

On plane, we are about to take off, and the cover to one of the overhead bins falls off. A few minutes' wait, and they announce they are just waiting for somone to fix it. More wait. Etc. Eventually, we deplane. We end up leaving at 7pm, 5.5 hours later than planned. I slept on the airport chairs.

But no sympathy my way. I am staying in the Hotel Max. ! A short walk from Macy's, Anthropologie, and Nordstrom sales outlet.

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It's been a cultureful weekend for me! Friday night Fred Eaglesmith was in town. I discovered him at Folkfest a few years ago, and have a couple of his cds. It's sort of alt. country - he does lots of songs about trains. The show was in one of the smaller clubs downtown, and I got there a bit early. There was no where really to sit- some tables, but they were all taken. The people there were mostly men about dad's age, all looking pretty excited, and their wives, some of whom looked excited. There were a few younger people there, but it really was a middle aged men audience. The show was really good and he was really funny. I think his line of the night was "every time I see a hippie, I close my eyes and think of the subdision where they'll be living in 15 years".

To add to the culture of the weekend, tonight was the Symphony Splash. This is an annual thing in Vic, where the Victoria Symphony plays a free show on a barge in the inner harbour, and everyone come and sits on the lawn of the Leg and the Empress to listen. It was a great show, and finshed with the 1812 overture with cannons and fireworks. I went with a couple friends, and we passed the evening playing crib and yahtzee. The music was quite good - I like classical music a lot more when I can play a game or something while listening to it! (Which goes to show that the culture isn't sticking).

Tommorow night there is another free concert downtown for BC 150th - Feist and Sarah McLaughlan, neither of which I'm too fussy about, so I don't know if I'll go. And then next weekend is Folkfest!

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Weather Forecast

Just checked the weather for next weekend,and according to the Weather Network, next weekend, temps from 26 to 30, with no pop, yahoo. It is a bit cool here right now, but I am enjoying it after the heat and humidity of TO.

Not too much new with me, go for my tests on Tuesday, I hope, when I came home on Friday there was a voicemail from the hospital asking me to call and confirm, unfortunately, they are not open on the weekend, and closed Monday for the civic holiday. So guess I will just show up and hope they did not give away my appt.

Can't wait to see everyone who is coming for FF on the weekend, and I don't leave for TO til Monday, so will get to see Chris Isaak, who I have been wanting to see for years.