Monday, August 18, 2008

It's hot. That is not a complaint, just a report. We have actually had more than three days in a row without rain. Some people around here have been complaining but not me.
One thing about the heat, you don't have much energy, so haven't been doing much that is reportable. Grace and I volunteered at the Brian Mazza 10 k Trail Run on Saturday. We handed out water to the runners. I notice at the Olympics the water people wear white gloves and hold water bottles up on the palm of their hands. We poured water in cups and held them by the top.
As you see here Grace went to see the Stanley Cup. We were all wondering if Brad Stuart would bring it here, he wouldn't talk to any of the local media after Detroit won it and the rumour is that his California wife doesn't like Alberta, that's why he left the Calgary Flames. Maybe his mom talked him into coming home for a weekend.
Last week of work for both Sam and Grace. Sam has to be at University next week to get ready for his job there and Grace leaves on Sunday for Toronto. They will both be glad to be done work.
Geoff is almost finished the greenhouse renovation. It looks really good, but I don't think we will get much in the way of tomatoes this year because it wasn't closed in for quite a while. Plus until now it has been so cold. Some places around town got frost on July 31.


Blogger Anne said...

What a jerk! When I win the Nobel Prize, the Mountaineer can have the scoop.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Grace said...

We were talking in line about how we should yell at him for not talking to the paper. But then we didn't. We also discussed kidnapping the cup with the ransom being an interview for the paper. But then there were security guards, so we didn't.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Judith said...

Maybe Brad Stuart's wife doesn't like air that you cannot see. I hope that you are not planning on trying anything illegal with the "real" cup when you see it here, not sure how I would explain that to your parents. Grace can't come home as planned because she is in jail!

4:36 AM  

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