Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Sam

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Second try

Hmm, I just  did a post that did not appear. Good, because I was not happy with it.

Summer is whizzing by. It has been so nice the past couple of weeks, hot with no rain. This week it cooled off and rained a couple of days but now is nice again. We needed the rain, but it seems often around here that once it starts it does not stop. Not the case this time.

We have been busy weekends since the middle of June till now. It's kind of nice to have no commitments on a Saturday. Housework and yard work are happening today. We have resumed work on the kids' bathroom refreshment (by that I mean Geoff). These projects seem to go so much more quickly on HGTV.

We had a delightful visit with the busy Robins. Busy with those twinnies. The girls made themselves right at home here. It was so cute when they met Grady (Kane was with his other grandparents). I was holding him and they were running down the hall saying, "Baby, baby," and each holding a toy out for him. He was wary for a bit, but got soon got down and off they went, the three of them crawling.

The weekend before we were in the city to go see Wicked with Grace and Dallyn. We went to the matinee then for supper In the evening, a really fun day. I really like Wicked, would see it again. We stayed at the Westin. The Street Performers Festival was on in Churchill Square  and it was so good to see downtown full of people. Breakfast on Sunday with them and Sam and Nancy and Allison. Where Sam did not mention a business trip to Chicago.

The week before that we went to the wedding of a couple who had both been reporters at the paper. Both good reporters but journalism was not for them and they both went back to university for teaching degrees. They both grew up in Rocky and the groom's father taught Anne in high school. We had a nice chat where he told me how proud he is of her. It was such a good wedding. Our fourth one this year.

Tim was home for a few days. Have talked to him a few times and it sounds as if things are going better in Mexico this time around. He knows what to expect now and it is getting busy so the days do not drag. I think Courtney is doing ok, though I am sure she has her days. She stopped by work the other day with the boys, always great to have a visit there. I love those booboos.

I find myself looking more and more forward to retirement

Visiting Will

I am really having a good time in Tofino.  Will is a great host and his place is really wonderful.  Yesterday we went whale watching, and saw four Orcas and a mother and calf grey whales.  So cool.  On the way out on the boat we also saw a bald eagle on the top of a tree.  The Orca's were really graceful, but the greys not so much.  It was a good day to go, not too much wind or swells so we were able to stay outside in the deck for the whole trip.  After seeing the whales, we also got to see a whole bunch of Sea Lions, fathers and little guys, tanning themselves on the rocks, no females because it is mating season for them.  There were also four or five sea otters swimming in the ocean, and all kinds of birds.  It could not have been better.

We have eaten out a couple of times, seafood, and it has been really delicious.  T&G you are in for a treat when you come.  Today I think a little shopping, then beach in the afternoon and I am cooking tonight.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

lilies and big sky

These are the lilies in our yard, I do love lilies.  It has been very hot and dry, so I was out watering and the sky was grey because of the fires, it is weird when it is hot and grey, not normal. I looked and the clouds had rolled in, thunder and lightning big big show very little rain though.
We have both been working the last couple of weeks, me,  at a couple of different places Grant production and Encana Sexsmith.  When Michael called to talk to me about Sexsmith he said I must be famous, Encana asked for me specifically that made me happy. It was good.  A bit of a drive 50 mins each way but they pay mileage so that is ok. I am at Encana GP for the next two weeks and a week in August. Wilf works almost every day, keeps him busy and he enjoys it. He will be taking time off in August to do the bathroom and we are going camping with Henry and Ally, at least that is the plan.
Hard to believe that July is almost over, time sure does fly when you are having fun.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Keeping Busy

There has been quite a bit going on in the last few weeks.  Tim came home and it was great to see him, and hear all about the living in Mexico.  It seems funny to think of people living there, and not just going to Mexico for vacation. 

The Birthday party was fun, Barb came out, well as Holly Clint and Lindsay, some friends and T,G and I.  One of the friends brought a bouncy castle, so the kids had a riot playing with that.  And of course the trampoline, a kiddie pool, sandbox were all put to good use too.  Grady was too tired to stay up for cake, so Kane got the honours of blowing out the candles and cutting it.

Friday night Tim, Court and the boys came over for supper, we had appies in the back yard, yummmm.  It has been fantastic weather here, and no mosquitos to speak of so sitting outside in the evening is wonderful.  Saturday morning we left for Edmonton and a performance of Wicked with Grace and Dallyn.  That was great too, I have seen the play several times and I still love it.  I thought this Elphaba was better than the last time it came to Edmonton.  Saturday night we went for supper with Grace and Dallyn at Craft Beer, many many different kinds of beer.  I had a raspberry one, Geoff and Dallyn had little samplers of six different kinds.  After supper everyone but me went over to the Street Performers festival.  I went back to the hotel and read on my chaise lounge.  Sunday morning we met Allison, Grace and Dallyn, Sam and Nancy for breakfast at deDutch.  Very good to see everyone and catch up. 

On Tuesday Courtney and the boys came over for Grady's birthday supper, Geoff made a stirfry and I made the cake.  Kane helped his brother out by blowing out the candle and Grady seems to like chocolate cake.  Tim skyped in, and help sing Happy Birthday to Grady, another good time.

You can see it the background how well the garden is doing.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Grady

What a difference a year makes!

Monday, July 14, 2014

West Coast Living

It's been a busy few weeks!  The week before last  I was the chaplain at the diocesan surf camp ("Board Spirituality") which is held out here.  We camped at Green Point Campground in the Park, which is right on Long Beach.  I was the chaplain for this camp last year as well.  It was nice to be camping so close to home - I forgot a few things and was able to just slip back and get them.  The camp was bigger than last year - 11 campers, and four junior leaders and four senior leaders.  Camping with teenagers can be a little stressful - Green Point has a bear problem, so it's important that campers don't leave anything out that smells or could attract bears.  We spent all week reminding the campers of this, and then on the last night, two of them threw their veggie burgers into the forest.  We made them get flashlights and go looking for the food!

This weekend was my induction at St. Columba.  This normally happens after a three month trial period, but because of a lot of different things (including the Bishop's schedule) it kept getting postponed.  It was a great day - sunny and warm, so worth waiting for.  The church was packed - it holds about 80, and I'm sure we had more than that in there.  The downside to the sunny weather was that the church was very hot - the windows don't open any more, and there's only one door, so not much air circulation.  We don't have a parish hall, so we used the Legion for a barbecue after (salmon, naturally).  The nice thing about using the Legion for a reception after a hot church service is that we made sure the bar would be open!

The Bishop always presides at induction services, and he was there in the morning too, so I made him take a selfie with me.

Jeff and Kirsten were up all weekend - they came up Thursday night and stayed for the service.  It was a great weekend - warm and sunny (mostly.  It's foggy most mornings here) and we spent our time surfing and hiking and playing Yahtzee and Crib.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


We have been having beautiful weather here, so everything is growing like crazy, T&G's yard looks amazing.

Only about 2 weeks until I go to Vancouver Island for a visit with Will.  I am really looking forward to it, I have not been to Tofino since I worked in Vancouver.  I am going to fly to Nanaimo and pick up a car there, spend a couple of days at Long Lake, then over the mountains to Will's.  I am getting very excited.  I have also booked a place to stay in San Diego for the month of November.  I find November to be a depressing month, and the thought of being somewhere it is sunny and warm is very appealing.  Have not booked flights yet, but will get on that soon.

Tonight is the combined Kane/Grady birthday party, Tim is home for a few days, and that makes it an even better celebration.  On Tuesday I looked after the boys while Court went to Calgary to pick Tim up, it was a hot day but T&G's yard has lots of shade places and I set up the sprinkler for awhile, which cooled everyone off.  Kane helped me make supper, his favourite spaghetti.  After supper Theresa took Grady home, to put him to bed, then Kane and I followed a little later on.  Tim's flight was delayed so they did not get home until after 9:00, a long day for them.

This weekend T&G&I are going to Edmonton to see Wicked on Saturday, can't wait.

st catharines

We are in Niagara falls right now, at the casino hotel,compliments of Franco. It is a very nice room. He gets free ones? Here's the view from our room.we've had a great visit with everyone. Went to the zoo on Monday. Wedding was great, reception was right on the lake. Bride was lovely,groom was handsome.
We are going for lunch with the folks today. Watched the game yesterday, many with orange shirts on, though I actually was hoping a South American team will win the cup.
I had c diff after being on antibiotics for the cellulitis I had in my elbow. Yuck. Seems OK now, though I go for follow up visit with doctor on Monday.
Has been a good visit so far.


Sunday, July 06, 2014

Happy Birthday Grace

Christmas 2004