Sunday, March 12, 2017

All's Well

Nice sunny day today, croci have started to bloom. Went by Jones yesterday and there were quite a few snowdrops out too. We had 5 cms snow on Thursday, so it is clearly spring.

Trip to puerto Vallarta was great- felt super relaxed and it continued after returning to work. I think I still have residual relaxation left! Considering last year at this time I was getting my Effexor dose increased, I'm doing great! I decreased the dose back down a couple months ago, and all
Is well.

We had really nice visit with Jude while she was here, though I feel that we should have been a bit more entertaining, even though she didn't seem  to need it.
I think mom and I will go to Rocky for Easter. We haven't been there for a long time. Tim and Courtney's wedding I believe. She says it'll be a good trial run for Nova Scotia. I think we'll leave Thursday (I'll maybe just work the morning at work)and come back Monday.  Richard has to work Easter, so well have a dinner with him on return.

I think I've adjusted to not being in school finally. I don't feel like I should be doing something all the time. Though gardening season is upon us soon, so I better gear up.

Works going well. Except for physician who is not stable, and has temper tantrums, to the point that if he were client, I would be calling code white. I am hoping that resolves soon. I was going to say quickly, but it has been going on since last summer, just growing in intensity. This medical system which has doctors as consultants is not ideal. At least if they were employed directly, maybe it would be less adversarial. Also, presuming that since people are professionals that they will behave in professional manner is an assumption. Almost everyone does, but the ones who don't wreak havoc and there is not enough accountability. At least rest of team  is good. I continue to be hopeful that new medical, nursing, social workers etc education focussed on ability to collaborate and work within complex systems.

Richard is still on mon-fri, which is great. He does an occasional weekend day and that seems to work. We are going to Ontario for visit on December as it will be his dads 90th birthday!

Got a bit of stomach thing after getting back from Mexico, and then Richard did, but he had major issues with dairy. So he's avoiding for now, and hopefully he'll be able to tolerate it when he reintroduces. I then caught a little bit of a cold, but not bad at all, just a bit of throat involvement.

Am going to take Christmas lights off today.