Friday, March 01, 2019

Well I feel a bit bad about not posting for almost a year. Sam's post kind of motivated me but not enough to actually write anything till now. After all these years it would be a shame to let Family Ramblings lapse. So i will try to do my part.
Looking back we had a busy spring, summer and fall. Winter not so much but I am quite happy not being busy.
So here we are back in Oxford and with our sweet sweet little Lachlan. He is three days old today. He and his parents are doing well. It seems that he may have his days and nights turned around but that will get sorted out sooner or later.
We were here for a week before Lachlan arrived and the weather was beautiful so were to get a lot of spring yard work done. It was so good to be outside in the dirt. Also good to be able to help by cooking and cleaning. Weather is now back to the cloudy drizzle we know so well.
We are thinking we may leave for a couple of days. I am sure the parents would enjoy alone time now that they see that they can handle a baby. Del has two weeks off from work as well as being able to take paternal leave later. Maybe we will go to  Bristol.


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