Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Job!

Thought I should post and update you all, since I've come to the end of my contract at the Psychiatry Department. I was trying to decide what to do - the Department provides a few months of Bridging Funding for people who expect to be funded from another grant but need to be paid in the meantime. There's the possibility of another grant coming in here (we find out in March) but for various reasons I was pretty sure I should move on.

I was chatting to a post-doc in the Primary Care Department at a seminar in January. She was leaving, but couldn't say enough good things about the department, the lovely people, flexible working etc. So I went back to the office and found three jobs posted in the Primary Care dept and applied for all of them. Got interviews for all three (plus one more at Oxford and one in Birmingham), but as it happened the first interview went really well and they called that afternoon and offered me the job. It's another two-year contract and I'm pretty unclear on what it will involve, but think it might be a nice change. The focus is health research in diabetes and other long-term conditions, but not sure what to expect of the actual job at all.

I've had the letter of offer, so hopefully it is a done deal! Just waiting for the official contract. One more month at the current post, so am running off my feet trying to get all the final reports done (and a lot of grant outputs - despite my best efforts a fair chunk of them will be finished at the last minute).

Del's work is going well - commute is pretty long (Oxford to Leamington Spa, so about an hour) but good people and a decent place to work. Nothing else too exciting going on - so far the house is holding together, knock wood, barring some tiles falling off the room and water getting into the attic and top of the bathroom.

I'm off to Dublin today to give a talk at a conference about parents' experiences after a child's self-harm. First time ever I've been offered travel expenses, so feel like a real researcher! Too bad I'm leaving the field in five minutes and starting over on a totally different topic.

We've booked our tickets for Halifax, May 3 - 16th. Hopefully new job won't me taking off for two weeks right at the beginning! Hoping to do some travelling around but haven't booked anything yet.


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