Monday, January 01, 2018

Christmas Draw

Jim, Allison, Mom,  Richard and I drew names for 2018

Mom has Laura
Theresa has Mom
Geoff has Grace
Anne has Will
Will has Geoff
Allie has Allison
Grace has Lisa
Jude has Theresa
Laura has Richard
Jim has Allie
Lisa has Anne
Richard has Jude
Allison has Jim

We had good Christmas! Early December when we went to Ontario we had Christmas with the Wensink’s and Gerry’s Birthday. He had great day. We got back, and Jude had looked after everything here, and we visited a couple days with her, then Jim and Allison came.
Today we have been cleaning and undecorating. I like having Christmas things up but also like it when house is back to normal.
Charlotte had excellent time at Christmas especially helping me wrap gifts. She got glittery.
I’ve been trying to get rid of some things, but Richard keeps going into donation bag and fishing hem out.
It looks very winter here and has since we got back. Snow and cold!
Am listening to music on n my new headphones with built in Bluetooth speakers that Richards boss gave me! Dorky but nice!