Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I recently realized that part of the reason I like naps, is because it gives me a time out. After being around people all day I need time to not interact.
I told Richard this and he said,'I thought you were going to tell me something new'
Perhaps I am not as self aware as I would like to be?

I went to my Master's orientation. Some of the time was spent in the library, with the excellent nursing librarian. We did a few searches. I was quickest. He asked me if I was a librarian. No, but my sister is. Right on he said. Perhaps it is genetic?

Master's students get way more than undergrads. Like a free lunch for the orientation. Including cake. Who would get that for undergrad? Maybe for a PhD there's a weekend away involved? I am excited about starting another course though. I like learning. Course is on Conceptualization of Health and Healing. She has sent out some readings which look interesting to me-very post modern type of stuff.

We kicked some serious (parental advisory) ass on our project. Remember the photo I posted? A+ for photo display, paper, and presentation. Plus she wants to put up in nursing faculty hallway and also show to students. Proud. Actually more importantly, I learned some interesting things.

It has cooled down after highs of 30+. I was wondering if we should water some trees. Then figured no-fall is coming-we should get some rain.

Richard and I are going to the Interior Provincial Exhibition on Sunday-piglets! Cows! Chickens! Greasy fair food! Actually, this reminds me that it is a long weekend coming up.

We have 2 tenants moving out-1 set already done, place very clean, no issue. Loser downstairs, still has things scattered all over the yard, and his future landlord called today to check on reference. Apparently he had not confirmed that he was moving in? Future landlord wants a call from us after he moves out to tell her what the place looked like after he moved. Richard told tenant this and he looked panicked. I guess someone will be making sure place is clean? Actually he is likely too clueless to recognize that it would be in his best interests to do this. And I suspect, does not know what clean means. Also, I am not sure how long things were all over the yard for, but someone came and relieved him of some things he had in the yard sometime today. Not very clever to leave your crap all over the yard all day. I think this may be pay back for when he would leave his door open to heat the outdoors.

If I were a better person, I would feel badly for him, but I am not. Maybe if he had a mental illness I would have more empathy.

Speaking of which, work is going well. I still love my job. I am lucky to have found the right work for me-I just wish I started at 0900. Why on earth do nurses start at 0700? So that they can tell drs what the scoop is by the time they come in? Figure it out yourself physician. Besides psychiatrists aren't on our unit until at the earliest shortly after 0800, and most don't stroll in until 0900. I would become a doctor, but prefer nursing. I notice our cats sleep a lot too-the pay is not very good for being a cat though. You have to be hooked up with the right owner.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Vacation part two

It was so good to go to Kelowna where the temperature is hot and stays that way. No anxious scanning the sky for storm clouds. It was also good to go there to visit. We both felt that we could have stayed longer, but must be careful about overstaying our welcome. We didn't do too much; I said to Geoff that I seem to have an infinite capacity to just sit there. Mom said that Allison had a list of things we could do for her, but when we asked for details, Mom said she "forgot" what was on that list and said that there wasn't really anything that needed doing. But we took down the old fence by the sheds and took up the boards that were on the ground there. Geoff and Richard put in a fencepost on the pathway side to shore up the fence. It all looks much better; now Mom can plant stuff in that spot, it's very sunny.
Went to the beach a couple of times, took Mom over to Ritchie Court to check the house. Went out for lunch at the Cedar Creek winery with L and R. Geoff helped Richard with a light at their garage. Sat and read in the yard. That's about it.
The truck was in the shop Monday to get the ac fixed. It worked until Friday. We had a very hot drive home Sunday. Back to the shop today, this had better be the final fix.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Last week I got to enjoy one of the perks to being clergy on the Island - I got to be the camp chaplain for a week! The diocese owns a camp on Thetis Island (across from Chemainus) and runs various week long camps through the summer. Clergy from the diocese can volunteer to come and be a chaplain for one of the camps. I had not volunteered, as I thought it would be a bit much to start work, and then immediately ask for time away. However, the chaplain for teen camp had to have surgery, so they asked me.

It was a lot of fun - and very similar to the church camps that we used to go, except with the ocean instead of horseback riding. There were 40 campers between 14-16 staying in cabins. I was in a cabin too, but I was alone, and the cabin was the only one with plumbing. The camp directors are new this year, and are English. They were pretty funny, and easy to work with. I had to lead the daily devotion/worship time, and the program director had given a theme for the week and for each day, so I was able to work within that.

Being the chaplain was cool - outside of the devotion times, I didn't have anything set to do (except get ready for the next day), so I was able to be with the campers most of the time. I didn't go swimming though, much as I wanted to. I decided that it would be good to have a time when I could tell the campers that I was free if they wanted or needed to talk about anything, so I sat on the beach and watched them swim and tube. I also helped out with some of the chores. Usually through the summer they have a crew of 14-15 year olds to help with dishes and the various things, but they were all campers this week, and there was only the crew leader to do it all. I helped him dig a trench for a wire to the pumphouse.

The food was good, and the staff were nice. I re-connected with an old friend from Victoria that I had not seen in years, and met several others from Victoria. The camp cook was from Yellowknife, but had only lived there for a few years, and didn't know any Bromleys. I had so much fun with the staff that I stayed for one extra night after the campers had left.

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I realized on the weekend that I can't remember the last time I had a few (or any) days at home to just be here. We always have something planned. Sometimes it's good when plans go awry.

We got our new Escape last week, it's so nice and almost new. Drove it around town for a week and it was all good. Then left on Saturday for Claresholm to Shane's wedding on what turned out to be the hottest day of the summer so far only to find the ac doesn't blow cold air. It blows air all right, but there was already plenty of warm air. We didn't need more. So the truck is in the shop and our plans have changed so there will be a couple of unplanned days. I slept in this morning (and I am a little embarassed to say how "in"). It's warm again and I am doing nothing and it is wonderful.

We are glad we went to Shane's wedding even though it was almost the worst weekend it could have been for us. I help out at the annual 10k trail rain at the lake which was on Saturday, so couldn't be there, and we wished we could get to Edmonton to pick Sam up at the airport. But it was also great to see the Hanlans and it's fun to get away and see some countryside.

We stayed at the Bluebird Motel. It's an old motel on the highway, you know the old-school kind I mean, but it was quite cool and clean, the main issue as far as I am concerned. Randy Travis has stayed there, and Michelle Wright.

The wedding itself was in the community centre followed by the dinner and dance. All pretty low-key, which I prefer to a big production of a wedding. And we had good visits with Heather and her kids, Dick and Jo and Margaret and John. Barb was planning on attending but she fell and cut her leg a couple of weeks back and it is not healing like it should so couldn't leave home.
Stopped in Calgary for a new vanity for the kitchen bathroom, then drove home with the windows open and tunes blaring.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I am making ginger beer-I will let you know how it turns out. I have made quite a bit of it, so hopefully it is successful.
Did some laundry, rode my bike to the store and made a picnic for supper, though Richard won't be home until 630, so am not sure he wants to go to beach.
Wisit with Allison was wery nice. We are looking forward to seeing Theresa and Geoff tomorrow too! The weather should be good while they are here-it was high 20's while Allison was here too. Pretty nice vacation weather. How I wish all my holidays weren't gone though. Work is going well though. Except for the increasing numbers of patients who need a bed on our unit-we need a bigger unit.
My knitting project is racing along, the scarf is looking good-and my hands have adjusted to knitting again.
we rented both our suites quickly, the downstairs guy and the upstairs people are both moving out. we liked the upstairs people, but the downstairs guy was a tool. He kept leaving the door open and by the last time I addressed it with him, I was curt. 'Oh, he said at one point, 'I didn't think about it being an issue' ?Hello? No wonder his wife is divorcing him.
The new people seem good, for both. we weren't sure if we'd have difficulty as the vacancy rate is high, but there did not seem to be a problem.

Welaxing Wisit

It was delightful to stay in Kelowna for 10 days. Todd said, upon seeing me when I returned, "You're so TAN!" I brought home fruit / veg from Packers' Co-op / Mom -- food as souvenir = confirmation that I am middle-aged.

Animals were extremely happy to see me. Magda now looks panicked every time I go outside.

We didn't do much. Helped Mom with some chores, so when Jim visits he can focus solely on painting the house instead of being distracted. You're welcome, Jim!

We had lunch at Cedar Creek Winery, ate some good dinners chez Mamacita, slept on the beach, drank beer. Although I am extremely relaxed, I do not wish to go back to work.

Todd is doing well! His blood tests show almost no infection left! He has one more week of IV treatment, then goes on oral antibiotics. One of his kitties isn't well, though -- although she's not in pain, she seems confused and lethargic, so he will have to take her to the vet and see what the situation is -- she's old, and she might have to be put down.

This fall, I hope to:
- get new fridge
- get bathroom renovated (Tim, want to come and tile? I'll make it worth your while....)
- maybe get new kitchen counter? (this might wait)

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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Allison is here and she, Richard and I went to Naramata (I always want to write namaste) to visit Sue, Mike, Ella, and Aaron.
It was a nice visit-we had a great meal, and the place they are staying at is gorgeous-peaceful and beautiful.
It is interesting how with extended family, you can not see them for a long time, and yet it is not uncomfortable to visit. well, perhaps not all family, but many.
There is a frog who has taken up residence near our deck somewhere and I can hear it as I type.
Allison and I went to Value Village. She got prada pants for $20. I got 5 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts for $65. Including 2 purple tops-I don't normally wear purple, but am trying to liven up my wardrobe. So I also got 2 colourful print tops. Dynamic!
Sue also came to my work as she does consulting on patient and family centered care and we are trying to implement at our hospital. I wish it moved quicker, but given that health care has been health care provider focussed for the last 200 years, I should not get discouraged.
I notice that Firefox wants me to write in American English, which I resist.
I have now added the Canadian dictionary.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just to prove Geoff was at FF


Monday, August 08, 2011

Here are the happy folkfest goers. Although not long after this it started to rain, which is actually OK when you are prepared, as we were. That was on Saturday. The weather Sunday was much better, there was only a bit of rain in the afternoon. This was the first time for a few years I have been to all of all four days - usually we get there Friday night and go back Sunday early evening. So glad we were able to stay for the last main stage, it was so great. Lyle Lovett, then kd lang. They were both fabulous.
On Sunday as we were heading out of Jude's building to go to the tarp run, Laura fell and twisted her ankle. She insisted on us leaving so we drove away with her sitting on the step surrounded by her stuff. But Geoff was back there soon after dropping us off and she says she feels all right. She made it to the hill later.
That was the most crowded folkfest I remember. But even with all those people, everything works, everything is orderly and smooth. Quite amazing.
We are a good folkfest team.