Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dorky Picture of me and the view from my window.

Badger Trip Report #1

I am sitting in my London flat, drinking coffee, life is good.

As Theresa said I started my journey in style, in the Mountaineer van to Red Deer.  I was a little early, so was able to have lunch at the hotel before the bus to the airport arrived.  I felt very glad that I did not book the flight on Monday night, as that one got cancelled, and all the travellers were on our flight.  I must say travelling business class is pretty sweet.  It made me feel pretty pampered.  Once I was through customs, and collected my luggage, I walked over to the underground station to take the tube into London, had my first bit of trouble.  Instead of getting one ticket I decided to get an Oyster card for multi trips, it all went swimmingly until the very end, when the message said, your credit card has been charged, but can't dispense ticket.  I pressed the help button, which told me to stay at the machine.  A guy with a London Transport uniform was passing by so I asked him for help, he couldn't so he found another person, who contacted someone else.  In the end the card just got stuck in the machine, and the third person was able to free it and I was on on my way.  Everyone was very friendly and helpful.  Once I got to South Kensington station, I was looking on the map, for Sloane Avenue, and nice man helped me out.  The one thing he forgot to mention was that the street starts out as Pelsham rd, then turns into Sloane Avenue,  got a bit lost and wet before I found my way, but it all worked out.  Today I am going to the V and A, my favourite museum.

I tried to load family pictures of Tim Court and the boys I took before I left, but won't load, so here is one of Courtney learning to knit from September.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tims account hacked!

Hi Family!
This is Courtney- Hacked Tim's account for the blogger.

I just thought I would say hi to everyone and share with you guys the pictures you were supposed to get in the mail with Christmas cards. Tim was supposed to get me your addresses, but failed. I guess I can let it slide this year, he will just have to cart them with him to England in a few weeks, hehe- he should be pretty pumped about that.

I am excited for everyone as they get to pack their bags and get ready to take flight! I am very excited for Anne and Del and I hope their day is amazing and I am ridiculously jealous about the wedding pictures they will get to capture in Cornwall! (I mean its no crimson lake, but I am sure they will be lovely). I feel awful that I now will not be able to attend, as I was very excited to be able to come along with Tim, but due to circumstances with Kane, I sadly wont be able to make it.

BUT- there is something happening for me that will kind of make up for it. I had taken a Doula course in November and I took on my first client in January, and she is due February 14! I am really looking forward to this, but i am also nervous. Hopefully I can do my job well for this gal and help her bring her baby boy into the world the best I can. Also very exciting, that she chose the option for me to take pictures of the moments directly after the baby is born to capture the very first moments of his little life! Oh boy I think it will be amazing to do this for her. I have taken some photoshop classes and I feel like this will be the most special pictures I will get to take thus far.

The boys are wonderful (well, not always, sometimes they make me a wee bit crazy, but not like straight jacket crazy or anything like that-they are lucky they are adorable sometimes hahaha). Grady is 20 pounds of chub and love and cuteness all over the place! He was face down in the carpet the other day with his butt in the air and legs just a going- he really needs to figure out the arm part of crawling or he is gonna have some serious rug burn on his poor little forehead. Kane is a going concern. I swear he twitches while he sleeps because the boy never stops moving. Some part of his body is always moving, and his mouth for sure is never closed haha- mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom......woooweee, things that kinda make you wanna pull your hair out! I am registering him for preschool next month and boy hes is excited to take his lunch box to school- school does not start until September- this is going to be a long time to have the same conversation. But all in all, I love them and I love watching them grow and change and become their own little people.

Tim. That is all.

Just kidding!! Tim is the best person in the world, I don't care what his siblings say about him- must be something to do with being the middle child ;). Poor guy, I tell ya. I am all about avoiding as much as I can, not buying things that are made in China (unless of course its sports related because that is one of the most impossible things to do). So now, as I am sure most of you saw the picture on facebook, he is going to make me a log bed. I have always wanted one, and I am sooooo fortunate to have such a great guy just agree to go ahead and make me one. I said it could be done out of pallets, as we all know anything can be made out of pallets, probably would have been easier, but he would rather make it out of logs, and I am a spoiled brat.

Well, that is all for now. I hope you all enjoy your trip, and I hope for nothing but happiness, laughter and safe travels to all of you.

P.S. Jude, I guess Geoff and Theresa forgot to mention that Tim and I have a permission slip that need to be filled out prior to any trips, to make sure that we don't actually need you for anything. Now that you are living there, this includes you. We will let it pass this time, as it is for a good reason, but this is a one time pass.
We miss you!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A new suit.

Geoff's first new suit in 36 years! We went into Red Deer on Friday (" Do I have to?") and painlessly purchased one suitable for weddings and funerals. We have four weddings this year and no doubt a funeral or two. He even bought shoes.

Jude and Geoff just left for Red Deer. She will take the Red Arrow to the airport in Calgary and he is picking up the Mountaineers as Vern the regular driver is on holidays. So they are travelling in style in Thr Mountaineer van. The first Badger to leave for this adventure.

I have been sick for a few days but it was really bad yesterday, so bad I called in sick on a Monday for the first time ever. Feel a bit better today but still not that great. I will go in to do circulation but try to take it easy at home the rest of the day. A day at home in bed is quite nice, I discovered. Read, napped, watched Sherlock on the iPad while my care aide brought me drinks and meals, hardly rolling his eyes at all.

Geoff and our friend Graham have been busy working on Jude's kitchen and it is all done except for the sink installation. It is looking very cosy down there.

The little booboos are sweeter than ever. Grady rolls over now, so you never know where you will find him. He loves his brother. When Kane is in the room Grady doesn't take his eyes off him.

We had a week of warm warm weather and although lots of snow melted there is still lots left. The melting has caused all kinds of problems with ice dams on roofs. Geoff spent a fair amount of time last week raking snow off ours and the one at the church. It has turned cold again so now there is ice everywhere, which makes for treacherous walking. 

Grace and Dallyn were here for a quick visit on the weekend to visit Abbi, who had a baby girl.

And suddenly I feel exhausted. I can't figure out how to get these pictures to the bottom of the post

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Shopping, melting

I went shopping yesterday and bought some amazing shoes to wear at the weddings. Love them.   Red dancing shoes, nothing is better!  The weather is still unseasonably warm, lots of melting but we still have a 6 foot pile on the front lawn where we shovelled and 3 feet everywhere else.  The weirdest winter for sure. Still working at energetic they asked me to stay until we leave for England so that is good.  Getting excited for the trip.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

ear ache

I have an ear ache. It seemed to be a wax problem, so I tried some over the counter stuff. Which I reacted too and it made my ear totally deaf. Went to dr, got drops, have to see dr again Tuesday. Still can't hear very well out of ear, but got super frustrated with it this afternoon, and kind of syringed it out. Still feels sore, but I have at least a bit of hearing in that ear for the moment. I have new appreciation for the deaf and hard of hearing now. It seems that having ear ache also makes sleep difficult. I guess babies cry for a reason with it. Having this makes me feel like I'm 3!

Richard has been hard at work in rental-prepping etc for painting. Guy who lived there was smoking in it, and it needed painting anyway, so he started on it. Thank you Richard.

I have met with thesis people a couple times and am starting to do some work on proposal. I am happy to do some stuff on it, but it sure does seem like a lot of work to do my masters. I guess the end is sort of in sight. In a distant kind of way.

Work very busy for hospital in general. Our unit had been fine up until mid week this week, then it seemed like everyone had mental illness and needed hospital. My boss is still away, not sure of she'll be back prior to me leaving. I am not sure how that will work really? I guess the patient care coordinator for our unit will have to do it-I think my manager will be back a couple days after I leave, so it might be ok.

Not much else is new. I have been watching Downton Abbey. Rich people soap opera. But enjoyable.

Looking forward to trip!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

One presentation down.

Today I did my public presentation on my research project. Small audience: some students, supervisors, another professor and mostly library friends. Troubles with technology and I was definitely nervous speaking, but ultimately supervisors said that I handled the questions really well. The defense of my proposal comes in 3 weeks -- Feb 10. Between now and then, I just keep reading and working away on stuff. Do my best!

So tired after! Had to go exercycle to work off some of my nervous energy, even so.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Only a Week

until I leave for London, the time after Christmas has sure gone by quickly.  I heard back from my flat in London and so far no one is booked on the night before I get there so I may be able to check in early which is great.  Means I won't have to hang around a coffee shop for hours.

I got myself a new camera, through Airmiles points, it is a DSLR, Canon EOS Rebel.  I have done a little practicing with it, but plan to get out and take some pictures around town so I can really feel comfortable with it.  Kane and Grady are coming over this afternoon, while Tim and Court go to a movie so I will have fun taking pics of them too.

My kitchen is coming along nicely, Geoff and Graham are almost done, just have to cement the counter-tops on,  which should be done early next week and then I can put stuff away, do some more unpacking and really settle in.  My bedroom is almost organised, but need to put stuff away in the kitchen/living rooms, so that it looks a little more tidy.  I will probably leave the pictures until I get back in March.

I took a quick trip to Edmonton, for a haircut, last one before the wedding so I felt I had to go with Nadine, tried and true, I did not want to break in a new hairdresser.  I stayed at Grace and Dallyn's which was lovely.  They live in such a convenient neighborhood, good bus service (the number 1 bus, not as interesting as the number 5 but still pretty good).  I had supper with Allison one night and with Sam the next night, Nancy could not come she was playing Dodgeball. apparently she would rather get hit by a ball then see me!!  I also got to the store and had a visit with Kay and my replacement (also named Judith).  I did not see much of Grace, as she had things on the go, but did have a good visit with Dallyn.

Geoff and I went to the local Ford dealership, to look at cars and I test drove a couple, but decided to wait until after I get back to purchase something.  No point in paying for insurance for a month when it is just sitting there.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


This year is looking pretty good so far. I finished two projects in the same week. We are looking forward to our trip to Britian very much. It did not snow this week, on the contrary it melted. The family is good, I can't think of a negative right now. I think I will enjoy this moment.

I also got my cancer removed and will see the doc this week to find out the results of the biopsy.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekend Annoyances

While using computer on Sat, got a message saying hard drive was failing and to back up immediately. I knew we needed a new laptop, so it was confirmed. Bought a new laptop from London drugs and then spent time having to transfer and get new computer organized. Which seems to take a lot of time. Luckily, got all our documents etc over to new one. Windows 8.1 is ok, I still have not perfected using the mouse with it, resulting in many times of switching between windows that are not intended.

Then went downstairs and noticed another leak-sob. Plumber came in today, leak was 6 inches from last one, so another claim, another $1000 deductible. We will be replacing the length of copper pipe to prevent another leak in another 6 months. Sigh.

My manager is away from work right now until end of Jan, so she asked me to cover some things while is away. I miss having her around, but things are going fine there. She just helps keep me sane.

Tenant gave notice-so we have to find another one. He did clean, but it needs more-we'll see how that goes.

So, I am looking forward to vacation!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Happy birthday, Mom

Acting as Judith's agent here.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

New Dresses

Mom and I went shopping.
Bought 1 dress, regularly $170, for $50, another regularly $80, for $18 and a pair of shoes-Clarks for $65!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Delicious Things Mom Made During Xmas

- best turkey gravy ever, as Lisa noted
- blueberry sherbet with wild blueberries!
- poached eggs on cheese buns
- prime rib and good good gravy
- cabbage rolls (I helped!)
- some cheese and crackers just at the point where I was feeling hangry (hungry and angry) before supper

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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Movie buddy

Jude and I just got home from our first movie - The Hobbit. It was good, although we commented that we should read the book again to figure what exactly was going on.
The holidays are over, I guess. It will really feel like that when the decorations are down. I would rather have the tree up for a while after Christmas than for weeks before. Will probably take it down on Saturday. We had a good holiday. People were coming and going for the week. Grace did not come until Christmas morning and she still had to get us all up. Tim and Courtney were in and out. Kane went to his dad's this year so he wasn't around till the 27th. But we had Grady to play with. Dallyn was here for a couple of days as well. 
On Saturday Geoff and I went to visit some friends on an acreage who just finished building a sauna. That was fun. There is nothing like walking across a yard on a cold winter night wearing your bathing suit and Sorels. I couldn't bring myself to jump in the snow when the sauna got too hot but found throwing snow all over was quite refreshing.
Jude is doing quite well at unpacking. I'm sure she will be glad when we get the kitchen done so she can really settle in. We needed to replace the bathtub upstairs because the finish wore off the old one and I couldn't get it clean. So that involved new tile. We access the plumbing through Jude's bathroom so had to get the upstairs bathroom done before finishing the ceiling in hers. These things always take a lot more time than you estimate, but it is almost done now. We are hoping to really have everything done before she gets back from the UK.
The past couple of weeks of work have been nice - work a day or two, get one or two days off, work a couple more. I hope working five days in a row isn't too much of a shock.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year

So far I am the only one up at the Ferrey senior house, so thought I would post.  The three of us went over to Tim and Court's for New Years Eve.  I made spaghetti, and we took it over there, to have dinner with Kane, Tim and Court went out to a friends.  We had a fun time playing but at bedtime none of the boys wanted to go.  But finally got everyone settled, and I realized I forgot my book at home, it was about 9:40 so I decided to go back and leave Theresa on her own, Geoff left a little earlier.  I read for awhile and then went to bed around 11:00.  A pretty normal new years for me.

I took the rental car back to Edmonton on Monday, Highway 11 was icy so I only did about 80 to Red Deer, highway 2 was pretty good, though I saw a lot of vehicles in the ditch, including a bus!!  Just at the edge of Edmonton there was an accident so traffic was very slow, once I got past that I sailed along gassed up the car and went back to the rental company.  By then it was 11:30 and my bus was to leave at 11:45, luckily I picked Enterprise to rent with, so they drove me to the bus office with 3 minutes to spare.  At least that was what I thought, in the end it was a half an hour, because the bus was late.  Geoff picked me up in Red Deer and we drove back home.

I have been through all my boxes, and unpacked most of them, although it seems to me the apartment looks worse than when I first got here.  I still have some bins to unpack, and then I can move furniture around and make it look more homey.  I feel as though I have a lot more cupboard space than I had in Edmonton and I am making good use of the basement, basement to put stuff I do not need right away.  I have also started another pile of stuff to go to the next to new.