Saturday, June 25, 2011


I have a mental to-do list which means that whatever doesn't get done was only unofficial anyway. I should be acting on this list but seem to be sitting here with the computer. May as well put that on my list too.
The sun is out so will probably go over to Tim's to finish cleaning out his flowerbeds. I have a friend who was also a friend of Daphne's who used to get peonies from her every summer. Since Daphne died, she checks with me every year to see if it's still OK. Every year I tell her she doesn't have to ask, just take them but she always asks anyway. But this year she checked with Tim, who is friends with some of her sons. So I guess that it really is Tim's house.
He's been busy working over there so he can move back next week. He is seriously contemplating laying tile in the kitchen.
When the rain starts this afternoon I might do a bit of painting here. Am trying to inspire Geoff to use his new pressure washer to do the outside of the house. I have other plans which I do not want to put into writing lest they become official.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Nice Week

So once the drama over part time or not part time was over, I had a good week. It was IBM's 100th birthday on June 16, so there was a Bar B Que at the Chateau Louis Convention Centre. There were around 220 people there, both active employees and retirees. The food was great, lots of dessert choices. There were speeches by a couple of the executive, and by a retired IBMer, a long time IBMer on how things have changed. they talked about using IBM selectrics typewriters and how exciting it was to get a correctable typewriter. I remember that very well. As well as the first PC I used at work, how hard it was to use the mouse, (I was double click impaired) and only having a black and white monitor, no color.

My birthday was good too, it rained all day but by the time supper came around the skies had cleared. Allison took me out to the Copperpot and we had a lovely dinner. Grace was in town on Monday, after dropping her brother off at the airport, she came over and we went out for dinner. I had good intentions of making supper, but nothing materialized.

The weather here yesterday and today, is feeling like summer, 24 or 25 degrees, sunny. I hope the fact that it smartened up on the first day of summer is a good omen.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How nice it was on Father's Day weekend for Geoff to have most of his kids here. He is always sad when everyone leaves.
Will was here partly to go to his 10-year high school reunion which he felt like ditching out on, but didn't, then was glad he went. Sam was home for yet another bachelor party. He had to go back before supper on Father`s Day but the rest of us enjoyed a good meal and Geoff was very happy with his new pressure washer. Which Tim asked to borrow.
Went to a fundraising barbecue tonight for the powwow that is going to be happening this summer. It was great, there were drummers and singers and a sort of grand entry just to give us an idea what the real thing is like. Can`t wait for it.
I am sick and tired of this stupid postal problem. It is a very big pain at work. I know a lot of people say we don`t need the post office anyway, but small businesses depend on the mail to get payments. And of course small newspapers to get the papers to the subscribers. I might have a bit of sympathy for the postal workers if we got any kind of decent service when they are at work.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Black cat

Nick keeps finding ways to get into trouble.
On Friday, I came home to a note from Richard saying the cats had 1)barfed on rug in 4 spots (though I suspect Sebastian was responsible for this) and 2)Nick peed on rug downstairs in front of Richard. Defiantly, Richard thinks, because Richard did not pay attention to Nick earlier.
Today, I was downstairs watering plants, left cupboard door open. Where the cat food is kept.
I come upstairs to see the Pounce cat treat can-which was on the top shelf-on the floor, with Nick frantically eating them and Sebastian trying to get his nose in, somewhat unsuccessfully.
He also keeps drinking out of the bowl on the table which contains roses. Why not his water dish, which has fresh water changed everyday? Because he prefers old flower water with potential to knock vase over on table.
He is a Very Bad Animal.
But charming and engaging.
He is lucky that he lives with us, I tell him. No one else would put up with this.
He just looks at me somewhat surprised when I tell him this.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Will be next week, not that you'd know it. Though I did wear shorts today and drank coffee on the deck while reading paper, which I suspect is more than those in Alberta would be able to do.
kris and Rhonda were here last weekend for a visit. I have known them 31 years. They went to up to Williams Lake to see their dad too. Which was kind of traumatizing for them. He is not doing well physically-liver failure, diabetes, has had a heart attack, etc etc. And the place he lives in is not upscale. However, they said that he is happy-so things could be worse.
Mom has decided to put her house up for sale, which I think is a good idea. Much less hassle to have it out of her hair. This means getting house ready to sell though.
We have booked a camping site in the 2nd week of July at Tofino. Perhaps we will also visit Will in Victoria? We haven't been to Tofino for 6 or 7 years, and the last time camping was over 10 years. I am hoping for sun while we are there, but we also have lots of tarps, so will be set either way.
Nothing much really new. Had a somewhat long week at work this week and last. I could feel myself losing patience with some difficult patients, though all worked out in the end.
We have some new staff and some of the old ones have left. Positive. I think things are changing slowly-I can see the difference.
My course next semester is 430-730 on Tuesday evenings. Ug. I will be tired.
I will be booking flight to Alberta for folkfest soon. I think I'll take a wed afternoon flight, and then return on Monday afternoon.

Birthday girl once more 1979

Happy Birthday Judith!

Happy day!! Mom picked out this picture and I scanned it. I must say, you were one cute kid

Happy Birthday Judith

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The date is set

I have had a up and down week. Tuesday morning I checked with Darrell about a July start date for part time. They have been having trouble finding anyone to hire so he said that it did not look like going part time in July would happen. So I thought about it, called Theresa to get some moral support and decided I would tell Darrell that I would have to leave,because I can't continue working the 5 days a week. After lunch I talked to Darrell again, and told him I was going to leave IBM. He seemed to be quite surprised, although I wasn't sure why, I thought I had been clear. We talked about it a bit more, and he asked me if I would stay over the summer working part time. I thought that was pretty weird, so we talked some more and came to an agreement that I would start part time on July 9, and as long as it continued to work for the account and me, I would stay. Today I talked to Kyle, my profile holding manager, and we decided I would transfer to a manager on the GOA account. Her name is Marlene and I talked to her today as well, she is happy I am staying and supports the part time. I also talked to my supervisor Sam today and she is happy I am staying too. It was funny, because Sam totally understood that if I did not go part time I was leaving and she couldn't understand how Darrell could be so obtuse. Any way in the end it all turned out OK, and part time here I come.

Tuesday night I went over to visit George and Kay. They had been to see their Dr, for their annual physical and everything is gook. George has lost all feeling in his legs below the knee, so is a bit worried the Dr will say he cannot drive any more. Not too much new with them. Deanna is recovered from her knee surgery and is going to visit Nancy this weekend.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

clothesline and cancer walk.

Well, I have recovered from the cancer walk on Friday night. I was there from 5;30 on Friday to 6:00am on Saturday. It is amazing how tired you get. The team raised 5757.00. Thank you to those who sponsored me I appreciate it. Just doing laundry and hanging it on my new clothesline. I love the smell of clothes hung out on the line. Had a couple of interviews last week, the jobs are maternity cover off, it would be ok if I got either job but not too stressed at this point. Enjoying the summer except for the dratted allergies sigh.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

More wedding season

Went to the wedding of a former co-worker last night in Red Deer. She got engaged while she was still working here and invited all the staff to the wedding. She actually got engaged in the office; her fiance came in one day with a rose for her, and in the rose was an engagement ring. Then he got down on one knee and asked the question. I guess she said yes; we were all squealing and jumping up and down and did not actually hear her.
They are Mormons so the actual wedding took place (in their secret way) in Edmonton but they had a ring exchange ceremony in the church in Red Deer and a dinner and bit of a dance after. It was a bit strange but they are very happy. Although since his family is not Mormon they could not go to their son's wedding.
The garden is all up. I have to run out between rainstorms to weed. We really need some warm days. Claire Martin on CBC news said last week that the last time the temperature was over 20 in Vancouver was October. So we are not the only ones wanting more heat.
Tim got evicted so will be moving back into his house at the end of the month. He is hiring Grace to help him finish painting.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Busy Week

I started off by going out for supper with Allison for her 39th birthday, We went to the the Wildflower Grill, and had a wonderful meal there, I had whitefish and shrimp Allison had the chicken, yumm. Sunday was a pajama day, I felt really bagged, so just lounged around. Monday I rode the Big Bike for Heart and Stroke for Corporate Challenge. I did not get around to sending out an email to get sponsorship, but if anyone wants to sponsor after the fact, they will be taking donations until November. Here is the link.Big Bike We went twice around Hawryluk Park and then had a heart healthy hot dog, chips and pop for lunch.

Monday night another Corporate Challenge Event, Team Trivia. I thought our team sould do well, we had a guy on the team who knew sports, a woman who knew classical music, another woman who knows about various other things and me. We got about 50 percent of the questions right, they were really hard. But the thing about Corporate Challenge is that it is supposed to be fun, and it was so that is all that counts.

Wednesday night I met some friends for supper, and we watched part of the hockey game, at least not the blow out the previous one was, but still disappointing. Thursday night I met another friend for supper at Riggolettos so had my rigatoni fix. By noon on Friday I was feeling really spent, so took the afternoon off as vacation.

I am planning on hitting the market today, and picking up some plants for my balcony, I have not planted anything yet, and it looks very drab.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Thought you movie nerds might like this one

Have you seen this? It lets you make helpful graphs plotting actors' career trajectories! I don't care much for films, but the nerdiness of this pleases me greatly.

Example: Johnny Knoxville vs. Johnny Depp.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Victoria Again

It struck me today that two weeks doesn't seem like a long time when one is booking a holiday in April, but can seem very long indeed on the plane at the end of those two weeks. This insight may have been influenced by my leaving my hotel in Montreal at 6:30 am local time, and catching a six hour flight across the country (including a brief stop-over in Edmonton, not even long enough to justify getting off the plane).

The trip was great though. Edmonton turned out to be a lot of fun. I was surprised to realize how many people I actually know in the city, and this was augmented (as always) by aunts. My old grade 6 teacher (Mr. Kurpjuweit) had found me on facebook earlier this year, and as he is a pastor in St. Albert now, we were able to go out for coffee. It was nice to catch up, and he says hi to Mom, Dad, and all my siblings. I also went to see Jesse, Colleen and their baby Madison. She is very cute and babyish.

Madison Shirley Robertson and Me

Maddie and Her Mom

I left for Montreal Friday morning. Montreal was a fun city. I was staying near my friend Robert, who was being ordained. I was also near the metro, and St. Catherine Street, which they close in the summer, and make into a pedestrian street. The ordination was really lovely, and the Cathedral there is beautiful. They also have a mall build underneath the Cathedral - underground- which is funny. The weather was wonderful- warm and sunny, in Ottawa, Edmonton and Montreal.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Still cute in 1978

Happy Birthday to the BAYBEE

Friday, June 03, 2011


Into grad school!
I figured I would be, I have already taken 2 courses-so not getting in would mean they really don't like me.
I went into work late today. I looked very tired on Thursday and Jana said, 'why don't you leave early?' I couldn't as had to do something else-but then she said,'why don't you come in late tomorrow?' So I did!
It is supposed to be 30 degrees tomorrow. I'm just saying.
I think Richard and I may go to the island for camping in July-I'd like to camp by the ocean.
Saw our 1st hummingbird today! Hovering by our feeder. Delightful. We also have a birds nest on our deck. Welcome nature!

this week

Had a great week, saw Henry, took a trip to Edmonton and saw Judith, Allison, Will, and Uncle George. Met Anna. Helped Will buy shoes. Got my free Langostina pots and pans. Drove home without incident. Got folk fest tickets. It is snowing here and that does not even dampen my good week. brought my potted plants in the house so they won't freeze over night.

Alone Again

All of my visitors have left, and I am back to just me in my house. It was really good to have Will and Laura visiting, they are really easy company. Will arrived on Saturday night, and Laura on Tuesday. Henry and Laura were waiting for me when I got home on Tuesday. It was really good to see Henry again too, I think the last time I saw him was just before Christmas. We went out for dinner at Rigoletto's since I needed a baked rigatoni fix.

I had supper with Vicky on Wednesday, she and Dick left on their cross Canada trip. I am quite jealous of them, it sounds like a wonderful trip.

I talked to Darrell at work again today, to see what the status of the hiring tickets are. We had agreed that a July start would work if they were able to hire at least one new BA. We talked in the morning and he said they did not have one resume, my heart kind of sank. But then this afternoon he let me know they have 60 resumes from the college hire program. What a relief, so it is starting to feel real, that I will be able to work part time.

I went to see Jon, my financial guy on Thursday, to let him know that I was planning on going part time, and make some changes to my direct debit stuff. He agreed that my plan is good, it is always nice to have people agree with you.

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