Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another Freakin Cold

I can't believe it, I feel as though in the last year I have had a cold every second month!  then I started to think about it and realized everytime I leave T&G or they leave me I get one, maybe it is psychosomatic.  So clearly I must make sure we do every trip together, so I don't get sick.

Not too much new here, spring is sprung, I think.  There are all kinds of green things popping up in the flower beds, snow is almost gone and the temperatures have been in the double digits.  Courtney and I went to Red Deer on Friday, she had an eye appointment and I went along for the ride and to help pick out some new frames for her.  It was a lot of fun picking out frames for her to try, she got a funky pair that really look great on her.

Last night I went over to T&C's to babysit Grady, Kane was at his Dad's.  They made me supper even though they were not eating at home, must have heard me complaining about having to cook all of my own meals with T&G gone, what a treat.  Grady and I had fun playing and he stayed up till 8:45 pretty late for him.  Last week was Grandparents Tea at Cookie Jar nursery, as the 4th runner up (behind T&G and Barb and Dana) I got to attend.  It was very fun, first the kids sang some songs for us, then we ate cookies decorated by the kids.  One of Kane's little buddies did not have anyone who was able to come so Colby joined us.  After cookies and juice Kane and Colby showed me their classroom and all the fun things to do in it.

Reykjavik 2

We are safely at Anne and Del's after a great time in Iceland.
On Thursday we went on a full day tour of the Golden Circle where we saw waterfalls and a thermal field with a geyser. In another area we were on the rift between the North American and European tectonic plates. That was the area where some of Game of Thrones was filmed. It was a really good tour, partly because it was in a van, not a huge tour bus.
Blue Lagoon on Friday which was great. It was like being in Radium in the winter with snow and sleet on your head while you are in the nice warm water. Maybe better than Radium because there is a bar in the pool.
Icelanders are quite reserved, very businesslike when dealing with you. There is no tipping here, I suppose because they pay their staff a reasonable wage so they don't have to schmooze you hoping for a tip. I found it quite refreshing.
They have certainly got a good system for moving tourists around and funnelling them into various tours and activities. Of course there is a lot to see and do. As soon as Geoff came to terms with the fact that you just have to pay a lot for anything, it was all good. I recommend a holiday there.
Anne and Del picked us up at the airport. We could have taken the bus but it is sure nice to be met.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Our flight landed here in Reykjavik at 7 am, by the time we got into town it was about 9:30. We were expecting to have to leave our bags here and hang around for a while but happily our room was ready! The manager said that doesn't happen very often. So we were able to have a nap before we went out exploring. Our place is in the centre of things, very good location and a nice little place. Thank you TripAdvisor. 
Reykjavik is a great city, very picturesque, around here, anyway. Lots and lots of tourists, many bundled up in down jackets and toques, although the temperature is +3 and we are quite comfortable in our jackets. Very expensive, though. Glad we have a place to cook breakfast and make coffee. Looking at restaurant menus, most entrees are around $30-$35 to start.
We went to the big church in picture yesterday, just amazing. There was someone playing the huge pipe organ inside. We took the elevator up to the bell tower to marvel at the views. Interesting how Christianity came to Iceland.
We went to the Iceland National Museum which is very good, spent the whole afternoon there. Iceland has a most interesting history. Then we walked, walked, walked. My knees are holding up not too badly.
Today we go on the Golden Circle tour. Geysers!

Monday, March 23, 2015

On our way

We are just finishing packing and will leave in a couple of hours for our flight to Reykjavik. We both have cold feet. We have to keep keep consulting with Jude for encouragement.

Nothing to worry about really. We have flights and accommodation booked for the whole trip, we have passports, we have credit cards. Everything else is extra.

Jude made lunch yesterday and Tim and Courtney and boys came over. Grace and Dallyn were in Drayton for the weekend so popped down for lunch too. It was a good time. We are  going to miss those grandsons.

After some nice spring-like weather it has turned cold and snowy again so we will be acclimatized for Iceland.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Job So Far

Seems to be going fine. It is certainly a much different pace than the hospital, how long will it take for me not to feel keyed up and like I'm missing things?
I don't have an office yet. waiting for people to come and relocate printer etc., so that we can move in. In the meantime, I just hop around from office to office, when people are out.
But apparently my laptop is around somewhere. I have an i Phone and a credit card, so really do I need anything else?
Monday went to Kamloops to do a day of interviews. So tiring. Did 2 yesterday and have 6 next week
We go to Vancouver week after next to see teams there and in Victoria.
I am hoping against hope that I get my own room while we are away. I like having my own space, but am quite sure I'll have to share.
I asked our admin person to take my name off distribution lists for hospital-I don't want updates, just makes me feel more connected than I need to be!
Is exciting to start something brand new-people at MH seem nice and friendly. I hope to stay out of politics as long as possible, but will inevitably happen.
Looking forward to Grande Prairie trip!

Sunday, March 08, 2015


My last day at the hospital, Friday. Feels kinda strange, but I am ready!
Originally I was supposed to be gone Feb 23, but since Jana also was leaving, they wanted me to stay longer. They still haven't replaced her, but I see the posting is down,so maybe there will be an announcement soon. I think I know who it will be.
Had a potluck lunch with the educators, and a cake on the floor, and got a print for my new office, and gift card.
Oriented new educator, I got the feeling she kinda wanted to have me out of there, so she could start doing her own thing. Training someone to take over your job is strange!
I feel really bad about our new PCC, she is really nice, and am afraid things will be crazy there for a while.
Going to Kamloops tomorrow to do interviews and then interviews this week and trying to figure out what I'm doing!
We go to Vancouver week after next, to see some teams there and in Victoria.
Richard and I went to Sparkling Hill, which is a chi chi resort near Vernon. They have all these sauna's, steam rooms. Very nice! Rooms are posh, and bathtub looks out huge windows, we had lake view. And 9-10 PM is European hour, clothing optional in the saunas etc. We stayed North American, but thought of Geoff.
Richard is making list of yard work, as is going up to 16 today.
Sadly, I will be working on thesis. But I am getting it done! I feel like maybe I can see light at end of tunnel.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Things are not so quiet lately

Life seems to have got somewhat busy since Christmas.
We have been busy planning our trip to Europe. Takes a lot of research. We are going to go on a tour from London to Vimy Ridge. They ask on the registration form if you have any relatives buried over there so I went on line and found the details of our great-uncle's burial. They try to stop at the graveyard if it works out.
We booked an apartment in London, a much better option than a hotel I think.
We went to Edmonton a couple of weeks ago to the symphony (as Jude has said), a gift from Sam for Christmas. It was pop music from the sixties. I suspect I was not the only one singing along. It was enjoyable, as was supper at the Lignan beforehand.
Back to the city last week to see the David Francey concert that had been postponed from earlier in the month. We stayed at the Union Bank Inn, a very nice boutique hotel downtown. Had supper at Grace's one night with Sam and Nancy.
On Thursday we flew up to Yellowknife for Barb's funeral. We went with mixed feelings. We wanted to be there out of respect for her and how important she was in our lives, but also knew it would add a lot of extra work for the family up there, having us hang around. It was good that we went, though. You can't really mitigate the stress of a time like that and it is good to be together. We stayed at Barb's house which is just across the road from her daughter. Barb had been in an apartment since last fall and her house was not occupied so it worked out well and we were out of the way a bit more than if we had been staying with someone. John and Heather stayed there too and we enjoyed our time with them.
The church funeral for family was on Thursday, then there was a public memorial on Saturday since Barb was so much a part of Yellowknife. We had to leave the service on Saturday early to catch our flight home. It was live streamed and Grace said she saw us leave!
We went out one night on the ice road to look for the northern lights. Did not see any but it was cool to drive on the lake in the dark. We also went to see the ice castle that is built every year. It wasn't open yet to go inside but the outside was quite amazing as were the ice and snow sculptures.
Tim and Courtney have gone to Mexico for a week so we have the boys. They make life much busier than we are used to. Good thing there are three of us. I was feeling worried because Grady will not eat. However, I googled it and apparently it is normal for toddlers to eat very little. I seem to remember that Grady's dad was like that.
In between bouts of playing superheroes we are trying to decide how to do the rest of our trip.
Jude and I went to see The Imitation Game tonight, very good. It's nice to have a movie buddy.