Sunday, May 26, 2013

Back to normal

3 weeks vacation is good except for one thing-going back to regular life seems like a let down-like Boxing Day. Is that all there is to my life?

I have been super busy since I got back too-things just pile up, the problem when in this type of position. I also feel that one of my co-workers needs to be doing more, new things get shifted onto my plate-she keeps doing the same thing she's always done. I think it might be time for her to retire. I am not sure how I am going to delicately let her know my thoughts on the matter.

We spent hours at rental last weekend. My God, how many weeds can grow on one lot? Not all were weeds-we have a ton of bachelor buttons and poppies growing there too-it is like Wizard of Oz-the giant field of poppies. We took 4 loads of weeds to the dump. And there is more yet to do today. We are trying to get motivated to go, but luckily have to wait until load in washer is done and hung before going.

I am also going to teach a course through BC Schizophrenia this fall-the Family course. I think I am taking on too much between all this stuff, but the co-presenter is great, and it won't be hard to teach, so it is just the 2 hours/week to teach it-material is all developed. Remind me of this in mid-October when I whine about being busy.

 Our deck is looking very nice with the planters-it rained lots here this week, but the flowers seemed to like it. Not everything is blooming, but growing well.

My massage therapist moved. I went to a new one last week-but she was not very good-so am trying another, fingers crossed.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good times

I have had a good few weeks. Our holiday was great. It was a lot of fun being in NYC with the Badgers. Grace has joined us as a Badger; I feel she passed her initiation trip with flying colours. And it was really great to see Anne. She, of course, is an original Badger.

We stayed over at Jude's the night we got back so we could visit with Laura and Jim, and are glad we did. It was great to see them. Sam came over on Sunday for breakfast so we got to hear the things we could prise out of him about his holiday. Sounds like it was good.

When I got back to work, I realized that the holiday had refreshed me, which a holiday should do but doesn't always. Work has been busy and with people taking holidays in the next month or so it will be more busy. We have a new editor at the paper so there is an adjustment going on there. I do miss Stu. He went to the St. Albert Gazette as editor so that is a big step up for him.

The week after we got back was my week - Mother's Day, birthday and anniversary. I got bouquets of beautiful flowers all week. We went to Tim and Courtney's for my birthday dinner and had a great time. I had to work on our anniversary (May long weekend holiday) but we went into Red Deer to the Keg after and had a nice dinner. 35 years, hard to believe.
The week we were away the weather was really hot. Geoff got the garden planted last week, and he said the ground was very dry. I had a good surprise when we got back from holidays, some plants I had ordered had arrived. Got them planted and was a bit worried because it was so dry. But it started raining on Thursday and it has been coming down since then. A nice, gentle rain. Noticed that the peas are up already.

Tim has started putting up a fence. He has a family member who likes to be outside, but runs away occasionally and can be hard to catch.

Tim and Courtney are going away next weekend to a wedding so we will have a guest for a couple of nights. We called in our help for these situations, A Doo. Kane hasn't seen her for a while, but talks to her frequently on the phone.

Last week, Tim, Courtney and Kane were over for supper and after we were done eating Kane climbed up on my lap, snuggled into me and said, "Baba, Baba, Baba ..." My heart melted.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Theresa

Sunday, May 12, 2013

New York

We were busy, though when I was telling Richard what we did, it seemed like less.
I think it is because doing things there entails a lot of walking and planning-so it seems like more?
Allison waited for me at the airport, which I appreciated. We took a cab in and got to Times Square, the rest came and met us there. Times Square is like Las Vegas-busy, many people, flashing lights.
Our place was in Hell's Kitchen-mid town Manhattan. Great, great location.
There were some things that stood out for me:
Cars honk their horns a lot-for everything. I would think there was an accident or ambulance etc driving by. No-just some driver who had paused at the wrong time, setting off a chain reaction.
People there were not rude, nor was it dirty, nor did I feel  unsafe.
Police were more visible than in other cities, at least in busy areas. interesting. They are more a part of the culture.
It was full of people-everywhere. I suppose that is why people don't make as much eye contact. Once you make eye contact, it is a form of engagement. Being around so many people, you have to make your own space.
You couldn't tell who was from there and who was not because there is such a variety. You could tell that someone was a businessperson, or server, or whatever, but people wore all different types of clothes, spoke all different types of languages.
The subway is an efficient way to get around town. People walk all the time.
Housing is smaller, food is bigger.
I will write more later-we are going to go exercise, and then maybe to Greenery?

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Sam and Nancy

This seems to be the time for vacations!  Sam and Nancy are here visiting me for a few days.  They took the train through the mountains from Edmonton, spent a few days in Vancouver, and got here yesterday.  They seem to be having fun  - went whale watching today, and have had (courtesy of my encyclopedic knowledge of restaurants in Victoria) some very good meals.  I asked Sam if he wanted to say anything for the blog and he just looked at me.  He might post later.

We have hired a new rector for St. Luke's!  It's a priest who is currently in Ladysmith.  He's nice, and will do well I think.  I'm done here at the end of June, but have not heard what will come next.  I really am getting impatient, but I know that the Bishop hasn't forgotten me.  One good thing that I'm looking forward to is Surf Camp!  The Diocese used to have a summer camp, but we can't use it at the moment, owing to several decades of neglect.  So, we have to do camps elsewhere, and one this year is a learn to surf camp.  They asked me to be the chaplain, so I explained that I'm from the prairies, and don't really trust the ocean (too many things live in it).  Apparently trusting the ocean is not a requirement, so I'm set to be the chaplain for the camp in the first week of July!  I have never surfed, but have always wanted to learn.
 As you can see, I surprised Sam in a smile.  I felt quite proud of myself.
We are supposed to have wireless here in our apartment and the guy said they were going to install a router but nothing yet. It makes it inconvenient, we have to hang around a Starbucks or check at restaurants. Except for that our apartment is fine. Not big, but nothing is here. The guy said it has been redone and we are only the second group to rent it.
One other drawback, five flights of stairs.
We are in a great location, not too far from Time Square. Not that we spend much time there (it's over the top) but not far from the subway either and there are streets and streets of restaurants around here. Our street is pretty quiet, mostly walk-up apartment buildings.
Went through Central to the metropolitan Museum on Sunday, realizes we didn't want to walk the 40 or so blocks back and bought transit passes. Even so there is still a lot of walking so between that and the stairs we are getting lots of exercise.
Anne came into town on Sunday, went back Monday. We are going to New Haven today to spend the day with her and she will be back Thursday or Friday to hang out with us.
It's all going very well, haven't lost anyone yet. Have taken wrong trains occasionally but that's easy to fix.
We were going to go to Ellis Island and the statue on Monday but they are closed due to damage from Hurricane Sandy. So we went shopping. Jude took us to a place called Century 21 which is like a huge Winners but all designer stuff. We exited with quite a few purchases.
Yesterday went to lower east side for a super tour at the Tenement Museum. Stopped for a drink after then went on the Staten Island ferry. It's free! Since we couldn't go to the statue this was the next best thing.
Later: took the train to New Haven to spend a day with Anne. We are at her place now waiting for the rain to subside.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Badgers at NYC

We are here and happy. Flight was Ieventful except a stressful time waiting for US customs. Geoff counted 300 people waiting in line with three customs agents. We were sure we would miss our flight but all made it through. Our apartment is in a perfect location but the street is pretty quiet. Met Lisa and Allison at Times Square last night and Anne at Grand Central this morning. Lots of walking today. We haven't got our Internet yet so have to sneak wireless where we can. Having a great time.. Badgers forever.

Friday, May 03, 2013


So, Richard and I roared back to Kelowna on Tuesday, got there about 430-got my passport photos done, ate, unpacked, repacked, got paperwork ready, Mom and I hopped back into the car, and we roared back to the lower mainland, got to Noreen's about 11 pm, went to bed, I got up next morning at 7, and went to passport office, waited apprehensively while they checked over paperwork, but all was well, and went to office today and picked up shiny, new passport and Mom and I drove back to Kelowna.

It is a better picture than my last one, but this is not saying much.

We had a very nice visit with Noreen, she is really funny. ON Wed, after returning from passport office, I went back to bed for 3 hours. Then Noreen toured us around White Rock, which is a beautiful community. We went for a little walk along the ocean. Thursday, we went to another area and walked along ocean again. We visited and I was very interested to hear all the goings on in Grande Prairie while Mom and Noreen were on the school board. Like I said, Noreen is very funny and full of spunk, so we all enjoyed ourselves.

I am going to have a nap, and get ready for next trip.