Saturday, April 21, 2018

icing and one handed typing

making  7 minute frosting for jims  angel food birthday cake. so thought id post as im beating icing. hence 1 handed typing.
made cake from scratch which ive been into lately. jim has been here visiting for a week and will be here next week too-fixing fence, putting in raised planters for mom. i have to dig up her garden bed tomorrow. i think he should move to okanagan after he retires.

rw and jim were working on moms fence all day while i made cake and puttered around yard and deck-was a delightful day. there is hyacinth blooming in backyard grass, and apricot tree is blooming. i just stood under it, smelling and looking at the blooms. had to cut grass yesterday-spring is definitely here. i didnt use to think so, but spring maybe my favourite season.

going to run 10 k tomorrow, as ive been doing sun run training since jan. i (run is held in vancouver) couldnt go to actual run, so thought id doit myself! im enjoying running again-the training has been good-manageable.

am going to take on new thing at work-helping organize and put into place new mhsu office  in west kelowna.
i told my boss i was interviewing for another job as I wanted a bit of a change (am now typing 2 handed). So she asked if I wanted to do this and I said sure-best of both worlds, because I really do like my work, but need to do different things to keep fresh. PLus she needs someone to do this. I may be losing my mind, as it will be busy-but I like doing new things. The leadership team is so awesome at my work, and the team I lead is also great, and I really like my work, but find myself needing to switch things up a little, so this will be good. The other job I was applying for was non-union, which means, not unlimited massage-so i get to keep that and still do work I like.
Ask me in 6 months if this was a wise idea to take on something new while still  keeping my role with ACT.

Kris has moved into town, which seems strange! she last lived here 33 years ago-so having her here makes me think more about past in a way.I'm happy shes here, but it does feel weird.

It's been a good spring-I wondered if I'd feel depressed about turning 50, but so far, not at all! Maybe the quilt I will be getting has prevented depression?

Thursday, April 19, 2018

We've been home for a week and it seems like a month. We have both been feeling kind of  at loose ends. We haven't seen the boys much and it was dreary and snowing and we had a vacation hangover. But the sun is out today and I saw daffodils and crocuses coming up where the snow has melted so we are feeling better.
Last couple of days in London were great. We went to church at St. Paul's then to a matinee to the funniest play I have ever seen. I laughed for two hours. Exhausting. Stopped for a last pint then to supper for ramen.
Trip to airport and flight were uneventful.

Sunday, April 08, 2018


Took the bus to London on Friday and found our place easily since we have stayed here a couple of times. It's an apartment building close to the Tower, a good location  for walking and transit.
We were sorry to leave  Anne and Del. Our visit there was a good amount of getting out and about and cosily sitting and listening to the rain. Geoff had hoped to help Anne get a deck built in the back yard, but it was so rainy they could only work on it the last day. Anne buys almost everything online, including a deck kit. When we got back  from York the house was full of lumber. The other limiting factor was the scaffolding left up after they had their roof done last fall. She couldn't get them to come and take it down. Fortunately they turned up when we were there and it's finally gone.
We had a great day Thursday, going on a tour of C.S. Lewis's house. It is within walking distance of Anne's and it was a nice walk/limp over there on the only sunny day we have seen. There are people living there, students, one of whom led the tour. So some of the rooms we looked at were people's bedrooms. It was so amazing to be there where he wrote his books and lived his life. Stopped at the church after and looked through the graveyard.
Went to the British Museum yesterday. We found out which bus to take from here and walked over to the street only to find roadworks and a sign that said the stop was closed. So had to go to plan b after a lot of walking. At least we have learned to leave plenty of time to get places. We took a tour of highlights of the museum so as not to get stuck in one gallery for four hours.
Today we are going to  church at St. Paul's then to a theatre matinee, The Play That Went Wrong.
I have been the one to sort out our days so far so tomorrow Geoff is in charge.
I  brought the yarn Mom gave me for Christmas and have been knitting myself a sweater in our downtimes. I have never knitted a sweater before.
Home on Tuesday, it will be good to get back. We have FaceTimed with Jude, Tim and the boys a few times but I could use some real hugs.
Picture is the Narnia window in Holy Trinity Church.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

I have been away from the blog for a while. For some reason I suddenly could not post; I would start typing and the blog would just close. Then I got a new tablet for Christmas and  couldn't log in with the old email address. But we are here at Anne's and she got me on again.
It is very wet here in Oxford. We have not been doing a lot, partly because of the weather but mostly because of my stupid knee. One day in February I stood up and something clicked or moved and I could hardly walk. Went to the doctor and got put on a list to see a specialist but that will take four to six months (probably six). So I have a cane and limp everywhere. The trip was all planned so we decided to resign ourselves to doing everything slowly.
And it has been good. We were here in Oxford for a few days then took the train to York. York has everything - Romans, Vikings, medieval cathedral, beer, chocolate. We will have to go back, there was lots we did not get to. We stayed at a nice hotel, all the staff sounded like Ivy from Downton Abbey.
The closest  church to Anne's is Holy Trinity Headington Quarry which turns out to be the  church C.S. Lewis attended. He is buried there.We went to  church there last Sunday, on Good Friday and this morning. It seems like a going concern, lots happening and good services. After the Easter celebration this morning the congregation was invited up to the front to join in Handel's Hallelujah Chorus. People went up and got the music for their part and they just sang it! It was beautiful.
The Easter bunny came in the night so we have been taking it easy eating hot cross buns and chocolate. Geoff and Anne went for a walk and I had a nap. Easter lamb is tomorrow, a friend of Anne and Del's is coming over.
We are going on a tour of C.S. Lewis's house on Thursday. It's not too far from the church.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Less snow here than in Grande Prairie

Laura here, we are visiting Kelowna. Went south to get away.. we were going to drive but the winter storm got in the way.  We decided to fly instead, which was delayed but we got here.  We are having a good visit with everyone including Charlotte and Clem.  Today was crisp, but still good enough for us to  walk to theatre to watch Junanji.  It was good, very funny.  The theatre has reclining seats and are extremely comfortable.  Tomorrow Wilf and I are going on a road trip, maybe east or west depending on the roads. Coming back by Thursday to take  mom for a hair cut. 

Monday, January 01, 2018

Christmas Draw

Jim, Allison, Mom,  Richard and I drew names for 2018

Mom has Laura
Theresa has Mom
Geoff has Grace
Anne has Will
Will has Geoff
Allie has Allison
Grace has Lisa
Jude has Theresa
Laura has Richard
Jim has Allie
Lisa has Anne
Richard has Jude
Allison has Jim

We had good Christmas! Early December when we went to Ontario we had Christmas with the Wensink’s and Gerry’s Birthday. He had great day. We got back, and Jude had looked after everything here, and we visited a couple days with her, then Jim and Allison came.
Today we have been cleaning and undecorating. I like having Christmas things up but also like it when house is back to normal.
Charlotte had excellent time at Christmas especially helping me wrap gifts. She got glittery.
I’ve been trying to get rid of some things, but Richard keeps going into donation bag and fishing hem out.
It looks very winter here and has since we got back. Snow and cold!
Am listening to music on n my new headphones with built in Bluetooth speakers that Richards boss gave me! Dorky but nice!

Friday, December 08, 2017


we went to Edmonton this week. We had tickets for Diana Krall at the Winspear but also Bob had his surgery scheduled for Wednesday and we wanted to be here for that.  Bob is home now but he is a little confused so we will stay until Sunday so Wilf can make sure the home care set up is working well.  His surgery was at the Alex and our experience there was good, all nurses and support staff were great.  I kept my eyes peeled for Grace,  gave me something to do during the long hours of waiting.  Alas, no Grace to be seen.

I did go out for supper with her and Dylan on Tuesday while Wilf spent time with Bob. It was very enjoyable, good company and great Italian supper.

On Thursday I went for lunch with Al at another great Italian place we had a great visit and got caught up.

Turns out Bob does not have a tumour on his kidney so they did not remove it.  That was good because he was stressed that they would screw up and remove both.  He does have cancer, lymphoma, not sure on the stage or what the prognosis is yet.  The doc said 3 to 4 weeks before the detailed biopsy will be finished.  Wilf has been with h8m all day getting him settled and a walker etc.

The concert was good, I really liked the venue, I have never been there before so that was a treat.  There was a lot of instrumentals during the concert, not too much singing.  That was disappointing, I am not too big on jazz instrumentals.  On the plus side she sang sunny side of the street, one of my favourites.

I wonder what is up with people in Edmonton not wearing socks, I noticed at the hospital and all around.  Must be the hipster thing, I kept mine on and feet warm.  No hipster here.  Signing off from the big E.