Friday, August 08, 2008

the festival city

Here I am in the previous City of Champions.
Folk fest as always is enjoyable, though Allison is becoming competitive with finding good tarp space, though not as much as Kirsten and Sue. Perhaps competitive is the wrong word....determined may be more accurate.
I think as i get older I get more laissez faire about things. = lazy.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.
Allison notes that I benefit from her determination, true, lazy people take opportunity wherever it is offered.
It is hoottt here, which is quite nice. though being from Kelowna I seek out shade from the sun, though foolish Edmontonians sit out in the sun and become pink rapidly.


Blogger Judith said...

I think Allison is the BEST tarp placer. Every spot this weekend was great, seemed like she could not top herself, but then she did. And the more people we convert, to getting up early, the better we do. It was nice to give the Wurman team a winning ticket, considereing all the tickets they have given us. Only another year until we do it all again.

9:32 AM  

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