Thursday, April 24, 2014

Speaking of Jim's birthday ...

I have a confession to make and apologies to give everyone. Remember Jim's 50th birthday four years ago? How we got together to make him a quilt? And how I was supposed to finish it up and get it off for quilting? All I had to do was put the borders on. Well, I just didn't do it. I can't explain why, there is no reason except I suppose I was just too lazy. Anyway, I finally did it last fall. It took no time at all to gett the borders on. Took it in to get quilted (the lady who does it couldn't get to it until after Christmas). Anyway, I got it back, finished the binding and sent it to Jim this week. So, I am very sorry everyone for taking so long to get this done. Jim's 54th birthday quilt.
If we are going to do that for Lisa and Allison, we should maybe start now.
I don't know if Jim checks the blog, but I did enclose an abject letter of apology with the quilt.
Here is how it turned out. No doubt you have all forgotten by now what it looks like.

Bbq ham, Henry Ally

We had a good Easter, Henry and Ally came up on Friday and Wilf took the weekend off. They got here about 1:00 and we visited for the afternoon, they  went off visiting but were home early as Henry had worked until 3am the night before and was quite tired. The next day we had Easter dinner. BBQ'd a ham and cabbage rolls, Henry was happy said he really missed them as it had been a long time. He did not get any at Christmas as we were not all together. They left Sunday morning, went  to Ally's nanny's for lunch and a couple of other stops were home by 6 for supper at her grandma's. Surprising the Easter Bunny managed to find them.

After supper, it was such a nice night we had a fire and a couple of Henry's friends came over. Lots of reminiscing and laughs. The back yard was pretty wet, still lots of snow melting. (Although it has mostly melted now, not because it has been so warm this week but lots of rain).

 We have been walking around the reservoir for the last couple of weeks, still ice there but it is melting fast, I would not be surprised if there was not flooding here this year. Lots of snow, I heard on the radio that a couple of roads were closed by Rycroft because of flooding water.

Next week I am working at Encana again, the good thing about that is 4 -10 hour shifts so I get Friday off and 40 hours. It was nice that they asked for me when they called in.

Our plants in the front are coming along great, tulips, iris's and other stuff
so great to see! Now if it would just stop snowing!

Home Again

I had a good little vacation, the week in Edmonton was fun.  I stayed a couple of days with Allison and Natasha and Magda.  Went to the Citadel and saw Mary Poppins, which was really good.  After seeing Saving Mr. Banks I found that the stage play was closer to what PL Travers might have wanted then the movie.  Bert had a way better accent than Dick Van Dyck.  Nancy Sivak's friend played Mr. Banks.  I met Grace and Dallyn, Sam and Nancy for supper on Thursday night, Thai food, it was so good and a very good visit with everyone.

Friday morning I set off for Medicine Hat, took the Red Arrow to the Calgary Airport, and picked up a rental car there.  I was happy to take the bus to Calgary, as it was snowing to beat the band in Edmonton, and the highways were slick.  Got to the Hat around 6, and most of the family were at Ramona's.  I could not believe how much Annalise and Evangeline have grown, they are so cute walking around and chattering.  Everyone in the MH Robins clan seem to be doing well.  The weather was gorgeous, in the double digits, so we spend some time outside playing in the yard over the weekend.  Lots of things to do, making cookies, Easter Egg hunt, church on Sunday and just generally hanging out.  I introduced the girls to Clumsy Ninja and they seemed to enjoy it.  On Monday Ramona went into work for a little while so I was left in charge of A&E.  There was not any drama when they got up from their naps and their Mom was not there, which made me happy.  Came back to Rocky on Tuesday, and Theresa picked me up from the Petrocan and we stopped to see Tim, Court and the boys.  Grady seemed happy to see me, and Kane did not say he was scared of me, so I guess they both missed me!!

Yesterday Kane and I went to the park, played Hide and Seek, Dinosaurs and Tag.  We took the long way home through the back alleys, and jumped in many mud puddles along the way.  I felt pretty tired when I got home, and had to have a nap.
 Evangeline is ready to bake with Aunty Rhonda.
 Annalise in her Easter coat.
On the steps of Ramona's house.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Jim

Sunday, April 20, 2014


I'm having a great time with Lisa and Grandma!  The weather hasn't really cooperated, but this is Tofino, and we don't expect it to cooperate.  Lisa already said all the interesting parts about their visit, but I wanted to post a couple pictures of the church as it looked this morning.

We had a wedding this afternoon - booked long before I started here.  The florists asked if they could do a little decoration before the service, since there wasn't much time between the service and the wedding.  Seeing a chance for a nice looking church for free, I agreed.

There's a picture of the church for the service - for the wedding, there were trees and ferns and flowers down the aisle, creating a 'enchanted rainforest' as the mother of the bride described it to me.  I also included a picture of the couple and me. You can get a sense of the rainforest theme - that was the arch of cherry trees they stood under for the wedding.

There were six cherry blossom trees, four green trees, sixty ferns and innumerable flowers.  The morning service and the wedding went well, and I'm glad they're over. On to cabbage rolls!

Mom and Will!

Happy Easter!

West coast

We are in Tofino right now, after Easter service. Such a lovely service and church. The church is 100 years old.
Mom and I, raced to the ferry on Thursday and caught the 315. We stayed the night in parksville with Neil and marilynne,and then drove to Tofino on Friday. Neil and marilynne made us a Easter supper along with cake for my birthday. We went out for supper to a tasty restaurant Fri. Yesterday we went to uclulet and looked around. It was pretty rainy, I thought we might have to anchor Mom down with a rock. Stopped at Long Beach. Will made some delicious pizza. Mom is making cabbage rolls and we are having roast chicken.
Will's place is quite perfect. Right beside the church, looking over the inlet, has a fireplace, so Mom is nice and warmly.
Patches is in good health and we are making sure that she does not escape outside!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Lisa

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Change in Plans

I was going to come back to Edmonton after Easter and work in the store and house sit for Evelyn, while they were away in Europe, but in the end that did not work out.  I am in Edmonton this week instead and house sitting for my friend Polly, while she is in Vegas.  Her condo is on 109 st and Jasper Ave, so very nice and central.  I spent a couple of days at Allison's before moving to Polly's, good to see her and hear about New Orleans a bit.  Saturday night I had supper with Henry and Ally so got to hear all about the new things in their lives.

I went to see Muppets Most Wanted, Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey and Ty Burrell are wonderful in it.  There are also a group of Muppet  babies, who look just like Grady.  Tomorrow night I am going to see Mary Poppins, at the Citadel, I have heard really good things about it.

Easter I am off to see the MH Robins, looking forward to that.

Monday, April 07, 2014

New Orleans and Colombia

I have been meaning to post about NOLA for a while now. It was a very very good trip. We did a lot of the usual -- drinks on patios, slow walks through neighbourhoods, tasty food -- and one unusual. This year, our trip coincided with St. Joseph's Day, which is a big thing for Catholics (?). I got to NOLA on Sunday (everyone else on the Monday), and I had felt a bit sad because I was getting in town too late for this Super Sunday event with the Mardi Gras Indians. Who are these people, you may ask? They perform traditionally in NOLA only 3 times a year! You can read about them.

On Tuesday, we found out that these guys would be out and about, in full costume, on St. Joseph's Day. Our friend Sue, who is never shy about asking strangers about things, found out the general area they'd be. So we had afternoon cocktails at a nice old hotel in the garden district, and then went to said neighbourhood. We found beer being sold off the back of trucks, people standing and chatting, and a very very nice woman named Cindy, who used to live in the area. She took us up and down several streets to see if we could encounter a troop. (is this what they are called? I'm not sure.) We found maybe 4 different groups, all in such elaborate costumes. Beaded portraits, and scenes, and abstractions. It was incredible - often they would stop and let you take a photo. (I didn't get any, but friends did.) It all ended as a big outdoor party that lasted all night. We got some fried chicken and macaroni salad off a stand and then hobbled home in impractical sandals (I had not been aware I'd be on my feet all day). It felt pretty special.

And, I go to Colombia in October for this conference I've been accepted to! Am excited, and nervous. I have some friends from there / who have visited there, so they have been offering some good suggestions of things to do and see. wheeeeee!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Happy Birthday Laura

1973 Grande Prairie

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Happy Birthday Will

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


How was New Orleans?