Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Secret is Out

I visited Rocky this weekend and delivered Theresa's tables. She was very happy with them, at least that was the impression I got. I am happy I don't have to try not too talk about it any more, that was hard.

The weekend was very relaxing, and the weather was beautiful. I enjoyed just hanging out in the yeard and admiring Theresa and Geoff's back yard. On Saturday, Theresa and I went for a visit to the greenhouse, and came away with a whole bunch of plants. Now all I have to do is get them into the planters.

Todd has been moved to Norwood Extended Care. He is not quite ready to be at home. At least there he gets to wear his own clothes and has a private room. I stopped by the Janes/Sivak abode and fed the cats tonight. they all seemed to be well.

The New View

Outside the new accommodations - a little room in the old city of Chania. 

Today I went to the beach, got a mild burn, and frolicked in the big waves! The ocean is very warm but still refreshing. 

Sat outside an Orthodox Church today and listened to the male choir singing, and watched old ladies drive up on motorcycles for mass. 

I also figured out how to open a beer bottle on the bathroom cup holder. 

It is a successful vacation. 

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Friday, May 29, 2009

home again home again, jiggity jig

Had a good trip and helped get Henry graduated (ha!) I t was all very nice - he looked handsome and was charming to his old grandparents. Its a long sit tho' - when you are there for 1 and there are 364 unknowns. Was really glad I went and Laura & Wilf were good hosts as always. Our toot over to Ft St John was nice - a good visit with Jim and Sandi and the trip to the dam was awesome - I sure didn't know it was so vast. Does anyone recall that Dad used to go there often in the 60s as he had lots of customers working on the dam? I had not been to FSJ since the 60s and was surprised at how big and industrial it was - but badly planned. Residential and industrial all mixed together.
It is good to be home - even in a week a lot has happened in the garden - I had a green salad from it last night - mmm good. There are bunch of new blooms out there too and my new hedge is doing well. It needs water I think, so must go out and give it a drink


Thursday, May 28, 2009

grad 2009

Henry's grad extravaganza is over. Mom and Bob came and it was good he had some more family than Wilf and I. He looked very handsome, I was very proud even after the safe grad party at 7:00am. Mom and I went to Jim and Sandi's on MOnday and Tuesday they were very good hosts. We went to the Bennett Dam and got a tour. We do not look like terrorists I guess, they did not have tours when Lisa and Richard were there, but have reinstituted them now. Mom and I also visited with Rose and Ed Pardell, that was good also, but Rose has been sick so she makes mom look not skinny next to her. I was glad and resolve to visit her more often. I have posted pictures on facebook if anyone is interested. There is nothing outside my window but green grass and that is a good thing.

Folk Fest

Tickets go on sale on Monday, so if anyone wants me to pickup theirs should send me an email or respond to this post. Allison I already have you on the list.

Things are moving along smoothly here. I had an offer from the group at IBM who support the GOA to stay on for 6 months, until April 2010. I thought about it, and asked for my two weeks off in November, time at Christmas (to go to Mexico) and to work 4 days at 10 hours a day, and get every Monday off. They agreed and so it means another six months in Edmonton, which is kind of nice.

I went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday. I bought some plants for the balcony (still have not planted them yet), some BC apples, and some tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. It was so lovely on the weekend, and I did a lot of walking on the weekend. this weekend I heading to Rocky, to check on the renos Geoff has done in my suite in the basement, and to check out the new toilets.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The View From My Window

This is my view from my room at the Hotel Kriti, near the old Venetian Harbor in Chania! I shared a cab from the conference today with a man from Kuwait; when I told him that it had recently snowed in Edmonton, he said, "Make sure you take the warmth from here to your home!"

We did our presentation today. I was very nervous this morning: did paper suck, was there a problem that I hadn't ironed my skirt, did my boss think I was crazy, etc. Then suddenly, paper was done. The end.

I got about 3 hours' sleep last night -- anxious about paper, nervous that people would think it was bad, a bit jetlagged, etc. So although sessions are going til 9pm tonight, I am back at hotel at 6:30. I am going to stare into space and maybe read a book. Or not.

Rest of week is just listening to other people present and eating the delicious Greek snacks at coffee break (filo and cheese with honey, spanikopita, etc.). Tomorrow they do an excursion but because I like to do my own thing, and because I am staying an extra week, will duck out of it. May spend tomorrow afternoon by the pool

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The view from our window

We are getting new sewer and water lines so our street has been dug up all week. Lots of big equipment out there for 12 hours a day. I wish I had some little boys here who would appreciate it.

We have good weather! There has been two days without rain or snow. I got lots of yard work done yesterday. Tim has hired me to do his flowerbeds so I think I may go over tonight to start. His roommate's girlfriend's grandmother remarked to her that his yard used to be so nice. That made Tim mad. I will do the flowerbeds, Grace the lawn. I think I got the better end of the deal. I used to hate mowing that lawn, it's so big and bumpy and you have to go around tree stumps.

Today was a good day. After church Geoff made us waffles and we ate outside. Then went for a walk and had a nap, then worked in the yard a bit. Geoff is making supper. Life is good.

Geoff and Tim put in two of the new windows yesterday. They look very good. We are going to have to paint the other trim to match.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Farmer's Market

Went to the farmer's market today with my friend Diana (the one from school, not the one I lived with). We then went out for lunch. It was a perfect end of May day. 27, sunny.
I plan to bike up to Mom's later to look after her suspicious cat. Who deigned to let me pet her when I went by on Thursday to make sure she got inside. Our planters are finally starting to bloom, and our deck is lovely! I cannot express how pleased I am to live here. It was a good move. Even though we have to spend money on things like furnaces. And replacing part of the deck.
The flowerbed that Richard dug up at the front of the yard is planted now. We put in drought tolerant stuff. The remainder of beds will be done the cardboard/newspaper way. but Richard was anxious to get some stuff done this year. Me too. We have met many people while out there. It is a very friendly neighbourhood-people almost always say hi as they pass and usually stop for a chat. One guy passed me saying, 'it's snowing in Edmonton today' We both laughed maliciously.
We were super busy at work this week-like many discharges and admissions during the day, but it went really well-good people working, so we did it and laughed along the way. At one point, I couldn't stop laughing, though I don't think it was a kind laugh. You can't be a saintly nurse all the time you know.

Friday, May 22, 2009


This made me think of my cousins the cats.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Family Photos

I know of some good Sivak candidates to submit here .


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I am a PANK

Professional Aunt No Kids. I finally have a status. There was an article in the Journal yesterday, that explained it all. It is someone who has no kids, but spoils her nieces and nephews. Pretty cool.

Not too much going on here, I visited George and Kay on the weekend, it was really nice to see them again. They had some of Nancy's pictures from India, which were very cool, some really beautiful ones of the Taj Mahal. Nancy has a new job, she is working with some figure skaters, to help them be more expressive and dramatic on the ice, maybe we will get to see her on TV at the Olympics. Deanna is back at work after her knee surgery. Everyone else is doing well too.

It was kind of a strange weekend, started out nice, but then we had rain, snow, a bit more sunshine, then lots of snow fell on Tuesday. today was nice so I hope it lasts. I would like to put some stuff in my pots on the weekend, then I will feel as though we are on the road to summer.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Father Reynard

Here I am as Father Reynard. I wear the hat when I go outside, and the surplice (the white bit) when I do services. The cassock is my everyday church wear. Interesting fact: the cassock is actually the decendant of the Roman toga - even after it passed out of ordinary use, priests continued to wear it. Mine has twelve buttons down the front- to signify the twelve apostles.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birthdays are good. Esp. on weekends. Tim took us all out to Martessa (fancy restaurant) for supper. The food was great and so was the company. I do like having grownup kids. Then we came home for chocolate cake made by Grace and presents. And there were 3 birthday messages on the phone when we got home.

Mom, thanks for the hoodie. I will also enjoy the status of carrying around a Lululemon bag.

Following is more of my endless whining about the weather. It was nice today and yesterday but the wind has suddenly turned cold and it is supposed to snow tonight. Mom said in my birthday card that the lilacs are coming out in Kelowna. Our tulips are not even blooming yet. This is not funny any more.

I have to work tomorrow. I guess if it gets me out of snow shovelling I don't mind.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Mom, just to warn you that you should bring warmer clothing for your trip here, The forecast is for snow on Sunday, MOnday and Tuesday. Hopefully warmer for the big walk across the stage. I have taken 5 days off around your visit so we can travel to FSJ. Looking forward to seeing you. We are doing yard work today but it is windy and cold, so might change to housework. Either way it is work.

May 16th

Happy Birthday to YOU, happy birthday to you - happy #55 to you, dear Theresa, happy birthday to you

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Setting the Church Ablaze

No, not literally. Almost though. See, St. Saviour's is heated mostly by a woodstove. There is electric heat, but not much of it. The first job of the morning, even before Morning Prayer is getting the fire lit. I'm becoming very grateful for all the years at the cabin- I have no problems lighting fires. So this morning I had the fire going, but it was pretty smokey. I opened the door and was poking around a little bit, when all of a sudden this earsplitting bell goes off. Turns out the church is wired with smoke detectors and fire alarms. Before I could even do anything the door opens, and two men rush in, asking what the problem is. I'm right by the park gate, so the maintainence people got there really quickly. They didn't seem too concerned about me setting off the alarm - quite a few of the buildings are heated by woodstoves, and I gather this is not an unusual occurance. They did tell me that my chimney was crooked (from the snow this winter) so not to add any wood to the fire, and not to light another until they fix it. So I had to spend a second day with only the paltry electric heat (and my boots are not insulated!). I spent most of the day standing over a register, and when even that was not enough, I went out visiting to find other, more heated buildings.

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Greetings from the Big Nickel

I am in Sudbury right now, in my hotel room. I was invited to speak at a northern libraries conference on our human resources study. I left Tuesday night and got here 10am on Wednesday...that was a stupid arrangement. I spent most of yesterday sleeping off my fatigue, and getting room service. And fell asleep at 9pm.

Which meant that my presentation was not put together until 7am this morning. For my presentation time of 8:30am. Luckily, I have worked on this project for 6 years so it's pretty intuitive (not to mention I have about 50 other presentations with slides I could use). And it was a tiny group but they were super engaged and talkative and I really liked them. So my procrastinating was unduly rewarded.

Flight home at 1:30pm! I won't even get to see the big nickel.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

its chilly but no snow

Did I read it right on the weather network - that there is snow in Rocky today and probably tomorrow? grab the shovels!
Today we went to the Greenery and got our spring supplies - indulged in quite a few new perennials - just loose my common sense in that place
It was too cold to plant tho - only 10 and sort of raw - hope its better tomorrow
Also voted - held my nose & voted for the liberal guy, who I don't like, but he was the best in a pathetic field

Monday, May 11, 2009

I started a blog

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bird is better

Todd has had 2 fever-free days, after his second surgery on his ankle. He's no longer hooked up to any tubes (at least not all the time) and looks so much better the last couple of days. I went & visited him and we sat in the sun and he made snide comments about people walking by. He is on the mend!


Saturday, May 09, 2009

living on the edge

I have almost decided to put the snow shovels away. Yes, I think I will. Even though it seems premature. I will put them in the garage within easy reach.
Jude was going to come for a visit but was feeling sick so didn't. Just as well, as I got up late today and felt so terrible that I went back to bed after reading the paper. Just a feeling of fatigue and a headache. Wouldn't have been much company. And Grace is working so Jude would have had to make do with Sam and Geoff.
It is still cool and has been raining off and on for the past few days. We have some of the garden planted but need to plant the rest.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

NEW CAR- well at least new to us. I purchased a 1995 Toyota Camray today.
It is "new" compared with the trusty Ford that Will has. I just got the registration and insurance, so I haven't taken it for a test drive yet--yes I bought it without trying it out. It started and the young guy selling it said it had no issues, and I believed him. It has to be inspected for insurance, so I will know better tomorrow if it needs work.


Well, I made the drive to Quesnel successfully, stayed over night with a very nice retired priest (who is the one who organized everything for me) and then yesterday I drove to Wells. This is a small town. Like, 2o0 people in the winter small (500 in the summer). No cell reception small. My apartment is not small - it's a good sized one bedroom, with a very nice kitchen. It's kind of run down, peeling paint and that sort of thing, but the people who are the managers are nice and helpful. When I got here there was no bed, but they had come and sorted that out by the early evening.

I went out to Barkerville yesterday. My church is really neat, and I can't wait to start holding services (I start on Monday). There is a little musuem attached, and they have cut away the inside of the walls, so that you can see that it is lined with newspaper for insulation. I had a good time reading all the old political cartoons. There's also an antique vaccum, which I don't understand.

Lots of snow on the ground here- more than a foot in some places, and it snowed yesterday and today. So no more complaining Mom, it's worse here!

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

From Will's BLOG:
The truck is a big old ninety eighty something Ford. It's huge, and horrible on gas, and I love it. Dad and I spent last week fixing it all up, and it's in good shape.

Will: the ford is an classic-it is actually an 1988 vehicle. I'm glad to hear that all went well, even though the BC economy probably picked up when you started buying fuel.
Have you started work yet ??
Sam has already negotiated himself a raise. We should all be able to sell ourselves as well !

Need update

Allison, how is Todd?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Good trip

We sure did have a good weekend. Geoff wasn't really all that thrilled about going and of course I never want to go anywhere, but we are both glad we did. Thank goodness for Linda, we couldn't really back out.
I am amazed at how GP has changed even though I keep hearing it all the time. On the outskirts of course it looks like any other place, Red Deer or the cities with their big box stores, but it was still a shock. Laura and Wilf took very good care of us. Their house is nice, only a block from the Comp and our old school so it is a nice neighbourhood. They have a great sunroom.
Laura drove us all around on Sat, past all three old houses. The duplex is very sad. All the other places on the block look good and well-kept, even the other half of our place, but it is a mess. The white house is good though even though they didn't seem to like Dad's garage. We drove out to the mill, a trip down memory lane for Geoff.
Joanne had a get-t0gether on Sat night; there were quite a few people there and it was so nice, it was as if it hadn't been 10 or 20 or 30 years since we had seen each other. Mom, do you remember Mary Lou Caza? I haven't seen her since Gr. 9, but Joanne said that when she invited Mary Lou, she was quite excited to see me. I had forgotten this, but we used to play together when we first moved to GP. She said you and her mom used to have coffee together. Her mom lives in Calgary now.
There were eight or so couples there and not one of them has grandkids. So I don't feel so alone.
The weather was good all weekend so that added to the fun. Everyone there is pretty sick of winter too. I think GP would be a good place to live except that it is so far away from the next place. We saw quite a few smaller older houses that would be a good size for us when we downsize, wish there were some here.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Geoff, Theresa and Linda made a safe arrival in Rocky. Grace was and is in the process of making Tacos for supper. We had a fantastic time in GP. Laura drove us all about to see the old abodes that the Sivaks lived in as well as the fun places- and even the Mill where I worked. We were treated royally- Thanks Wilf and Laura. We even saw Henry for a few moments as he passed thru.
Had a really good get-together at Jay and Joanne's place Sat night. Lots of folks that I apparently have met, but don't remember. Jay and Joanne excluded as we have seen each other once in a (long) while. Theresa had great friends, and they still are. (although on the guys side of the room I heard some tales that indicated a few of them shouldn't have survived teenagehood)
Time for Tacos

Home for the summer

Well, I arrived home for the summer last Sunday, and I still can't get over how much free time I have now!

Before I left for the summer, I had a phone interview with the Confluence Heritage Society, which is a non-profit that does a lot of work with the historic site near Rocky. Although I used to train people to take interviews, I didn't think this particular one went very well. I rely heavily on reading people in my interviews, and it's hard to know what they are thinking over a phone line. But like an hour later, they rang me up to offer me the supervisor job out there.

I went in for a couple days last week, and they seemed really disorganized. I'm showing them how to use and program their new till - it seems natural to me to use the till to track inventory and cashiers, but they had never heard of such things before. Turns out it sounds like they want me to do schedules, inventory, stock ordering, training, etc. However pretty much the whole staff turned over last year and nobody left any notes, so in addition to doing this stuff, I have to figure HOW to do this stuff. Should be interesting.

I applied for the co-op program at the U of A (for accounting). We'll see what happens there. I changed my minor to operations management, which is stuff like supply chain management, congestion management, aggregate planning, demand forecasting, etc. It's really cool, I think, but most people hate it. Got all my marks back, and I did better than last year, which is always nice as they'll be going down from here on in I should say. (Accounting curves on a B- for senior courses, while everybody else curves on a B+... fantastic).

I got offered an RA job next year, but turned it down (which, in hindsight, was a bad decision) so instead I'm the Food Ombudsman again next year.

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I forgot

Thanks to Mom, Lisa, Richard, Theresa, Geoff and Judith for my thoughtful birthday presents. I am reading the book, it is well written and gives good background for the times. Thanks L and R.
Mom, I really like the sweater it is good for the mornings here, because they are still cool.

Theresa and Geoff, I think I will put black and white pictures in my book, it feels like that is appropriate.

Judith, I smell very green tea-ish, the shower stuff is great and so is the moisturizer.. I forgot to put this in my other blog.

Company and nostalgia

Theresa and Geoff just left. We really enjoyed their visit. They were here in time for supper on Friday and we went to Joey Only's and over to Marble Slab for dessert. Lots of chatting and catching up. Saturday we went on a bit of a nostalgia trip. Saw the duplex and white house, went down to the mill and the Waipiti. Over to Saskatoon Lake. It was neat to see those places with others and hear Theresa's rememberances, they are different than mine. GP is so much bigger than when we lived here but I don't always go and drive just to see it. It was really good to see them and I am glad that they came and stayed at our house.

Saturday, May 02, 2009


I am drinking some as I just got up from a night shift. It was super easy one-those are the days (or rather, nights) where I think, "I get paid how much for doing this?" I did manage to read some stuff about our pandemic protocol, so I'll have you all know that I spent my down time productively. The ethical guidelines were interesting, like who will get treated if the ER is flooded with patients? Who gets supplies? What are healthcare workers ethical responsibilities? Not only actual healthcare providers like drs and nurses, but also clerical and housekeeping staff are vital. I have thought about this, how would I feel going into work if I thought I might get sick, or bring it home?
On another life and death issue: I got stung yesterday while plucking dead flowers off our pansys in the windowbox-baking soda worked pretty quick, I went back to see if there was a bee corpse anywhere-none to be found. R.I.P. I thought, 'well, we already have a shortage of bees, now another one's gone'
Nick went missing last week for a day. I came home from a nightshift, door to deck wide open and no Nick. Mom thinks he may have figured out how to open the door, clever animal that he is, but I think one of us forgot to close it properly. So I woke up Richard, did a walk through the yard, shaking the Pounce can. Went to bed, Richard kept looking until he went to work. I woke up, went around the neighbourhood looking, talked to our neighbours. Then came home and cried. Richard got home that evening about 730. We went out the driveway to look shaking a Pounce can, and heard a small 'mew'. He came runnign over from underneath the neighbours car, smelling of car underside, but none the worse for wear. Sebastian hissed at him when Richard carried him inside. Angry about the smell? Sebastian doesn't seem to recognize Nick when he does this stuff. We never said he was the smart one.
We had a good visit with Will, though I was working while he was here=unable to stay awake and converse normally. He and Richard happily planted Mom's cedars and they sure look a lot better than the falling down fence. I'd like to try to go to Barkerville while he's up there. It has been years. Plus he could give us a personal graveyard tour!

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