Sunday, April 01, 2018

I have been away from the blog for a while. For some reason I suddenly could not post; I would start typing and the blog would just close. Then I got a new tablet for Christmas and  couldn't log in with the old email address. But we are here at Anne's and she got me on again.
It is very wet here in Oxford. We have not been doing a lot, partly because of the weather but mostly because of my stupid knee. One day in February I stood up and something clicked or moved and I could hardly walk. Went to the doctor and got put on a list to see a specialist but that will take four to six months (probably six). So I have a cane and limp everywhere. The trip was all planned so we decided to resign ourselves to doing everything slowly.
And it has been good. We were here in Oxford for a few days then took the train to York. York has everything - Romans, Vikings, medieval cathedral, beer, chocolate. We will have to go back, there was lots we did not get to. We stayed at a nice hotel, all the staff sounded like Ivy from Downton Abbey.
The closest  church to Anne's is Holy Trinity Headington Quarry which turns out to be the  church C.S. Lewis attended. He is buried there.We went to  church there last Sunday, on Good Friday and this morning. It seems like a going concern, lots happening and good services. After the Easter celebration this morning the congregation was invited up to the front to join in Handel's Hallelujah Chorus. People went up and got the music for their part and they just sang it! It was beautiful.
The Easter bunny came in the night so we have been taking it easy eating hot cross buns and chocolate. Geoff and Anne went for a walk and I had a nap. Easter lamb is tomorrow, a friend of Anne and Del's is coming over.
We are going on a tour of C.S. Lewis's house on Thursday. It's not too far from the church.


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Sounds like you are enjoying your visit. Thank goodness the Easter bunny found you!

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