Tuesday, May 02, 2017

PEI and Halifax

We got here Saturday, and toured around Halifax on Sunday- went to Pier 21, where we got copies of the ship manifesto for Dad, Baba,  and Uncle George, and also Grandpa. Museum was good, is interesting to see how brave people were, travelling so far, and sometimes getting turned back.
We wandered around the Citadel too. The weather was windy but sunny. Richard maybe the only person to get a sunburn that day in Halifax.
Monday we wandered around a couple hospitals looking for shoppers drug mart which I had ordered Moms food from. Then we drove to Amherst, picked up Jude and came to PEI. Walked around Charlottetown, and today drove around North Island, sort of getting a bit lost, but got to see lots of picturesque farms. There are a lot of 1. churches 2. cemeteries in PEI.
People also quite friendly, which my BC self keeps getting slightly overwhelmed with. Had long convo with man outside of our place in Halifax. RW said was he mentally ill? I said maybe, or very friendly, I couldn't tell which. Cultural differences? Or flight of ideas? I don't know


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