Sunday, October 28, 2007

Feeling Good about technology

Why you ask? because I just set up my wireless network, after it was on my to do list for about 3 months. I successfully connected my home laptop and my new work laptop. It makes me so happy when things work. Now I am sitting in my living room, writing to you all, and visitors are invited to bring their laptops and use my new network.
Looking forward to all the vsistors this weekend, quite the month for people travelling to Edmonton to visit, it is really nice to see everyone without leaving home.
I had a guy come in from the flooring company (sent by the insurance company) to look at the parquet. Apparently it is toast. You cannot just glue down the pieces, so have to get a whole new floor, from the front door to my room. And they do not make the parquet the same size any more, so I am thinking about a new kind of covering. Any one got any suggestions? The floor guy said that they have a lot of selection, and made the suggestion of slate.
Went to the Dr. for my annual physical last week, and my blood pressure was through the roof, but that was only in the office. When I take it at home it is very good, so I have the white coat syndrome in spades. Kind of weird, because I have been seeing my Dr. for 5 years now, and I really like her, and feel comfortable seeing her. Mom I blame you for this, clearly you did not take us to the Dr. enough when we were kids, so I could feel really comfortable with them.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Hey, I got the job!
I hate interviews.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


OK, had my interview, think it went fine, but I am a very poor judge of that. Casual interview my ass! 3 people panelling me in an hour long interview is not casual. Especially when I found out about it the evening before. I am afraid to open my psych textbook to see if I answered anything wrong. I must have named about 20-30 different drugs. I am....worn out.
And I forgot to add...we bought a used truck. 1994 Nissan Kingcab 4X4. Only 135,000 kms. And too much money for a 1994 truck, but what can you do? Small, reliable trucks are pricey.
We can't pick it up until Sat., but I am excited about it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I was trying to log on to "my" blog and forund I could post here too. We have 263 posts so far. Awesome eh?
not much new in Rocky life goes on-Theresa liking her job and Geoff......well he should retire.
Went to Edm. on Sunday for Thelma's funeral-very sad. Bill seemed to be good, but it is the time a few weeks after that really get you.
Had a good visit with Sam , Jude and Beth though. Too bad that when you get to a certain age, funerals are where you get together the most.
Looks like the houseboat next summer will kick ***, maybe we have even convinced some of the Robins cousins to join in the fun.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunny Day

It is lovely outside. I went jogging, then did some fall clean up. There is still a lot of clean up left. We will have a lot of compost. Even though they look unatttractive I am leaving the sunflowers up for the birds. Even if it feels like I am leaving all our dirty dishes out in the front yard.
I am excited to be in Edmonton next week and see everyone! I'd like to go for breakfast at Zuppa's and have cinnamon french toast! I am happy that you will be in town Jude, and not working. Edmonton is not the same without you in it!
It sounds like Thelma's service was nice and that though it was sad circumstances, that it was good to see everyone again. I love living in the Okanagan, but wish there was more family living closer. Could some of you move closer? We'd move there, but really, our weather is a lot better.
I am sort of offered the opportunity to work full time in community. Sort of, because the manager of psychiatry was just asking at this point if I'd be interested in working with a community team that works with people with mental illness and mental disabilities. they are very short of nurses and the head of mental health was asking the managers if there was any people who would be qualified and interested. i am not sure if I'd interview for it and exactly what the job entails. I presume there would be some sort of interview. i do know that it is M-F, need a vehicle, and that I'd be doing a lot of assessments. I think at this point it is a temporary position, but would obviously become a permanent position, and I could apply when it is posted. they have already posted for it, but either didn't get enough response or not qualified candidates. So, am not sure. Strangely, I do prefer shift work as I like having longer hours with more days off. And it would mean probably going into a somewhat chaotic environment as they are short staffed with much political stuff happening. But it is obviously full time position, with good experience. My manager is checking out whether my seniority will transfer back and forth between community and hospital, because though it is all Interior Health, if you're casual, it doesn't transfer. Stupid. So, am considering my options here.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


We're off to the city tomorrow to stay at Jude's and go to Auntie Thelma's memorial service. I wonder how all the Robins are doing. A hard time.
Jude is having Sam and Uncle George and Auntie Kay for supper tomorrow. It will be good to see them and Mom and catch up.
We are having our pretty nice fall weather now, although it rained last night. It's been a bit cool at night, so it could easily have been snow. We've still got leaves to clean up, so I'm glad we have a grace period for that. Our birch tree gets its leaves later in the spring but they stay longer in the fall than other birch trees around here. It was beautiful for a couple of weeks; when you looked out the front window it was like a curtain of gold out there.
It seems as if Thanksgiving was a long time ago, not just 2 weeks. Jude and Sam were here. On the Sunday we put the turkey in the oven then went out to the lake to clean some stuff up before the park people did their fall inspection. Jude and I piled wood then went for a walk, a perfect fall afternoon. Then when we got home we got to smell the turkey cooking. Tim came over for supper and we watched slides after. A nice family day.
This is not a very exciting update. But that's how I like my life, unexciting. I could even take some boredom.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There is an emergency in the building.

So I was sitting in Stats the other day. As usual, I was trying very hard to focus, but I was finding it exceptionally difficult to do so. Thankfully, there were about 10 minutes left in the class when a strange series of intermittent beeps started coming from outside the class. The instructor, who is hard to hear anyway, started complaining about all the racket going on in the corridor, so she goes over and shuts the door to muffle the noise, and continues the lecture.

Then the sprinklers in the class start flashing. Bewildered, the prof figures out that something is amiss and yanks open the door, where she sees every other student on the floor pouring out of their classes and heading towards the exits. Then the alarm volume suddenly increases exponentially. She says something along the lines of, "Oh, I guess it's the fire alarm," and summarily dissmisses the class.

This was followed by the slowest and most disorganized emergency exit I have ever seen. Most people looked amused, annoyed, or bewildered.

It was worth it, though. After a while, over the racket of the alarm, we got a
James Earl Jones-esque recording intoning, "There is an EMERGENCY in the building. Please EVACUATE the Central Academic Building." I guess they figured the deafening alarm was not enough of a signal.

I got a kick out it.

Incidentally, this was a great choice for a practice evacuation. I mean, it's seven stories tall, has a large cafeteria, dozens of classrooms and offices, houses the entire math and stats department, and is attached to the large Chemistry building as well as the massive Cameron library, which were also were "evacuated". I hope an orderly move towards the exits was not expected, because nothing of the kind occured.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I haven't really been up to that much lately, but felt it was high time for a post. Friday was awards night, so I got all dressed up in a skirt and a stripey shirt and shoes. As usual it was fairly boring, but what can you do. After it was over, I went with some friends to The Kingdom. It was a really good movie I thought. Scott and I got huge slurpees and mixed in energy drinks for the movie just for the heck of it, so I was wide awake when I got home. I chatted with dad for a bit, then he went to bed, so I did social homework until 2:30. I found it funny.

I worked Saturday, and Sunday we had our first hockey game of the season against Innisfail. We lost of course, 13-2, but we thought it was a major accomplishment that we scored two goals. It took us ten games to score one last year. The game was really fun, and I played defence for three quarters of a period. That was my first time on defence and it was really fun, even thought I can't skate backwards well at all. Defence is more about thinking, because you have to read the plays and know when to hold the line and when to stay back. I think I could do it if I had a bit more practice.

School is going pretty well. We got a new French teacher since our first one went on paternity leave ( or MANternity leave as Tim says) . She is fresh out of Quebec and doesn't speak English very well. I mostly don't know what is going on in that class because I am really not good at understanding when people talk in French.

I manage the theatre on Wednesdays now because my boss joined the reserves and has training those days. Last Wednesday he collapsed after their run and was hospitalized, but I guess he is going back because I am managing tomorrow. I am getting really good at threading the movie and it almost always works now. The other day I brought mom and dad upstairs so they could see how it all worked. It really is quite cool. So if anyone is in town on a Wednesday evening, come on by the theatre and I can show you how it works.

New Hours

I have changed my hours at work, since I am supporting an eastern client, I decided to work from 6:30 to 3:00 or 3:30 Mountain time. It doesn't seem to matter what time I start, early or late, I still want to go to bed at the same time. This way I get time after work, to relax, before I have to make supper. Surprisingly, it seems to be working out quite well. I am not having real trouble getting up at 5, and I love being finished early.

Nothing much new with me, I don't think I will have another trip to Rhode Island this year, which is good. So Lisa I should be around when you come to visit. Mom, you are always welcome to stay with me, when you make the trip to Alberta.

I went to see the movie Michael Clayton on the weekend, and I give it two thumbs up. both Tom Wilkinson and George Clooney, are really good. Has anyone seen Shake Hands with the Devil yet? That is another one I would like to see.

Monday, October 15, 2007


I just had a call from Brenda and she said that they are taking Thelma off life support that is intervenous and oxygen) and thtat she will pass away quietly sometime between a few hours and 2 days. I just feel bad for them all esp Bill - they have been married for over 57 yrs. Anyway when it happens, will go to Edm for the service. I have known her for at least 60 yrs - makes one think of their own mortality. Will post again when there is some news
Love to all

What's new?

Not very much. I have been working a lot it seems. Good thing I like it. But i have quite a bit of time off at the end of the month. So, I am going to Edmonton, leaving Oct. 31st, returning on Nov 5th. I thought I should see the new cat.
Jim will be here today. I'm not sure for how long, I think he only has a week off. I'm working Wed-Fri, so hope he will be here for some of the weekend, as when I'm working, all I do is work and come home and sleep. I don't know how those executives work 12 hours a day and then go out and socialize at black tie events. They must be using drugs to keep themselves going.
Let's see, what else is new? Richard is writing exams this week = stressing out.
Diane was here for a few days. we went to a local winery for supper, did a few things around here. I seemed to need a lot of naps as I had just finished working a lot, and was going to be working a lot again. She must have thought I was sickly. Or avoiding her. I just need 9 hours of sleep to be human.
I did not get picked for jury duty. The case was actually a murder trial. The victim was the father of someone I used to work with. I didn't get called up, just sat in court for the morning, but don't think they would have picked me anyway. Though i wasn't really friends with the woman, more acquaintances. As it turns out, the guy on trial changed his plea to guilty on the 1st day of trial.
I have procrastinated long enough, the house is still dirty and yardwork still needs to be done, so I guess i should get to it, seeing as the cats are not doing their fair share of the work. I am going to plant the lily bulbs Mom and Richard ordered! That will be my reward for cleaning the house. It looks like a nice sunny day.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Anne's Address

Since Grandma asked so nicely (and nothing at all to do with my birthday coming up, of course!) my mailing address is

67 Mount Street
Bangor, Gwynedd
LL57 1BQ

However, I may or may not move on since I don't really like moving there that much... though if I do, I imagine I can probably forward my mail at the Post Office, so use that address till further notice, I guess. The shared house is not terrible, but my housemate mostly avoids me so it's not super friendly. Also it smells VERY STRONGLY of damp when you walk in the door, which is unpleasant. A girl in my lab is moving and I'm going to look at her place today, but it's a bedsit which doesn't sound ideal for how much it costs. We shall see.

Other than that things are good. Extremely busy with school stuff as we've launched right into having things due (and BIG projects too!) The only nice thing is there is hardly any lectures, so I can organize my time myself. That said, there's a lot of lab stuff going on that I have to take part in - which is great, most masters' students here aren't usually included quite so much - but sucks up a lot of time.

Went back to fencing this week. It's still fun. I will probably join for sure. What the heck. I'm not looking to compete, just to have some fun and learn something new. And it sure wouldn't hurt to get some exercise. Also learning "scrambling" tomorrow, which is climbing things without ropes but where you have to use your hands to climb up. Sounds dangerous but fun.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Home Again - Well Amost

I am actually in Rocky for the weekend. My time in Woonsocket was good, the weather was warm, which meant the trees were not turning colour, but still. Last weekend I went on a bit of a exploring trip. Saturday, to drive around the countryside. I ended up at historic Jamestown (that is what the sign said) and looked around there for a bit. I stopped at a little restaurant, and had some clam chowder, sitting on their deck, watching the water, and just enjoying the day. After I went back to the hotel, I met some friends and we went out for dinner, and then into Providence to Water Fire. That was fun, what they do is have fires set up all along the river, with real wood, and then pipe in music. There are boats that move all up and down the river, with loads of wood, and they stoke the fire when it seems to be dying down. Waterfire starts in July, so the fires in September and October are not as busy, and you can close to enough on the bridges and pathways, to come home smelling like you had been camping.

Sunday morning up early, and I went with another IBMer Vanessa to Martha's Vineyard. We drove to a place called Quonset, where the fast ferry docks. It is a walk on ferry, which took us to Oak Bluffs, a town on the island. From there we took a tour around the island, stopping in Edgartown, which is another town. From Edgartown you can see the island of Chappaquidick, and there is a tiny ferry that only holds about 3 cars that goes back and forth. The population of Martha's Vineyard is about 18 to 20 thousand in the off season, and in the season it explodes to 125 thousand, crazy. We did not see any famous people, but did see the house Billy Joel used to own when he was married to Christie Brinkley. Oak Bluffs has some very cool Victorian houses that are very colourful and built on the site of where they used to have a huge church camp.

On Wednesday night I went out for supper with Vanessa and Emily, and had a stuffie (which is a quahog clam, chopped up and added to a mixture of bread, and spices and cooked in the oven, served on the quahog shell, mmm mmm good) and scrod (the old peoples fish) at a local pub. I love having fresh fish and seafood.

Trip home was uneventful, caught the wee plane out of Providence (pilot was not sick so no cancellations) then onto the bigger plane, and home in my own bed by 2:30 am Friday morning. Slept in and then had lunch, picked up the car and Sam came over and we made our way to Rocky. Looking forward to Turkey today, along with all the trimmimgs.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Bangor, Gwynedd: Holiday Destination

hello hello, was inspired by Sam's post even though I have been quite good lately at posting on my own blog.

Just wanted to remind you all that North Wales is beautiful, and that you must all try to come visit! Bangor's what *I* would call a small town, except because it has a cathedral it is a city. That's how it works in these parts. It's sort of a mixture of building styles, not like Edinburgh where large parts were all built in one decade. Ramshackle in places but with some gorgeous buildings as well. Liam's just sent me a camera, so provided it keeps working I will go take some photos tomorrow and post them for you.

Being on the ocean and kind of touristy, of course there is a pier. One of those long Victorian ones (recently restored). 25p to walk along it, and a cute little tea-house at the end run by a cute little guy and his wife, with insanely good scones and tea. I think I may well be taking my laptop/textbooks out there when I'm sick of the lab.

The cathedral is nice, though not extravagant. You get the feeling it's not the richest in the country. It has those little hand-embroidered cushions made by the Ladies' Auxilary in 1938 (I made the Ladies' Auxiliary part up, but they all say 1938 along the edges). It also has a shop, which I find totally bizarre. Sort of a money-changers in the temple type vibe, no? However, it mostly sells religious books and fair-trade muesli (!), so I guess God probably doesn't mind. Lots of tombstones in the walls etc etc, par for the course when it comes to cathedrals. Also a funny story about the Battle of Bangor, with the Bishop going to war with the Assistant Registrar, which has to be seen to be believed. Better come see!