Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ginger beer, cat, summer time

It's been busy since we got home. We went plant shopping (Mom, RW, me) for summer, and got everything planted. We came back to grass which was awfully long- moms in that one patch was up to my knee in places. I don't know what body is underneath that spot, but it grows like crazy
Next weekend, we went to Medicine Hat of course, which really was a lot of fun. Lots of dancing and some rum and cokes.
I found out that problematic member of team quit (doctor) which really, I am sorry to say, took a load off my mind. It'll  create its own set of issues, but those I can handle, erratic angry and hostile outbursts I cannot. Unless they are clients, but not other professionals. And not highly paid ones who should know better.
Richard and I caught up at Jones, though he would say, it's not done yet. It looks good at the moment, the spring weeds are done. Irises are blooming and look fabulous.
Sebastian is in kidney failure, which is common in older cats. So now he's on 3 medications and an IV bolus of fluids which we give him every few days. It goes on the scruff of his neck and he doesn't care at all about getting it! It perks him right up. It'll only work for so long though. I had a few cries about it, as Mom says, he is part of our family.
Am presenting at brain injury conference tomorrow with 2 other people on homelessness and marginalized people. Doing presentation with others can be difficult as I can have specific ideas on what to do , what makes good presenting, and am really pretty comfortable in front of crowds. Am presenting with nice people though. This conference is 200 people, and I don't think I e ever done to that big of audience, I thought, what if I get up there and freeze?
I am sitting outside drinking an alcoholic ginger beer, listening to cricket living in our yard, and a little shower on the deck roof, with Sebastian on my lap. RW will be home soon and we will eat hotdogs for supper. Pretty good life.


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So sorry to hear about Sebastian.

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