Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I am assuming nobody is posting because our fingers are all frozen. The Alberta contingent, anyway. MAN, it is cold out there! But at least I got to email all my antipodean friends (wimps!) and tell them how cold it was. They are unable to fathom -40C. I have been adding a few more layers every day and think I am finally to the point that I am impervious to the cold... or nearly, anyway. But it's getting very hard to move.


Blogger lisaandrichard said...

Actually it's cold here too! It got to -26 last night. To which all of you in Alberta will say 'that's nothing'. I needed toque, earmuffs, scarf, mitts, Sorels, winter coat to walk to hospital the past 2 nights. (I was working for Lifestyle Equity as someone had hip surgery)

Yes, you are all a bit lame in not posting.
There must be more Dad stories out there.

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