Saturday, April 27, 2019


We are having a great time in Oxford.  Anne and Del are excellent hosts, even with a baby to look after.  And of course Lachlan is just lovely. He’s very cute and nice and tubby as a baby should be. He’s getting to be very chatty. Yesterday he was sitting in his bouncer, talking away to the garbage can. He he started to get annoyed when it wouldn’t talk back. He’s also got lots of badger themed clothes, which are all very cute.

The trip to get here was long as usual. I thought going from the east coast would be better, but we had to fly from Halifax to Toronto, and then Toronto to London. Allie is having a little trouble walking long distances and walking quickly, and the WestJet people in Toronto were less than helpful about getting her in a wheelchair to go to our gate. Anyway, we made it, with only mo or panics about where to catch the easy bus in Gatwick. Allie is an excellent navigator, and quite calm in a crisis so that helped.

Yesterday we went to the museum of Science, and it was great. Einstein’s blackboard and some of the original penicillin mouldy from when they were figuring out how to mass produce it. We went back today as it is Marconi Day, and the Oxford and District Amature Radio Club had a special display.  Allie’s dad was big into ham radio, so Allie knew all the intelligent questions to ask. We also did some productive shopping at an Oxfam.


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