Sunday, March 04, 2018

Less snow here than in Grande Prairie

Laura here, we are visiting Kelowna. Went south to get away.. we were going to drive but the winter storm got in the way.  We decided to fly instead, which was delayed but we got here.  We are having a good visit with everyone including Charlotte and Clem.  Today was crisp, but still good enough for us to  walk to theatre to watch Junanji.  It was good, very funny.  The theatre has reclining seats and are extremely comfortable.  Tomorrow Wilf and I are going on a road trip, maybe east or west depending on the roads. Coming back by Thursday to take  mom for a hair cut. 

Monday, January 01, 2018

Christmas Draw

Jim, Allison, Mom,  Richard and I drew names for 2018

Mom has Laura
Theresa has Mom
Geoff has Grace
Anne has Will
Will has Geoff
Allie has Allison
Grace has Lisa
Jude has Theresa
Laura has Richard
Jim has Allie
Lisa has Anne
Richard has Jude
Allison has Jim

We had good Christmas! Early December when we went to Ontario we had Christmas with the Wensink’s and Gerry’s Birthday. He had great day. We got back, and Jude had looked after everything here, and we visited a couple days with her, then Jim and Allison came.
Today we have been cleaning and undecorating. I like having Christmas things up but also like it when house is back to normal.
Charlotte had excellent time at Christmas especially helping me wrap gifts. She got glittery.
I’ve been trying to get rid of some things, but Richard keeps going into donation bag and fishing hem out.
It looks very winter here and has since we got back. Snow and cold!
Am listening to music on n my new headphones with built in Bluetooth speakers that Richards boss gave me! Dorky but nice!

Friday, December 08, 2017


we went to Edmonton this week. We had tickets for Diana Krall at the Winspear but also Bob had his surgery scheduled for Wednesday and we wanted to be here for that.  Bob is home now but he is a little confused so we will stay until Sunday so Wilf can make sure the home care set up is working well.  His surgery was at the Alex and our experience there was good, all nurses and support staff were great.  I kept my eyes peeled for Grace,  gave me something to do during the long hours of waiting.  Alas, no Grace to be seen.

I did go out for supper with her and Dylan on Tuesday while Wilf spent time with Bob. It was very enjoyable, good company and great Italian supper.

On Thursday I went for lunch with Al at another great Italian place we had a great visit and got caught up.

Turns out Bob does not have a tumour on his kidney so they did not remove it.  That was good because he was stressed that they would screw up and remove both.  He does have cancer, lymphoma, not sure on the stage or what the prognosis is yet.  The doc said 3 to 4 weeks before the detailed biopsy will be finished.  Wilf has been with h8m all day getting him settled and a walker etc.

The concert was good, I really liked the venue, I have never been there before so that was a treat.  There was a lot of instrumentals during the concert, not too much singing.  That was disappointing, I am not too big on jazz instrumentals.  On the plus side she sang sunny side of the street, one of my favourites.

I wonder what is up with people in Edmonton not wearing socks, I noticed at the hospital and all around.  Must be the hipster thing, I kept mine on and feet warm.  No hipster here.  Signing off from the big E.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Allison posting as Mom

I'm visitung Kelowna tbis weekend. Mom was feeling lousy Saturday, so she slept most of the day. Today she is making a roast and cake!

Lisa and i had hoped to go see IT but it isn't playing anymore. It will be on video by Dec 19. Also, i highly recommend going to see Thor: Ragnarok.

Lisa decorated for xmas today while i read a murder mystery that Laura left behind.

Mom is sending a card with me for George, with a bumvh of old photos in it. I saw him on Thursday; I feel we had a good visit. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Beautiful Fall Day

It was a lovely day here, 15, sunny and lots of tree colour. We spent afternoon doing yard work. Got leaves from neighbour, and Richard went to Jones to spread them as mulch. I did some more yard clean up while he was there.
I have a bit of a nasty cold, was off 3 days from work, went in Friday because I couldn’t stand being off anymore and was going stir crazy. Last night I felt worn out and didn’t sleep great, but this afternoon was nice, even though I moved a bit slow.
Supper is cooking, and I was knitting. Charlotte trying to help me with the wool, so I brought out her ball of wool that Laura gave her and she is batting that around the living room and making chirpy noises.
We had lots of company this fall! Laura came at end of September, beginning of October, we had good visit, nothing too exciting, though did go to Mission Hill for lunch. Which always feels like a delightful and yet snobby thing to do.
Theresa and Geoff were here at beginning of September and as always fixed things for us! Now we have operating rug cleaner, and some lights that weren’t working are back in service.
Judith, Ramona, Evangeline, Annalise, Grady, and Uncle Fred were here last weekend for whirlwind visit. Richard constructed a Fort downstairs and we all wondered how Grady has energy given he only eats yogurt and crackers.
Allison and I booked a trip to Cabo San Lucas in February but extended time to 10 days! It’s nice because we will actually be in same plane as it starts in Edmonton and stops in Kelowna.
We booked our flights to Ontario for December for Gerry’s 90th. Jude is coming here while we are gone, and will cat sit.
I’ve been taking a mindfulness class, it’s 8 weeks, on Thursday eves, with a weekend 1/2 day silent retreat. I don’t know how I’ll feel about the silent retreat, but I’m liking the classes. It’s at Arion Farms in east Kelowna, so is a good place to do mindfulness in general.
Work for both is us is going fine, other than day to day crises which are just part of jobs. I did a leadership course a few weeks ago and co formed that once again I am INTJ. I’m thinking of what I want to do next for work-nothing stands out as something I want to do other than what I am doing now-which I do enjoy. Especially on days like Friday when I went to clients house who is hard to connect with and he offered me some Rolos, patted me on the back and said ‘I like you’. And a client who has been using substances all month said to me, ‘I’m going to cut back, the drugs are making me see things that aren’t there’. I really do like the client care best with work, but also want to be in a position where I can feel like I am influencing it in ways that I think are positive. Which really leads me back to staying in this job. At least for time being.

Ok, other people better post so I don’t feel like I am writing to myself

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Charlotte, Summer Visits, Overdose

Charlotte is sitting on my lap. It is unusual as she is very active! Perhaps more active than Nick! You can really tell she is a torti now, lots of brown and black markings and she has a bit of a cream coloured front.

Kris and Rhonda were just through here for a visit. Rhonda says there's lots of flooding in Houston. She was supposed to fly from Vancouver to Houston today, but flight cancelled.

Despite forest fire rightnear by, it isn't smoky. We had bad smoke for beginning of August, but considering the fires all over, we've mostly been spared. It really has been hot and dry though. I say that every summer, but I don't think we've had rain since beginning of June.
Allison was here for a week. We went to Salmon Arm Roots and Blues for a day-it is good music and not too crowded, but enough people watching to keep things interesting.
We went to beach while she was here and to some movies- she and Mom went to Dunkirk(Richard and I saw before), she and I went to Annabelle and RW, she and I went to Dark Tower.

Theresa and Geoff will be here next week, so I have lined up electrical jobs and offered any mental health support they need. They haven't indicated what kind of therapy they'd like.

Work is good for both of us. Richard still having weekends off. He is looking at tent trailers right now as we think we'd like something off the ground but not needing a travel trailer.

Our team had another client overdose and die this week. Fentanyl is really impacting here. We now have a safe injection sit which is seeing 90 people/day. They say most deaths are from people at home alone, which is scary. I've seen some good articles on how this crisis came to be, but nothing really that addresses how to stop the deaths. And I'm not sure what will work. Legalizing herion might help some, but there will still be people getting drugs from dealers.

I think we're going for a bike ride tonight and maybe ice cream?

Friday, August 04, 2017

Happy Birthday Kane

 Rocky Feb 2013