Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grande Prairie

Back at work and it is like I was never away in the mountains. Lots going on so the days go fast. Wilf and Henry are good and the drama with Kris was resolved. Judith is coming to visit on September 25, and the gives me something to look forward to. Henry is going for his medical and testing on October 6th, so it will be just a matter of time I think before he goes. His girlfriend and another friend came to visit this week it was good to have them over. I will post my pictures to picassa soon.

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Friday, August 28, 2009


Spent whole week in them learning about teaching at UBC-O.
And I think I'm in a better position than lots of new staff as I went to school there not so long ago. I understand the curriculum etc. Know many of the staff, on and on.
They have been very welcoming to me-it is nice to go to meetings and see people who are happy that I am working there.
One prof said to me, 'I'm not surprised to see you here'. I said, "Well, I feel a bit surprised'. I think I have to let go some of my insecurity about the whole thing. I shall just muddle on and act as if I know what I'm doing until I actually do know.
On another note-booked our tickets to Scotland, arriving there on the 11th as we are making a brief detour to Ontario.
OK, another meeting, this for IHA though-on policy, but one that i interested in.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

An awesome place

Barkerville is awesome. I do not use that word often but that is how to describe it. It seemed like such a long drive from Kamloops (got a bit lost) that I was wondering whether it was going to be worth it, although I knew visiting Will would be. But the whole time was just so great. We stayed at the St. George Hotel a b&b right in Barkerville which was perfect. We got there around 5 p.m. and although it was Will's day off he was there to meet us - him and all the people who work there. He introduced us to many people and they all said "Oh, you're finally here."
The next day was also Will's day off so he spent it with us at Barkerville, seeing things he hasn't had a chance to yet. There are a lot of street actors who play out scenes on the street at various points during the day, plus discourses on various topics. One day certainly isn't long enough to really experience everything, and though we were there two whole days there were a few things we had to miss. But we did everything we could, went to performances in the theatre, shopped, got our picture taken in old-timey clothes, the cemetery tour (a private one just for us), and the Chinese cemetery and most of the shows. And had supper in the two restaurants, the Lung Duck Tong (Chinese food) and the Wake Up Jake. And snack at the bakery.
Yesterday Father Reynard was at work, so we went to church twice, very nice services, and we weren't the only people there. He had morning prayer and evening prayer with a short message at each service, just a good service in that beautiful old church.
Everybody there loves Will, they all kept telling us how great he is. We also went into Wells and saw his apt, very basic accommodation. Also went to the pub (where everyone knows everyone of course) a couple of times. It is a kind of artsy community and being in the middle of nowhere there are people living there who want to get away from civilization. Will said before he feels like he is living in Dog River sometimes and you can sure see that when you are there. People are very nice.
The b&b is good, it is in an old building with a ghost that haunts Room 2. We were in Room 3. Saya, the woman who runs it, invited Will for breakfast while we were there, so that was nice of her. There was tea in the parlor in the evenings or you could sit on the front balcony upstairs and watch the people go by.
Drove and drove to Hinton today, and are sad to be almost finished a good holiday, but it will be good to get home to our own beds.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Golden was fun-cabin was good for all 10 of us, plus 3 others at times. Despite the knee injury, I managed to go biking and fall off bike-resulting in several whopping bruises-like 10 cm long and at least 6 of them. ON the other hand we went for a few hikes-which was nice-to waterfall and Mom, Laura, and I went to the top of kicking horse ski resort by gondola (when those who had good knees-Theresa- and more courage went white water rafting)and saw Boo-resident grizzly in his 22 acre enclosure-so awesome!! Laura had to restrain me from jumping fence to hug him. He forages for food with a few supplements dropped from the gondola

which goes over top. But they have stopped doing this as he has figured out gondola=food and waits with his back against a tree stump waiting for it. They spread it out over his area so he has to look for it as he would in the wild. He was an orphaned cub whose Mom got shot. They have biologists studying him to see if cubs learn what they need in order to survive without having their Mom teach them. Apparently Boo has learnt. He isn't socialized to people, other thna to wander by perimeter of his fenced enclosure-looking at humans with disinterest.

Seeing MH cousins was really good-we laughed a lot and played some guitar hero.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Got the job at UBC-O!!
Am adding link to Boo the grizzley we saw at Kicking horse Resort-apparently cow parsnips are to grizzlies as catnip is to cats. Can't post directly as don't have adobe-but when you go to link site, play clip of Boo and parsnips.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We have finished the first leg of our holiday - at Golden. It was great at the Bear Paw Lodge, a perfect place for a family holiday. It was a fair ways out of town so was quiet and private, surrounded by mountains. Lots of room for us all and a big yard to play bocce and badminton. We went on a little hike to a waterfall and yesterday some of us went rafting and some went up the gondola at the Kicking Horse Resort. The rafting was great. We only lost one person on the river and she was quickly rescued and delivered back to our raft. And of course it was good times visiting and laughing together. Uncle Fred, Ramona and Leyla were camping in Golden for the week so came over Friday night and all day Saturday. They say we should have our family holiday in Medicine Hat next year. Most of the group is staying at Golden tonight but Geoff, Grace and I and Richard all had to leave this afternoon. Richard has to work tomorrow. We wanted to get as far as Kamloops so the drive tomorrow to Barkerville won't be so long. We are staying at the Plaza Heritage Hotel downtown in Kamloops, an old but nice hotel. Sitting the bar right now. Grace had to show ID.
We walked over to the riverfront park and sat on a bench with ice creams listening to a jazzy band playing and watching people play in the river. It is hot here, was 31 when we arrived.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dress Up Night - Golden

So I was thinking it would be nice to have a dress up night for one night while we are in Golden, and I have designated Sunday night. Bring your good clothes for that night, if you don't feel like it you don't have to, but the informal poll I have taken, seems to be more in favour than not.


Four Strong Winds

Has been sung for 2009, and the festival is over. I had a great time this year (of course I always do). It was a bit weird, that we had so few people on the tarp this year, but we made the best of the space, many naps were had. I did not go on Thursday night, Allison could not make it, and I decided that I did not feel like going alone, so skipped out. Friday night Allison and I met at the site, I had gotten there a bit earlier so laid the tarp. Had an argument with one of my neighbors on the hill (I was feeling very bad mood Jude that night). but once I had a little food, and started listening to music, I felt more in the folk fest mood. I caught some great acts on the weekend, I especially liked Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit, and David Francey was his usual funny self, and I now love Joel Plasket and what can you say about Fred Eaglesmith (Theresa and Grace have decided to become Fredheads). Theresa and Grace got there around 8:00, with the good news that Geoff had come to the city with them, and he would be our chauffeur for the weekend. What luxery, we just called when we were ready to leave and Geoff showed up with the car, he got up early in the morning, and drove us, it made things just that much easier.

Saturday morning we were a little sluggish, and just missed getting a colour (sob). But Allison worked her magic and the Wurman group gave us one of theirs (after their winning colour had already been called), you will have to Allison how she accomplished this. Allison came through for us again with an excellent tarp placement. The day was warm and sunny, and since I did not have any people I felt as though I HAD to see, it was nice to drift from stage to stage and listen to new people. that also led to a trip to the CD tent, and support of those artists.

Sunday we were a little more with it, and got colours( second colour called) and Allison, got one of the alltime best tarp placements. Those who have done the tarp run will apreciate this story, at one point Sunday morning while we were all trying to get in, a guy got his colour and wanted to to give it back and get another one, because his friend all ready had that colour. Grace stayed in Edmonton, since she did not have to work until tonight, and she and I stayed to the bitter end, singing Four Strong Winds together. Steven Page was the last act of the festival and I thought he did an outstanding job. Best stage for me with multiple acts was the one with David Francey, Eivor and Spirit of the West, best concert Fred Eaglesmith and best mainstage act Johnny Flynn and the Sussex with.

Yesterday was pretty lazy, Grace and I slept in, went for Thai Food for lunch, a little shopping, then home for a nap, and then it was time to head over to the bus, and say good bye til Friday.

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Monday, August 10, 2009


The educator at work asked if I'd be interested in doing some teaching for UBC-O as one of the instructors had contacted her asking if she could put the word out as they needed someone. She thought it would be a good opportunity for me-giving me some experience that would help in becoming educator! So, I contacted them and sent in my resume-will talk with the associate director this afternoon to possibly set up an interview time. Eek! Feel like an impostor-have only worked as a nurse for 2 and 1/2 years and I'd be teaching?!
Of course, have no idea where this will go-might not progress any further, perhaps she will look at resume and say forget it, but being considered is a big thing, I guess.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

We have not seen the sun since my last post.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

meals in Golden - more folks for a couple of days

I should have posted this before suggesting to Fred that he, Ramona, Leyla and Hannah join us for the meals when they are there - that would be Fri Nite, Sat AM and Sat nite - so mia culpa but am sure that L and R, Theresa and Geoff as well as Jude and Grace will all forgive me and throw another couple of spuds in the pot!

Hot and Smokey

As evidenced by Sebastian's lethargy. He laid in this position for a very long time.

Monday, August 03, 2009

our two weeks of summer are over

We went out to the historic site yesterday and talked to a helpful young trader there. Also saw the puppet show which was good and Sam told us later that we laughed in all the expected places. It was so nice out there, I always forget how good it smells. The display centre has all been redone and is better than the old one. We sat on a bench for a while and watched all the raft flotillas float by on the river. I wrote in the visitor book "Knowledgable and friendly staff."
Looks like yesterday was our last nice summer day for a while. There was a big storm last night and it was cold today and is supposed to be cool and rainy till the weekend. Then Folkfest! We will have a small all-girl tarp this year. But all the girls want to be in the lineup in the mornings. We will have fun!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fussy Furniture

I spent part of today putting together a little filing cabinet I got from IKEA -- I'd put together a few drawers and then when I put them into the cabinet, I couldn't pull them out again. Much wrestling and I figured out I'd put them together backwards. Remedied; drawers now open and close. Desk has much more space on it. Maybe this will encourage me to work at desk?

Todd is putting up a closet rod in his storage space, and I went over to help with my drill, except I'd forgotten to charge it. So we sat on the step a while and Todd removed his screen door that got BENT during the big storm a couple of weeks ago.

Although it rained last night and today, it is still muggy, and me and the furniture feel fussy. This might be Sunday blues, which I get every Sunday, whether I have to work the next day or not. I think Todd may be sorry that he asked me to help him.


Saturday, August 01, 2009

Arts Wells

There's a music/art festival going on here at the moment. It's a bit like folkfest, only less so. And with more visual art. I can't afford/don't want to afford a festival pass, partially because I'm working all day, so I would miss all that. However, today they brought the festival to me. Apparently one of the stages was the church in Barkerville. I say apparently, because I thought it would be one show, and it turned our to be three hours. It was quite good- some of the acts were quite hippieish, but one of them was David Francey. Yes, David Francey (who was at folkfest a few years ago) played in my church. I was quite excieted. However, it turned out that I could only stay for a couple of his songs, as I had to go lead the graveyard tour.

There are tons of movie cameras in town. There is a film being shot in Chinatown (an independant film), Mantracker (an awesome TV show) is being filmed in town, and they are doing a promotional video in town, and want to film the service tommorow morning. All in all, I'm used to seeing movie cameras where ever I walk, and being asked to 'please walk through the shot, just acting natural'. Maybe I'll give up the ministry and move to Hollywood.


bird magnet

If you want to have a lot of birds in your yard, plant a Saskatoon bush. If you want to eat Saskatoons, you will have to get out there as the berries are ripening or go buy them. Every time the back door opens a flock of birds guiltily flies away.