Sunday, August 21, 2016

Summer is ending

Suddenly there is a fall feeling in the air. I am not sure what it is, there is a kind of tang in the air. We went out berry-picking this afternoon and saw a few changing leaves.
August has seemed busy. We were in Kelowna for the long weekend for a great visit with everyone including Will, Allie and Allie's mom Judi. We went to a lavender farm and to the nut farm plus a walk along the lake downtown. It was nice to meet Judi and to see Allie again. Will and Allie had to do a bit of organizing re their house sale, like arranging an inspection. I thought that was why they were on their phones so much, but it turned out they were mostly playing Pokemon Go.
It was a quick visit because we had to get back for folk fest. Geoff decided not to go so it was Jude, Laura, Dallyn, Grace's friend Brenda and I. It was a really good weekend. Although rain was forecast all weekend it only rained overnight once. I find that some years are better than others as far as the music goes, but this year I saw so many great musicians. My favourite was Mike Farris, he was there last year, but this year he was on the main stage. I don't know what it is about him, but I was happy to follow him to all his stages. Passenger was also great along with Nathaniel Ratecliff, John Wort Hannam and Gordie McKeeman.
We had the boys quite a bit while things were getting sorted out after Dana died. What a shock that was for everyone. The boys were here for the funeral but Jude said she would watch them so we could go. I was glad we were able to go.
Yesterday was the trail run, which the three of us volunteer for. It went well, all the runners seemed to be enjoying themselves so it is fun to be around happy people. It's a lot of organizing, though, so I am glad it is over for another year. The other organizers and volunteers are great people to work with.
Just got back from supper at Tim's. Their yard is so lovely. 
It's supposed to rain most of the week so I think I will pickle some beets and beans.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


This has been a really summer for music. First Edmonton and then Bear Creek, folk fests. But very good, bcff was handy in that it is a 20 minute walk from the house. Very well organized, I think having help from Edmonton helped, performers said how well it was organized for the first year.  I enjoyed performers at both, but would have to say Nataniel Ratecliff was my fav this year.
It fells like the summer/year has flown by we leave for Moncton in a week seems like we just booked it and had months still to go.  It will be fun and relaxing I hope.  I will post while we are there so I will remember what we have done, like Theresa does.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

He's a Beast

Theresa, Geoff, Allie, Will, and Judy were here over the August long weekend, Kris came after they left , then Allison has been here a week, and leaves today. Kris and her daughter Sydney arrive tomorrow.

I think Laura, Jim, and Jude will be here in the fall too, so the visiting will continue! We like company as we do things that we wouldn't normally do, unless there is visitors.

We are doing well-though so sorry to hear about Courtney's dad-so awful and sudden.

Work has been going well, there is an upcoming ACT conference in Niagara Falls-I've asked for the time to go, my boss said to put in for the registration costs too, but regardless, I'd like to go, as it looks so great. It seemed like over the late winter, early spring I was feeling stressed out etc. I'm not sure why-finishing up thesis I think, and having new psychiatrist on team at work. Now thesis is done, and I've adjusted to psychiatrist. I'm going to try dropping my effexor dose back down, let's see how that goes.

Mom  is feeling good since being off the warfarin-puttering around and doing more. She has been watching lots of Olympics and cheering. We all watched the men's trampoline, and agree that the colour commentator  was the best, 'I don't know if my heart can take it' 'he's a beast', 'there's a real trampoline family', 'for all you non-trampoline folk out there, this isn't your backyard trampoline'.   If another network did the Olympics, they would never get  as good as announcers as CBC. We should support them if only for that reason.

WE tried to go for a winery lunch, but again didn't make reservations, so couldn't get in. Quail's Gate, strike 2. Clearly we know we need to reserve now.  Haven't had trouble before, but I feel suspicious as there were lots of tables empty at Quail's gate. So we went to The Grand downtown's restaurant, which had best people watching. Lot's of abnormally puffy lips, stretched looking eyes, steroid use, cell phone business deals (buy low, sell high) and pink people. Food not as good as winery, but made up for it with people watching.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Not sure what to call this Post

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. Today I am sitting in the backyard, hoping the chainsaw from next door does not start again until I finish this post.

It has been a sad time, for part of it, with Court's dad dying so unexpectedly. Tim called last Tuesday with the news. I always feel shocked when I hear of the death of someone I know, even more so when they are around my age. We looked after the boys a few times, while Tim had to work, and Courtney was in Clive with her Mom, organizing things for the funeral. I looked after the boys when the funeral was on, so Theresa and Geoff could also attend.

Theresa and I were away on the weekend for Folk Fest. The two of us and Laura stayed at Grace's for the weekend. I sure will be sorry when Grace and Dallyn move, that is such a handy spot to be in, and not just for Folk Fest. This year we spent more time near the top of the hill for the Main Stage, can't be bothered to do the lottery for Thursday and Friday nights, and on Sunday morning Laura and I were tired so did not get up early for the lottery. Theresa, Grace, Dallyn and Brenda (friend of Grace's) did get up on Saturday and got a good spot for us further down. Geoff decided not to go this year, and Laura found a buyer for his ticket, hurray. On Sunday Laura spotted Terry Wickham (festival director) near us, so I went over to talk to him. Told him I had been coming to the festival for 30 years, and it never disappoints. I think he was a little surprised, probably people mostly complain when they talk to him.

I am planning on going to Kelowna at the end of August for a week or so, T&G are planning on a trip to Tofino then, so will hopefully get a ride there or back with them. Allison and I are planning on seeing The Book of Mormon in Edmonton, which I was going to tie in with a S&B but S&B got changed, so won't see them again until 2017, I think. Oh well I will make some medical appointments and a haircut for then, so that is done before I leave the country.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Happy Birthday Kane

Rocky July 2014